Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid Present Tommy x Gigi Line on 'GMA'

Get a peek at the new womenswear line that's a collaboration between the venerable designer and supermodel and social media star!
5:01 | 09/09/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid Present Tommy x Gigi Line on 'GMA'
hottest faces in fashion, tommy Hilfiger. Hi. Gigi hadid. They're bringing us an exclusive sneak peek at their brand-new collection that debuts tonight at New York fashion week. Gigi, we cannot wait for this. Thank you. I'm so excited. Yeah, let's go, girls. Do it. You know what to do. They're ready. Do it. ? Ooh. Work it. ? Makes a sound ? Love it. ? Whoo. ? A belt. Love it. ? Whoo-hoo ? ? whoo-hoo ? Are you ready for this? I love this. Don't you, Gigi? Yeah. Yeah. Own it. Yeah. Wow. My, my, my, my, that is a look and thank you for letting us see it first here. So let me ask you here, tommy, you've known this family for so long. She is so hot. She's the it girl and to work with her and to have her really have an input, what does it mean for you in your line. Well, she has an amazing sense of style. But at the same time as being a supermodel she's probably the most important social media star in the world. She has more followers and more fans across the globe than anyone else. She also has her feet on the ground. You know, they say a lot of models are this and that. This girl has a brain. Thanks, tommy. She's polite. She's respectful. I'm going to cry. And you've known the family. Yes. You know of what you speak so, Gigi, when you look at this line -- it's a great blend of both of you. Can I say that? It's a really great blend of both of you. What do you feel is really standing out as your style? I mean they're all very much my style and a lot of itas obviously looking at vintage tommy pieces that we love and bringing back certain things so it's a really great mix of kind of the classic east coast style tommy Hilfiger and my west coast style but all of them are really me and, yeah. Yeah, they really are you. Tommy, so for people watching at home as well, it's the fall season. What are some things we should look for? Give us some suggestions for the fall? I think you can update your wardrobe all the time. Yeah. If you're a Jean wearer, you could buy great top, sweaters, jackets, if you want a dress for work, we've got dresses in all different sizes and colors. We have something a little more glamorous as you can see. I see that. For holiday parties, evenings but we really Dr. Covered everything across the gamut in casual lifestyle and in all sizes, you can find them in America at Macy's store, tommy Hilfiger stores, so we're very proud of what we've done. And you should be. She is now a designer. Yes, she is and we have some future designers here in the audience, as well and some bloggers from F. Ifshgs T. So we'll get a question from a fashion design student from F.I.T., Brianna. Brianna, there you are. You have a question for Gigi? As a woman and a model, what's most important to you when designing clothes? Well, I always say that I feel the most beautiful when I feel comfortable because I feel like if I'm fidgeting with stuff then I always am second-guessing it so I just wanted to make a collection that I want to wear all the time. It's definitely comfortable. You're never going to feel out of place in it so, yeah. I know you're giving me the wrap but these are great students. I got to get one more. Advertising student from F.I.T., screen that. What's your question. Hi, tommy. Would you say your line is inclusive for all body types? My line is inclusive for all body types and we also make men's wear and children's wear so not just women's wear but we really believe we are a democratic brand. We want to reach all types of people all over. Yeah, and you do that. All sizes and shapes. I'm proof of that. And because I'm wearing a tommy Hilfiger from last season. It's always timeless. Always timeless. Go to the show tonight. You could be on the runway. Gigi said I can do the show

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{"duration":"5:01","description":"Get a peek at the new womenswear line that's a collaboration between the venerable designer and supermodel and social media star!","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"41962821","title":"Tommy Hilfiger and Gigi Hadid Present Tommy x Gigi Line on 'GMA'","url":"/GMA/video/tommy-hilfiger-gigi-hadid-present-tommy-gigi-line-41962821"}