'I, Tonya' star Allison Janney says Tonya Harding was 'misjudged'

The Golden Globe-nominated actress said the film doesn't "completely exonerate her but it does make you question exactly what her hand in all that was," regarding the Nancy Kerrigan scandal.
5:56 | 12/11/17

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Transcript for 'I, Tonya' star Allison Janney says Tonya Harding was 'misjudged'
You know what, we have a fantastic guest to bring to the table. She is a seven-time Emmy award winning actress. Now getting Oscar buzz for "I, Tonya." Please welcome Allison Janney. Hello. Nice to see you. Oh. I love you. Thank you. Oh, my goodness. Thank you. It's great to have you here. First time I'm here. It's crazy. How can that be. I don't know. I mean I think I was on some other network. We love that show too. But we do have a welcome gift. Do they do this for you at the other network? Look at all this. Here you go. You're all set now. You are all set to go. This is -- no, this is -- I've never been treated so well. Nice job. That's great. I feel so much better. So bright in here. Thank you. I love "I, Tonya." . Whatted it. I knew the whole saga. Oh, it is so good. It is so good. Thank you. My goodness. How did -- you were a skater. You were -- My first dream before even thinking I was going to be an actress I wanted to be an olympic figure skater and I -- my parents, god bless them, they would get up at 5:00 in the morning and take me to the rink before school and after school would come and skate so it was a deal of mine. I, however, was not that good. Come on. I was very graceful but I'm too tall. It's an acrobatic sport. You have to hurl yourself into three revolutions. I could do a double salchow and that's about it. Soups pretty good. It was bad and then I gave it up and went to college -- It all worked out. I know. Basically. Which means this movie was perfect for you. It was a perfect fit for me although I didn't get to skate at all. You play Tonya's mom. Yes. In the movie. Playing her mom, Tonya was at the premiere. How was it meeting her? I'm sure like us you knew this story, you felt in and out before this movie. Idid, I did and I thought one thing about her and now I think something altogether different having done the movie, have a lot more empathy for her but I -- yeah, I didn't meet her during the filming or before filming. Margot Robbie and my friend Steven Rogers who wrote it met with her extensively but I saw her on the red carpet and almost started crying seeing her. She was crying. She was so overwhelmed and when I saw her I was speechless. I just wanted to hug her because she came up to me and said what a great job I did portraying her mother and I just felt -- made me really sad. You talk about that empathy. People forget what a villain she was. That's how she was portrayed, though. I think she was portrayed as one thing. It was the advent of the 24-hour news cycle and they put it out there that she was evil and Nancy was the princess. It's like a story you can't make up. Yeah but when you see it there is a lot more nuance to it and what she -- her life, her upbringing, you don't -- the movie doesn't completely exonerate her but makes you question what exactly her hand in all of that was and she had a lot of questionable characters in her life that you just have to see it. It's unbelievable. You have a better understanding. Yes, you do, yeah, and you think maybe I thought -- I misjudged her. I think she was misuped a bit. Let's see a little bit. I am so sorry but there's no smoking on the ice. Oh. I'll smoke it quietly. ??? Be ware the devil woman ??? This is my daughter Tonya. I told you on the phone -- I know what you told me though you've never seen her skate. I don't train beginners. All she does is talk about skating all day and night. Can't shutter up about it so it's easier for me to put her on ice. How do you smoke quietly? Yeah, exactly. Years of training. Years of training you smoke quietly. It's a very noisy activity and -- We know Margot got T O met Tonya. You didn't get to meet -- Velivona. Would you have liked to. I would have loved to met her and had a gazillion questions about our upbringing and four husbands she had and I don't know -- at this point I don't think I want to meet her because it's already in the can. Unless we do an "I, livona" movie. With the bird on the shoulder. My favorite hands down favorite animal co-star ever. And not at first. I was terrified -- I'm more of a dog and cat person and birds scare me. I don't know what -- you know, they kind of freak me out a little bit so I had to meet -- I auditioned three burs for that role. I did. The bird lady was so lovely. She said, see which one, you know, you can connect with. The other two would crawl in my hair and just freaked me out and little man, his name is little man. Little man. He just sat on my shoulder and hung out there and I was like, okay, yeah, this guy and then we started filming and he was just couldn't -- he was all in my ear and all over the place but he kind of fueled my performance a little bit because he got me a little worked up and irritated. As I was telling my story. Livon had her unique style which you captured very well. This movie as robin said is raving about it. And everyone at home make sure you see it.

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{"id":51710241,"title":"'I, Tonya' star Allison Janney says Tonya Harding was 'misjudged' ","duration":"5:56","description":"The Golden Globe-nominated actress said the film doesn't \"completely exonerate her but it does make you question exactly what her hand in all that was,\" regarding the Nancy Kerrigan scandal.","url":"/GMA/video/tonya-star-allison-janney-tonya-harding-misjudged-51710241","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}