Top 3 frozen pizzas as ranked by Consumer Reports

Plus, nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner discusses which ones are the healthiest options.
4:02 | 12/28/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Top 3 frozen pizzas as ranked by Consumer Reports
Switching gears to brand-new research from consumer reports on frozen pizzas as we head into prime footballen is, and count down to the super bowl. More people ever will be eating pizza, and my producers can't get enough of football or pizza. There they are. Subtly dressed. Faryn on the left is wearing Tom Brady socks. She takes it to another level. I admire your subtlety. We break it down with our nutritionist, dawn Jackson blatner. Good morning. On any given day, 1 in 8 Americans are eating pizza, and my question for you, does it make any difference whether it's frozen or delivery? I have shocking stats for you. Delivery pizza can be, like, eating a double cheeseburger for just one slice. Whoa. Whoa. Why is that a big deal? Look at this. This is a lot of calories -- I was, like, I was going to convince him. It's shocking. So, like, when you think about this, that's even half of your salts for the day. Wow. When it comes to frozen piz pizza, sometimes you can eat half to whole frozen pizza to be half of that pizza. They looked at pizzas and rated them on nutrition and taste, frozen pizzas. What were their picks? These are the top cheese winners. This is the American flatbread. Tomato sauce and three-cheese pizza, and Amy's. These are the winners. Good job, winners. Each one of them is about 300 calories per serving, and they didn't come in high with the sodium and fat. Consumers found something interesting. That veggie piz sazas are healthier because the veggies take away the cheese, so the veggie pizza was the cold medal here. The California pizza kitchen, spinach and artichoke took the grand prize. Are there other ways you can make these healthier? There are plenty of ways to make it healthier. You can add your own veggie toppings here. I love mushrooms and arugula. Onions and peppers. You bake that and finish it with fresh herbs like basil and orega oregano. Thanks for that. It makes it not only more nutrition, but it's fresher tasting. You get nutrition and a fresher taste when you add your own toppings and herbs. It improves brain health and makes you less likely to wear Tom Brady socks. I like that. You can't see a dietitian without saying eat a salad with your pizza. Come on. There is going to be -- under your name, we're going to put the word, no fun. Oh. Whoa, whoa, whoa. This is all a pizza party. How can we make -- for those of us who love meat on our pizzas, how can we make that more healthy? Most people love a meat-topped pizza. Take a cheese or veggie-topped pizza, and add your own toppings. Think about grilled chicken or a lean Turkey sausage or a Turkey peppero pepperoni. What? Yeah. Fun. You're getting a meat lover's pizza, which is also a health lover's pizza. Health lover and meat lover. Did you like that? The way you're healthy is to make the pizza, like, side dish to the main dishes which is the salad. They can be equal. You don't have to be a party pooper. Your hit sl now somewhat fun. Rob, over to you.

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{"duration":"4:02","description":"Plus, nutritionist Dawn Jackson Blatner discusses which ones are the healthiest options. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"52018544","title":"Top 3 frozen pizzas as ranked by Consumer Reports ","url":"/GMA/video/top-frozen-pizzas-ranked-consumer-reports-52018544"}