Which Touchscreen Gloves Perform the Best?

Wirecutter.com evaluated 12 pairs of touchscreen gloves to find out how well they work.
3:15 | 02/11/16

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Which Touchscreen Gloves Perform the Best?
And we're back now with a touch screen glove test as temperatures fall into the single digits typing on your phone outside can be a challenge. Regular gloves don't work on touch screens. What about those specially designed ones? Wirecutter.com put 12 pairs to the test and ABC's gio Benitez here with the exclusive results. Hey, gio. It's cold outside. You know regular gloves don't work on touch screen devices but wirecutter.com broke it down. You know which one is the best. This morning here are the results right now on "Gma." Typing in the cold can be a pain in more ways than one. Annoying having to take off the gloves every time to send a text. Reporter: Regular gloves don't work with touch designs. Here's why, the fabric blocks the charge from your finger which activates your phone. Nick guy, a website that advises on best gadgets evaluated 12 pairs to find out how well they work. They don't have the tips we're so used to seeing. The technology is advanced. This he actually sew in silver and copper thread that conducts electricity and allows you to use your touch screen as if you weren't wearing gloves. To test for touch screen ability. He camped out in a temperature controlled brewery cooler, a lot like this one keeping it consistently frosty above freezing while he texted, used apps and played games. Now it's my turn with wire cutter's picks. All right, it's cold in here. It is. 37 degrees. Got to keep the beer chilly. Moshi. These are our favorites. We found they were nice and warm but we were also able to type really well with the thumbs on them. How well can I type in a brewery cooler? Well, no typos. Looked like you did pretty good. Next up the north face thermoball tip gloves. Not quite as flexible but they're still pretty impressive for how warm they are. Feel like I could be in a blizzard and can type. Yeah. They all lose connectivity over time but sometimes too quickly. That's what wire cutter found with glider gloves winter style which sell for $29.99. Yeah. We wore them for a few months and were fine. When we went to do our final tests the left-hand glove stopped working altogether. They can wear out and that's unsensible. Glider gloves told us we found it's about 1% of all gloves that fail early. We do back up our product with a 90-day warranty and replace any gloves that have failed or are defective. Get gloves with gripping material on the palm. See how well it stays in the palm. Get a tight fit. Watch out for those with extra materials or seams on the tip. That reduces touch screen ability. We showed tell you wire cutter does get a percentage of money from retailers on gloves sold through the links on their site and by the way, out of 12 of the touch screen gloves that expert tested this year he says he highly recommends four of them. You can see the entire list of results on our website, goodmorningamerica.com on Yahoo! Check it out. Good info. Thanks very much.

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{"duration":"3:15","description":"Wirecutter.com evaluated 12 pairs of touchscreen gloves to find out how well they work.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"36856955","title":"Which Touchscreen Gloves Perform the Best? ","url":"/GMA/video/touchscreen-gloves-perform-best-36856955"}