Trials of the Year

A look ahead at courtroom drama in 2014.
3:00 | 01/01/14

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Transcript for Trials of the Year
Next, I'm going to tell you how 2013 was a banner year for suspenseful and stunning trials. Dan abrams is here with a look back at 2013 highlights and a look ahead to the big trials of 2014. Reporter: Good morning, amy. Lot of big cases in 2013, at least three of them are far from over. With riveting trials ahead. 2014, another year where the courts captivated the nation's attention. George zimmerman's acquittal in the trayvon martin trial, divided us. Jodi areas, she testified for 18 days. Jodi did not help herself at all. She made the jury loathed her. She would have been convicted on a lesser -- Reporter: In this coming year, a new jury will determine whether she gets the death penalty. I think jodi arias will say anything to get publicity, i think she craves attention. Another trial we'll be watching in 2014, that of superstar south african blade runner oscar pistorius, the 27-year-old olympian indicted for the 2012 valentine's day shooting death of his girlfriend reeva steenkamp. When she walked into a room, it was like sunshine walked into the room. Reporter: Prosecutors say the shooting was fueled by a heated argument, while pistorius claims he mistook for an intruder. I was surprised that pistorius was released on bail. I think everybody is sucked into celebrity vortex and that's got released. Another trial michael skakel, freed after a judge ruled he didn't have adequate legal representation at his 2002 trial. Hopefully, we're at the first step of righting that wrong and making sure an innocent man now goes free. But prosecutors are appealing and in the year to come, it's possible that skakel could be back behind bars. Dan, let's start with michael skakel, everything, literally up in the air. Right now, this case has been sent back to a trial court, right? So in theory they're going to begin the process of trying michael skakel again, in reality, we're waiting to see if an appeals court steps in and overturns the lower-court opinion. If the higher court overturns it, that means michael skakel goes back to prison. If this was a decision to be upheld -- he gets a new trial. He gets a new trial. We'll see what happens that at that point. Let's move over to jodi arias, it looks like she'll be fighting for her life once again. Once the jury hung on the penalty phase, they should make a deal with her for a life without parole. Remember, she was convicted. She is now in the penalty phase because that same jury could not reach annan verdict on whether she should get the death penalty. You have to get a whole new jury to answer that request question. What should the penalty be? Life or death? For that crime, that seem to me that's something they should allow to move into history, but this prosecutor and this family want to pursue the death penalty and they are. We talked a lot about oscar pistorius, this is a big year for him. They have a trial date set for march. You know what's interesting in the last couple of months, we have seen the prosecutors there indict him on other charges in connection with using a weapon. Cases where they were investigating, looking into it and then this indictment, the murder indictment, no question, has spurred them to look into other allegations against pistorius, now they have a couple of additional charges against him. This trial is expected to begin in march. He's no rush. His lawyers want to take as much time as possible. Then a final thought on george zimmerman the man who can't seem to stay out of spotlight. Yeah, we found out that now his girlfriend does not move forward with pressing charges, et cetera, so the authorities saying it would be too hard for us to go forward, but boy, it's kind of amazing that george zimmerman continues to get into trouble. Despite everything. I mean, it sort of reminds you at o.J. Simpson, at some point, something else is going to happen here and they're going to throw the book at him for that case. He has to be careful. Dan, we'll be seeing a lot of you in 2014. Yes, I'm sure. Thank you for that look I'm meteorologist cindy fits

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"A look ahead at courtroom drama in 2014.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"21389138","title":"Trials of the Year","url":"/GMA/video/trials-year-21389138"}