Trump Calls SNL's Parody of Him a 'Hit Job'

Donald Trump called the most recent "Saturday Night Live" sketch a "hit job," and said it is "time to retire the boring and unfunny show," despite a long history of political candidate spoofs.
6:21 | 10/17/16

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Transcript for Trump Calls SNL's Parody of Him a 'Hit Job'
"Saturday night live" kept a lot of people up as well. Donald Trump is fighting back. Calling it part of the media's conspiracy to bring him down. Reporter: Serious matters of the Republican aside, it's considered unusual in the entertainment industry for someone to call for a cancellation of a TV show he, himself, hosted less than a year ago. That's what Donald Trump did this weekend after "Snl" exceedic salvo. I love kids. I love them so much, I marry them. Reporter: With the election ever closer, this weekend's "Saturday night live," another show case for the Donald Trump impression of Alec Baldwin. Number three, women can't be charged more for men than -- ah! Reporter: Sparring with Kate Mckinnon's Hillary Clinton in a debate spoof. We disagree on almost everything. But I do like how generous he is. Just last Friday, he handed me this election. Reporter: Alas, not everyone appears to be laughing. Trump tweeting, watched "Saturday night live" hit job on me. Time to retire the boring and unfunny show. Alec Baldwin portrayal stinks. Media rigging election. He guest hosts less Yan a year ago. Remember. Part of the reason I'm sheer that I know now take a joke. Reporter: Back then, trump pronounced himself pleased with the outcome. We had a lot of fun last night. It was terrific. It was well received. Reporter: Of course, satire is not intended for it's focus. I want to talk to you about a time-honored, democratic tradition, sexual performance in the white house. Reporter: Later, Darryl Hammond scored with Bill Clinton sendups. And will Ferrell would turn his George Bush impression into a one-person show. Is. You have to admit, it's a good plot twist that I turned out the be a smart one. "Snl" can do these that stick. It's hard, sometime, for voters to distinguish between the portrayal and the actual person. Reporter: But nothing topped Tina fey, as 2008 vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin. You know, Hillary and I don't agree on everything. Anything. I believe that diplomacy should be the corner stone of any foreign policy. Andky see Russia from my house. Reporter: Palin would later appear on "Weekend update" and move to the beat. ??? Everybody party we're going all night la, la, la, la, la, la ??? Reporter: Truth is -- He's either not that rich. Wrong. Reporter: If they're not making fun of you on "Snl," you're not making news. My microphone is broken. Reporter: No comment from "Snl." Alec Baldwin's response to retweet trump. We're going to talk to you more about that. Joining us now is Dean obeidallah. He used to work for "Snl." Let me ask you. How do comedians view trump? Has that view change during the tam pain? When he first started running, we viewed him like a Kardashian. He was a punch line. Everyone Republicans said they would event vote for him. He E involved. I think our comedy evolved. I really hope xheed cans can turn back into a punchline and make America laugh again at trump. That's part of the problem. Donald Trump not liking being laughed at. Lashing out. Now "Snl." He used to be in on the joke. Had fun with it. We have seen him turn on comedians in the past. Definitely. He tweeted about Seth Myers. He pseudobill Maher for $5 million over a joke Bill Maher told on "The tonight show" in 2013. He withdrew the charges later. We can't lose comedy. Let's bring Chris back in on the discussion. You think what Donald Trump saying about "Snl" you're not taking him as seriously as maybe others are? It's not like "The New York Times" or "People" magazine getting those cease and desist notices in the mail. It's the idea of looping in "Snl" along with everything else, the media the cultural elites. This is the basis of his narrative right now. You can see him folding it into what he's trying to say. He may not win new votes. His base is probably going to love it. I wrote an article about how ridiculous this was and his supporters are fighting me on Twitter saying he's right. The fck could cancel it if it's Aun fair show. Even Sarah Palin. No one criticize more. Laughed at it, rolled with the punches. That's what you should do. America, we have a rich tradition of political come did I. It's so important, this is shortening my life expectancy, this campaign. Politicians have, in the past, used comedy to help them and broaden the base. Absolutely. We saw Hillary Clinton go on "Between two ferns" with Zack galifiana galifianakis. Comedy will reach people that won't watch a debate, a serious speech. It's the greatest thing to use. Donald Trump fighting against it when he actually has pretty good comedic timing. He should be using comedy to help him. Instead, he's fighting this. 22 days out, you're going to tweet about cancel "Saturday night live" I don't think that is the most pressing issue for Americans right now. The end of Orange juice. Why the drink may be

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{"id":42853177,"title":"Trump Calls SNL's Parody of Him a 'Hit Job'","duration":"6:21","description":"Donald Trump called the most recent \"Saturday Night Live\" sketch a \"hit job,\" and said it is \"time to retire the boring and unfunny show,\" despite a long history of political candidate spoofs.","url":"/GMA/video/trump-calls-snls-parody-hit-job-42853177","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}