Surprise! Twin Pandas Born in Atlanta

Zoo Atlanta's Lun Lun delivers the first twin Pandas born in the United States in 26 Years.
1:25 | 07/16/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Surprise! Twin Pandas Born in Atlanta
And the zoo atlanta was expecting their giant panda lun lun to give birth to one cub. Instead, she welcomed twins last night. Big surprise. Take a look. 6:21 p.M., After a mere one hour of labor by 15-year-old giant panda lun lun, a new cub entered the world. And th, two minutes later, as lun lun cuddled her newborn baby, something happened that no one expected. Lun lun gave birth to a second panda. We see a second cub come out. So, we're like, oh, my gosh. Twins. It was sheer pandemonium. Reporter: Lun lun's second cub was a total surprise to even the zoo. We tried to do a couple of ultrasounds on her. Got one image of a developing fetus. We knew there was something in there. But we had no idea they were twins. Reporter: The bundles of joy had a combined weight of 8.9 ounces. To ensure the cubs get the attention they need. And though the world may be on high alert for the next royal, zoo atlanta is preparing for their newest stars. Expected to make their public debut this november. The only thing zoo atlanta right now has on the royal baby is that we have twins. Reporter: No names yet for the two peas in a pod. As the zoo is keeping with the chinese tradition of waiting 100 days to name the babies.

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{"duration":"1:25","description":"Zoo Atlanta's Lun Lun delivers the first twin Pandas born in the United States in 26 Years.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19677184","title":"Surprise! Twin Pandas Born in Atlanta","url":"/GMA/video/twin-pandas-video-2013-surprise-twin-pandas-born-19677184"}