How to Not be 'Unfollowed' on Instagram

'GMA Live's' 'Phil on the Street' tries to find out, what annoys people on instagram.
2:37 | 11/04/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for How to Not be 'Unfollowed' on Instagram
You do if your answer grams -- making people fall out of love with you yeah what we have your -- -- also overzealous with their postings. And sometimes you just -- on all them. Our very own -- in the street. Had this happen to him period. Shares is now on the street and today we're talking topping Zimmerman music. -- I was recently I'm Bob I want my friends and I'm gonna hit the streets to get some tips from some other programmers out there and make sure that none of us -- -- on followed again. I -- Emma here's a look at you don't want to follow them. You know -- me. I don't really into this -- energy Peters -- -- makes me really hungry. Why you're just happy -- for cooking and not let your -- got it I don't like I think -- itself is visiting the. Without anything have a perfect and it did you guys opinion on these obvious that taken there's like they've not been doctored images that -- -- and how to balance. Police -- these are now working. One dollar and 91 maybe not all of the. British dots on fell back Thursday. Can't really look that good then you don't look back now now I have a few throwback Thursdays from Mike lastly don't. Stuff that they -- -- What -- hey did you ever these forty joke just. The Joker got their -- -- Stories for every eight non answer right now I'm -- Those accused of photos Stevens -- it is funny to see that our legal obligations to what are your thoughts on hash -- and. And he kept -- particular narrative. Cash -- to follow -- like for like none of that past that now. Some people are so worried about the there hadn't thought much fun benefit. Didn't do it. Didn't like my. You know on his right and I gotta get our president. Soon enough -- haunt them that's going on anything. Next. -- -- I hope I look very. What you did then look at -- what you did there as. He's done aipac and drilling on Hollywood happenings I don't want to know what not to do it may -- -- unity and good. -- mr. Graham are you kids on the instrument we are -- -- lobbied to sort of -- -- -- youngsters are up to these days.

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{"duration":"2:37","description":"'GMA Live's' 'Phil on the Street' tries to find out, what annoys people on instagram.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"20776657","title":"How to Not be 'Unfollowed' on Instagram","url":"/GMA/video/unfollowed-instagram-20776657"}