Unresponsive Plane Crashes Off the Coast of Jamaica

The turboprop plane, bound for Naples, Florida, went unresponsive during its flight.
12:46 | 09/05/14

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Transcript for Unresponsive Plane Crashes Off the Coast of Jamaica
Playing down the FAA says the -- -- a plane that too. F fifteens have been followed until it hit Cuban airspace. Has gone down crashing into the ocean about fourteen miles off the coast of Jamaica. -- when I'm down Cutler in new York and ABC's and Martinez is standing by at the Pentagon with the latest on this -- what do we now. Dan we know that unfortunately there's an aircraft has gone down. Fourteen miles north -- -- A fourteen miles north Jamaica. The plane crashed into the waters. Jamaican. Coast Guard vessels approached it it is in the wreckage site. And there's also. An American Coast Guard. A C 130 aircraft that had been trailing. The general aviation aircraft as fast as it could try to link up with it. And unfortunately it is it is the plane crash into the waters after it ran out of fuel -- we know that there were three passengers aboard the aircraft. American F fifteen fighter jets high -- -- had visual contact with the aircraft and spotted the pilot slumped over at the controls. They did not have not seen the other two passengers aboard but -- noted that the windows in the passenger section where five. Probably frosting. Which indicates that the pressurization of the aircraft it's believed that everyone aboard the aircraft was already unconscious at the time that the plane went down. And that lack of oxygen known as hypoxia is expected now this aircraft was flying from New York from Rochester in upstate New York down to Naples Florida. When after about two half hours of flight. There -- no contact made with air traffic controllers NORAD got involved and they sent up fighter jets to intercept the aircraft. They trail this aircraft over the Bahamas north of -- once they approached Cuban airspace they dropped off. Now they were originally going to fly around Cuba -- -- link up with that on the south side after it travel over the island of Cuba. But that plan was scrapped and the planes returned to base and ultimately unfortunately this aircraft crashed in the waters north of Jamaica. Part of that response -- as you pointed out there what's from a C 130. To look for this such play it listen if you need to get a drink water to the -- -- get -- -- information coming in and we obviously much to take that as well. But a C 130 is a very large response to this why such a big aircraft sent out. Well as to the Coast Guard aircraft remember this the Coast Guard C 130s are used for recovery efforts if they if the plane goes down in the water. And is so it's actually an appropriate kind of aircraft for that kind of mission. The NORAD actually had reached out to -- the Coast Guard -- launch their aircraft and they did this is aircraft that flew from Miami. When the F fifteens return to their home base in Miami is well -- air force base. Then the C 130 was just fifteen minutes behind. The general aviation aircraft. That -- crash into the waters now -- its interest in -- note this at turboprop. This aircraft -- was -- from upstate New York gallon and was headed to Florida and ultimately ended up over Cuba. That this aircraft was flying -- announcing -- 25000. Feet that's pretty high this -- was in which point the fighter aircraft are appropriate for that. The C 130 not gonna fly that high four potential intercepts obviously there is planning already underway for the appropriate aircraft when he appropriate mission. And just look at that at the limitations of this kind of a plane. Going from that route from Rochester died down to where it crashed off of the coast of Jamaica that's about 16100 miles. It's 14100 nautical miles in the distance that most of these planes can travel on a full tank of gas is about 18100. Nautical miles. I want to ask you about this reports we've been seen about an unconfirmed audio between a fighter pilot to ground control what do we know about this. Well and. Fighter aircraft source dispatched by NORAD to make contact with general aviation and aircraft that is unresponsive to -- -- context. The first thing that the -- pilots do with a fighter pilot Steve is they. The maker and an attempt plane to -- contact. Now we have been unable to confirm the authenticity. These recordings right now but they are plausible because that's what. Fighter pilots are trained to do they also do visual cues with hand signals that the pilot is. Unconscious at the controls and lets say the potentially they may have lost their radio. Contact. If -- -- -- very important. Other times they can do flight motions by the -- let's say the flight when of the fighter's wings communicating that way. So good that's probably what we're hearing that -- so far we're we're trying to verify the authenticity of the recording and the response now from Jamaican authorities and falsely US authorities are also involved in this -- well. At -- -- there's a lot of international coordination here particularly with Cuba remember the United States does not have diplomatic relations with. Cuba. But in the State Department confirms that they received a contract from the FAA and that outreach efforts were made with the Cuban government and that there was cooperation between US. And Cuban aviation authorities witness. I mean every -- military American military aircraft headed to Cuba you -- sure that the Cubans are aware that this is a peaceful mission. That that they are tracking a civilian aircraft that is unresponsive. Now the united states military aircraft they pulled away once the approached and the the Cuban airspace and return back to Florida. But we are told that -- Cuban authorities is not dispatched their own aircraft what they did is that they monitor the craft yet radar as it flew over the island of Cuba. Of the Jamaican authorities are also involved when it was calculated that potentially they would -- -- -- Cuba. And they don't so that's why those ships those and Jamaican Coast Guard vessels were dispatched. -- by asking you this next question is is in no way to kind of lead of any part of this investigation because obviously it's a very fluid situation right now. Terrorism has that been ruled out on this I mean obviously a cause this'll. Try to be determined. I get a million. That appeared Thomas -- -- Homeland Security correspondent has said that. His contacts tell him that there is no nexus to terrorism as far as they can tell with this episode. And as we've been played out there right now there is an international effort going on I -- about fourteen miles off the coast of Jamaica there where that plane had gone down. Where we had seen that played average and left about a 26 minutes after 8 o'clock on eastern time this went from Rochester New York headed down to Naples Florida. Just how quickly get walking back through -- -- my how quickly. Was NORAD notified if -- that this plane was not responsive. Well a listener -- how era aircraft communicate with air traffic controllers they're handed off from air traffic region to region. And if those contacts are maintained -- men who that raises red flags and that's when -- gets involved after contact from FAA. The in the U -- and NORAD scrambled initially QF sixteens out of South Carolina. When the aircraft veered eastward over towards the Atlantic Ocean. Naples on the West Coast of Florida so that is obviously a a diversion that raises -- red flags in addition to the non contact. Those aircraft could not follow because of bad weather so F fifteens. Pick up the trail and that's when that -- -- the same time that the F fifteens out of Florida were dispatched the Coast Guard has notified by the by NORAD as well and gain in turn dispatch -- C 130. From southern Florida and ultimately now they are the ones that are looking over flying. The crash site. And in terms of recovery efforts to spot the wreckage and the C. Who might. Again and that is believed that. The three passenger -- the aircraft had already. Succumbed to hypoxia. Rick and and that as -- -- -- Eller was in fact made by visual visual reference from two of those F fifteen fighter pilots that were able to actually look into the cockpit and saw that. Some of the inside of the windows was actually frosted over or -- in a bunny inside there. We -- there were three people on board that is does include the pilot just how big is a plane like this obvious obvious this is that this a private plane this is a private plane but it. As well as you noted a very long reach again reach as far as 818100 nautical miles I don't feel awful tank of gas with the appropriate speed. Now do we know that -- this aircraft is the smallest size I think if you if you look at a picture added. It's a turboprop which means it has broader range than it was just propeller aircraft. And any -- is able to fly at higher altitudes and that's noted by the fact that it was flying at 25000 feet. Which is pretty federal for an aircraft that's flying that far this is a very long trip going from upstate New York County southwest coast of Florida. But. Again this is. Something that today is gonna require a lot of investigation this is the second episode that we -- of of this in two weeks Stan. Previously last week we had in an incident where an aircraft general aviation aircraft flying. Out of Wisconsin. Was headed to of the suburban. Virginia area outside of Washington DC continued on. Again fighter jets were scrambled and ultimately the plane. Crashed and water in Atlantic Ocean southeast of Virginia. All right ABC's there are tears saying by the Pentagon with the latest on this -- thank you for that so of course you can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news App Store in the story. For exclusive updates on the go. For now -- down -- New York.

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{"duration":"12:46","description":"The turboprop plane, bound for Naples, Florida, went unresponsive during its flight.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"25280536","title":"Unresponsive Plane Crashes Off the Coast of Jamaica","url":"/GMA/video/unresponsive-plane-crashes-off-coast-jamaica-25280536"}