US Embassy in Turkey Attacked

Pierre Thomas and Jonathan Karl report on a bombing at a US embassy.
2:06 | 02/01/13

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Transcript for US Embassy in Turkey Attacked
marrow transplant. First, the breaking news out of turkey. Right to that blast in front of the u.S. Embassy in the you are the kish capital of ankara. Pierre thomas is tracking the latest. Reporter: The situation is very fluid. We're trying to get more details. Here's what we are learned. There's been an explosion near the entrance to the embassy. There's a hole in the wall. The building is still standing. Balan ambulances are on the way. Some of the tv stations out of turkey are describing it as a suicide bombing. We're working to get more details. What do we know about the threat level that embassy? Had there been threats recently? What kinds of precautions were in place to keep the embassy safe? Reporter: We don't have those details yet. Since the benghazi situation, embassies had been on alert. We don't know if security was increased there? Reporter: We don't know yet. We have conflicting reports on the numbers of fatalities and injured. Pierre will be on top of that. Let's get more from jon karl at the white house. The white house is track this through the night. Reporter: Absolutely, george. You have to think about this. Since benghazi, embassy security has been a paramount concern. We don't know about specific efforts made in ankara. That embassy, and I have been there, is one of the most heavily fortified u.S. Embassies because turkey is right there in the middle of it all in the middle east. A critical player for the united states. Look at the geography. It's the country that bridges europe and the middle east. Critical to what the going on in syria and the u.S. Policy towards iran. This is of paramount concern at the white house. Thanks, jon. The latest details on the scare in the sky overnight.

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{"id":18374597,"title":"US Embassy in Turkey Attacked","duration":"2:06","description":"Pierre Thomas and Jonathan Karl report on a bombing at a US embassy.","url":"/GMA/video/us-embassy-turkey-attacked-dead-scuicide-bombing-18374597","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}