Vanilla Ice From Rap to DIY Network

The TV renovator talks about his music career and what led to his new life.
6:51 | 02/15/13

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Transcript for Vanilla Ice From Rap to DIY Network
I don't know I wrong and. And they today you know that rob and I did not isn't something we want junket to junket and I don't thanks so yeah -- -- -- -- queasy about the -- -- the table games so what is at issue here is that table there's -- happy that we can agree trash -- -- -- about one -- -- -- since -- -- -- window can turn it off the table. And Josh and -- have not stopped fighting over at the -- is taking to Twitter armor and I should point out. You were so great to join us -- good afternoon America over the summer and you brought some the stuff you've done bookcase that you did remains the only. I think -- -- often -- an hour's news it is stunning. You know exam that is a quality piece of furniture in -- and other. Otherwise kind of like nutter to carry on his -- yeah. You can't cut but you know I'm to step away now what am I why haven't I want what you -- -- you have I -- -- I want -- have written about you added that I want you to have it I will tell you yeah yeah and got a got. I'm if you remember -- -- those first days when you were first discovered sixteen I was -- first moments of what would be like for you. While that was it I get -- -- -- sixteen in. I was in the tenth grade I remember telling people. I'm going to be on the stop the violence over the ice -- that the sonic and -- -- alive in the committee and believe me because I was the opening act for the opening act for the opener for the opener. And they are still lights are on an -- put the chairs -- I didn't get there early. But yeah an amazing experience and you know yeah. -- Talk about this with me -- so much that you couldn't see from my interview I love this story. How he has -- his contemporaries and I -- -- and made in the same generation kind of -- all -- money you know who we're talking about. This guy had the presence of mind to start buying real estate and is now out. I mean you're doing fine he wasn't rocket science I just you know you do everything in it and I just you know -- bought a lot of homes are sold them and I think you could make. Money that easy to buy some more so do you remember when you decided to do something constructive with that I mean a lot of people just don't blow it -- bilateral anywhere where you -- it. When I saw -- money. I actually all of these homes and thought I was losing money and came back and said -- -- -- -- use these homes they have cobwebs in the court precedent. Young and down let's -- Seldom made millions I was I really. Escobar's formulas and was he was it almost -- did in the DIY aspect of it it's good for me it's sort you know it's actually why I cook I feel like I can't do anything -- -- I'm I'm I'm I'm officially leave crime scared of it I think it's like there's almost a couple of -- a lot of I'll -- break -- I will be able to pull it -- saying -- -- -- -- so -- -- to push -- I I got -- the decorative side later but I -- wood shop in school you know felt like my. I got straight -- just love it you know and I take my dirt bikes of heart and all that much. You know -- when you get into the homes and everything I never thought I'd learn about throw pillows and like fireplaces and you know make -- -- another -- and earth tone colors yeah. My friends it sounds a little friendly -- you know when you see the money coming in from people who appreciate you wrote a great job and your beautiful -- by the -- what about music as you still -- -- -- place in your -- your life that's what started it -- mean that's my passion you know from the beginning in it's just love the music and everything but just have been doing my show for four years now and it -- -- eight months out of the year the duties are now. Institutions not easy it's a lot of work took a deep into to a puppet shows again so it's a we have just in the -- to the melody and I project and that's on bets on -- Ryan I -- I get it that Santa Ana a lot and -- -- and ice my house. Price my house on the same network Yeltsin and we go -- and we actually get one in New York it hasn't aired yet. And you it's a contest winner. So they go on DIY network dot com and -- and gets there he goes an ice is their house throughout the way really -- -- Vanilla Ice -- out of it's just the double BT -- mostly I mean this house that you -- -- me in the video out of I went down this house that you -- threat it was was in foreclosure her shorts yeah it was a is a tax -- actually and I -- -- -- he got Hartford. 350000 dollars it's in -- -- it's in part of Palm Beach and is not so we -- coming. -- always say it really is location location location always -- governor property era home that sort of in a place with good schools its not -- good restaurants you just have to do -- hot -- but don't worry about that house was a job he was -- into the corner but he -- the land -- -- was backing up to this lake -- and so he you know -- you you get a Smart -- and community great advice you have your team but. Get three or four bids if golfer -- Chris are the lowest but get references and and you know if you do -- art -- -- great piece of property in a gray area. You can turn help his -- -- that house is now on the market for what one point three. Powell -- actually since he. Well basically we just think you 400 dollars because they have these seminars -- -- -- you can't be a billionaire you know what we just -- -- That that they'll get free I don't know if you are quickly controller and canned dean he's. You are you actually need an accompanying table this summer a companion PM Saturday at about -- the reason I'm out to the table I gave it to. Controller and Denise Denise how I was the table. I love the table but the problem is that Josh tells -- he wants it. Back -- you cannot happen that's OK what I should say it he -- today's table for the -- able to make you know. -- -- Did you keep up that you keep got table because I know it means a lot to -- and again I want to take this opportunity here on the Internet thanks -- and an update any of house and they say. Thank you. Another yeah well I just -- the the Biggest Loser of the day. I don't remember -- -- -- Girardi had all the windows from that museum part yet. Communicate on the table for him capital loophole. I look good. Doug -- and everybody where everybody can actually -- him. That amassing t.'s anime convention in -- will deliver -- the next time we have you on. Yet wolf we're not just tell everybody guy you gave three -- and we couldn't get -- -- -- wanting to increase not in your own house. Three things that you told -- we're so Smart. Number one spend money in your -- -- -- -- -- -- of leaders of the house everybody marinate in the kitchen. It's just you know you gotta have that right if it's right your feeling right and and simple little thing about Nevada. And handles a nice upgrades little you know the little detail to the handles would put on the nobody would think but it's got all -- -- and crystals and everything even if you just really really get a lot of juggling two cabinet prefect of new handles on -- that -- area can make money causes NASA to find that master closet -- the master bath. Math -- yeah I would yourself out of popular amassed during the floor plan with throw pillows and fireplaces and earth tone colors look past -- daughter.

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{"id":18513057,"title":"Vanilla Ice From Rap to DIY Network","duration":"6:51","description":"The TV renovator talks about his music career and what led to his new life.","url":"/GMA/video/vanilla-ice-aka-rob-van-winkle-rap-music-18513057","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}