Beauty Bootcamp: New Victoria's Secret Angels Offer Tips

Behati Prinsloo, Karlie Kloss and Erin Heatherton reveal their best beauty and health tips.
3:00 | 07/30/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Beauty Bootcamp: New Victoria's Secret Angels Offer Tips
Every wonder what it takes to be a victoria's secret angel? We're about to get a crash course at the angel boot camp, courtesy of three of the newest winged wonders. Nice to see you all. You are going to help us out and give us suggestions. Before we ask you, you are engaged. You're engaged. Congratulations. To adam levine. That's right. Have you set a date? No. I know when it is. I'm not going to tell you about it. Congratulations. Thank you. You better give us a tip here. Yeah. I mean -- we'll walk over. We're going to show you. Okay. We have sara helping us out today. I want to start with a fragrance in the morning. It's a victoria fragrance. I learned a new tip, to put it behind your knee. It's a pulse point. It stays longer? Yeah. I've heard behind the ear. Never behind the knee. Also, we have this beautiful look that victoria secret, it's simple, it's easy. The illuminator, using it on your cheek. You can see the glow. It opens up the face. Rather than using a powder or concealer. Exactly. You can see, if she moves around. You can see -- the color reflector. Exactly. I'm hearing from the control room. And then -- what's really important is opening the eye with these -- the flashes. It's really good. It opens the eyes again. And the most important, mascara. If you're not using a lot of makeup, mascara's good. You both have really nice color. Thank you very much. How are you? I'm good. I like another tall girl. I know. Makes me feel good. How do you stay so in shape? As a victoria's secret angel, it's important not only to just look good but to feel good. And you're constantly traveling. And what I like to do is I like to bring my workout with me. Lindsay's going to help show. These are bands. They're really easy, if you know what to do with them. You can pack them and take them where you're going. Exactly. Good for lengthening and strengthenin this is a tricep extension. They're dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Exactly. But you want to feel sexy and confident. And you can do so many different exercises with that one band, which is great. You can use it for hips, butt, arms. And especially this one, which is really good for the back muscle areas. Every girl wants a nice, strong look. So, that's one way to get those. You're working it. You make it work. And the wings over there? Come on over. So, talk a little about the wings and how you work them. Well, I think every girl feels -- it's a weird feeling you get wearing wings. You just feel, like -- you stand a little taller if. You stand a little taller. Walking a runway is easier with wings. I brought you a pair to try on. Are you sure? We have a pair for you. You should try. It feels really good. All right. As long as they're small. I'll hold this. Will you give us one great angel walk? I'll give you an angel walk. Give us a tip on how to work the wings. Walking a runway, the key is to stand up straight and feel good. When you feel good, that's when you look the most confident and beautiful. Put the weight on the balls of your feet. That's one good tip. And there's a little bounce. Yeah. Put them on. Come on. I'm not -- I'm so sorry. We cannot continue until you have wings, lara spencer. We just can't. I think you guys need to put them on. Yeah. She won't take them off. "Good morning america." We know that. Captivatingly beautiful.

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{"id":19814404,"title":"Beauty Bootcamp: New Victoria's Secret Angels Offer Tips","duration":"3:00","description":"Behati Prinsloo, Karlie Kloss and Erin Heatherton reveal their best beauty and health tips.","url":"/GMA/video/victorias-secret-angels-behati-prinsloo-karlie-kloss-erin-19814404","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}