Viral 'Jeopardy' winner describes his success

Austin Rogers has earned more than $278,000 on the show and is the subject of his own hashtag as "Jeopardy" viewers obsess over his quirky dance moves and deadpan humor.
4:33 | 10/05/17

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Viral 'Jeopardy' winner describes his success
Back now with our big board. The music kind of tells it all, right? The new "Jeopardy" champ everybody is talking about, Austin Rogers winning seven days in a row so far. This man has earned more than $278,000. So he's won the most money the fastest and we're going to talk to Austin in just a moment but first take a look at some of his highlights. A bartender from New York, New York, Austin Rogers. Austin, as you can tell is a lot of fun as our champion. Yes, sir. A simple synonym for 200. Who is Napoleon Bonaparte? Who is Adonis? What a chimney sweep. You figured it out correctly. Grandson. Yes. Who is scooby doo. What is rice krispies. Who are the eagles? You don't like the eagles? All right. Less than a minute now. No, what is a tootsie roll? That's right. I need this. Where did you get to be so smart? Genetics, luck, karma. School, no? School, nah. And now a total of $278,300 for seven days, most impressive. All right, "Jeopardy" champ Austin Rogers is here. So congratulations first of all. Thank you very much. Can I ask you, are you always like this? Pretty much, yeah. Just wanted to check. You don't own a TV. No, I do not. So how did you prep then for being on "Jeopardy." I found ways to watch hundreds upon hundreds of episodes and I sort of -- I'm not going to say there is a system or a code but if you watch enough you'll start seeing things repeat like if it ever says sculptor it's probably going to be:odin. American skull tore, it will probably be Calder. Romanian poet Tampa be ianescue. I have no idea who he is but have seen it come up in three decades. You know how many are looking this up. I had to look it up to. Who is this guy? You did your homework. I gamed the game. I didn't try to learn more. I already know enough. Just wanted to do the game. I won the money, Duh. You know, but "Jeopardy" is different than most other game shows. Usually the winners are very reserved, very quiet. Nerds usually. But you're dancing, you're like into it. What's up with that? That's just me. I mean like if I don't know something, I will go out of my way to try to find it out and then once I find it I will be like, yes, I've learned something new and that's how I felt on the game itself. When I pulled something out of thin air, those celeb bra tri histrionics were not a put-on. They were literally me going I do not know this subcutaneous and I pulled it out of thin air Eni was very happy that I remembered that word. A lot of people were very happy watching you. You've become a viral sensation. A couple tweets from your fans because they're hysterical. Alex writes I am certain the only reason I got out of bed today was to watch Austin on jeopardy. Jay writes two types of people in the world, people like Austin on "Jeopardy" and people that don't matter. What do you think about all this excitement. The second one is completely correct. First one perhaps he should reassess his life choices if I'm the only reason he's getting out of bed but the second one, man, that guy is spot-on. Yeah, exactly. Your fans want to know what you're doing next. One of your fans suggested that you replace Alex trebek. No comment. Ooh. No, I'm just saying that tongue in cheek way but seriously, no comment. I asked you earlier if you were always this crazy. You're a New York City bartender. I am. So has it become part of your shtick. You get tips. Is that how it evolved. Usually the striptease is where the tips come from. Oh, it's a morning show. I forgot. And you got a haircut since "Jeopardy" I noticed. Yes, I did. Scissors exist. You look for "jeopardy"esque. Now. Like a nerd. I was talking to someone earlier. They said you're going to be the Halloween costume of the year. Oh. Your other hair. It's better than David S. Pumpkins because that's not creative at all. We can do the single man. What are you going to do with the money? Probably municipal bond or a BMW. There you go. Either way.

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{"duration":"4:33","description":"Austin Rogers has earned more than $278,000 on the show and is the subject of his own hashtag as \"Jeopardy\" viewers obsess over his quirky dance moves and deadpan humor.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50297369","title":"Viral 'Jeopardy' winner describes his success","url":"/GMA/video/viral-jeopardy-winner-describes-success-50297369"}