Delicious BBQ Recipes from Vigil's

The NY city BBQ joint celebrates 20 years with a brand new cook book.
3:28 | 04/15/14

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Transcript for Delicious BBQ Recipes from Vigil's
Virgil that you have not had a real barbecue and there chef -- -- Corbin excuse me. I'm -- that -- -- can I tell you. Talk to me did the winning -- they smell I don't feel the entire place up forty years here about I don't know 300 feet from you guys we're in the neighbors we've been here for twenty years. In Times Square and to celebrate that we -- cookbook and burdened real barbecue if their barbecue road trip cookbook. It's got three and 35 pages it's -- 95 recipes in this is when the most popular and it is barbecued smoke wings can't it -- three step process -- jump into. Please go for a cannot do it can I am I'll just be sure that their safety but everybody did that I want -- -- -- Henry Aaron. First thing to do was gonna make a little bit. Marinade and -- to regular wings could -- leaders don't use anything regular he's our big wings were talking about quarter pounders for these to a -- So it's just the tip we don't just give it your met we don't just give that little part of middle that I don't even know the -- is called but. It's like a very hard yeah it's it's all -- though we're gonna just. Clinton hugs -- Right we won't we won't holding them back -- this is a little hole butter mixed with some -- oil and that makes it really stick to the -- we have a little garlic. Currently have a little onion powder we have a hot sake he's real cuts -- to confuse. Any -- hot sauce and we just makes it up. Yeah right and then he has -- right ahead of them off with someone making it's it's just comes -- and we want to know what does make great barbecue -- Not so great barbecue you know it is than the sum of the parts. Everything in here -- We think about we forgot what the balance is how much despite the -- and how much after the -- you not a fan of the old left wing -- no pun intended. You've and I really didn't. I guess at this point barbecue is like such a scientist so much better looking -- -- wings aren't and it's really really control. So these will go and we just didn't -- these things -- here. Today and what graduates and this is yet no women were -- -- and having to -- -- -- these wings. The generic taped -- where do you can hold this -- -- And these wings then go and -- are -- or -- that -- -- And we -- a -- for two days two days to come over here -- -- that -- that. He's an irony here any effort to help yeah -- -- not exactly and it created a lot of Virgil what we -- put him in a fourteen for nonsmokers. -- -- much and at 250. Degrees for about three and a half hours. UK and then what we end up having -- these wings that you see over here we put on the grill we're gonna bring them up from them will Chris be. -- -- texture to them and we're gonna do is gonna come over and here after 300. Three hours in the two hour minute to charities tricky thing yeah yeah exactly where they'd prefer to get -- had -- something if it's good you have to report. At least -- a little bit soft on and you can see in front of here within the sauces butter of course there's some -- start to keep it all together some more heat and limited vinegar. We toss those wings in here. It's a couple more here now with problems and feel trapped poverty -- exactly. I had Denise -- -- today and then I think that's sure -- I'm we can't it's no problem I think here name and -- rest on his words also it is. -- literally our neighbor here and running America we use it as our troops home away from home. We're not -- the food and check out the cup but here it is everybody celebrating and it wouldn't -- past forty years years -- there you go -- thank you all for being with us.

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{"duration":"3:28","description":"The NY city BBQ joint celebrates 20 years with a brand new cook book.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23330796","title":"Delicious BBQ Recipes from Vigil's","url":"/GMA/video/virgils-real-barbeque-york-city-delicious-bbq-recipes-23330796"}