War Zone Basketball a Court of Calm for US Troops

Troops in Afghanistan take to the basketball court in the wake of a Taliban attack.
3:52 | 06/14/13

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Video Transcript
Transcript for War Zone Basketball a Court of Calm for US Troops
We take all if they out. It's just like it is back in back to -- they believe in the. He could beat any basketball court in America and America Orlando little breeze through high school. There has been. -- group of friends out in the hot summer sun. Wonderful wonderful job that takes away a bit from the dog is we'll break it allows them to good job -- them -- Take a closer look at the tattered curtains the barbed -- it's the military base in Afghanistan. Businesses -- Robberies activists that. Here. We come here to shoot video for the NB ATV broadcaster in this week's finals. Below -- selected just -- -- here where. Afghanistan and right now two first big cases. Six. It was staying one of the two day turning -- -- The chance for soldiers to forget about the war. And just feel normal. Without -- But that relative -- changed. In the plea give -- nine. We're on day two with the turn -- into the Taliban attacked -- First went from the court to scrambling for cover as militants stormed a nearby building firing rockets and forcing the base into long. Staff sergeant -- -- was just days away from returning home. Yeah yeah yeah mainly in this adversity and coming to your -- After a five hour standoff. Afghan security forces killed all the militants -- -- -- it is ours but not before they blasted a hole through one of the bases airplane hangars. Take a look at stairs inside their hijacked called him. -- -- and ask him to death -- everywhere some things so gruesome we could never broadcast. All of these are bullet holes. You can see the burn marks on walls. He attacked -- -- the -- was canceled. But then something unexpected happened. That barely the next day soldiers were back on the court thank everybody. Insisting. That gains would go -- what does that say about the strength. -- -- -- Did -- -- that our resolve. We in our resolve to continue this mission is -- -- it's all about. In some places basketball is more than just -- this -- did an opportunity to get a slice of America here in Afghanistan. It's been a week with the world's eyes are fixed on the NBA finals it's a reminder of the powerless. Played by those who love it has the power to heal will be -- about basketball and not realize how important basketball at a place like this. What would you say to them. -- the basketball fans will watch the I would say can enjoy the games and joy west and -- at home. You can be listed in and while there -- over here at servant to assume you can enjoy the game and hold your family your friends. That's what -- -- music.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"Troops in Afghanistan take to the basketball court in the wake of a Taliban attack.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"19401590","title":"War Zone Basketball a Court of Calm for US Troops","url":"/GMA/video/war-zone-basketball-for-troops-in-afghanistan-19401590"}