West Virginia police seek escaped inmate

The inmate, Todd Boyes, obtained khaki pants and a dark green or gray jacket he wore to escape by posing as a civilian or jail trusty.
1:47 | 10/29/17

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Transcript for West Virginia police seek escaped inmate
police were notified. An attorney is coming forward to say he alerted jail guards about the breakout the day it happened. Reporter: Good morning. This guy could be anywhere. Authorities say they have no leads. No clue where he is. What they do know is he got a head start. Escaping shockingly unnoticed from jail and is now on the run. A West Virginia inmait gone for almost two days before authorities realize he's missing. This morning, an urgent manhunte for Todd boys. There is a breach of security. If not inside help. At least big-time incompetence. Reporter: Security images show him Wednesday morning about 6:00. In khaki pants and a dark pullover. Casually walking out of this Charleston, West Virginia, jail. Despite multiple head counts, officials say jail staff didn't notice he was missing until 7:00 Thursday night. 37 hours later. Jail staff apparently knew sooner than that. This lawyer says he alerted jail officials himself Wednesday afternoon after his client, another inmate at the jail, told him about the escape. One of those situations where I had to let the jail know that somebody had escaped from charl Aly 5 and apparently did nothing. Boys was supposed to be in court Friday morning facing 3 to 20 years from a car jacking and police chase from last year. Based on his criminal history in West Virginia and Ohio, they think he is armed and dangerous. And the prison facing tough question this is morning. The state releasing a salt overnight saying the escape is under investigation. So far, four prison guards have been suspended without pay. As you say, tough questions. Mm-hmm.

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{"duration":"1:47","description":"The inmate, Todd Boyes, obtained khaki pants and a dark green or gray jacket he wore to escape by posing as a civilian or jail trusty.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"50793222","title":"West Virginia police seek escaped inmate","url":"/GMA/video/west-virginia-police-seek-escaped-inmate-50793222"}