Willem Dafoe, Your Favorite Villain-Next-Door

The actor previews Wes Anderson's new film, and explains why he's drawn to dark roles.
3:00 | 03/07/14

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Transcript for Willem Dafoe, Your Favorite Villain-Next-Door
Fool you. What are you doing -- civilian has not committed in the cell block -- the military investigation this is mr. blitzer. Has a plasma was one of the victims shut up. He -- for the -- ended up in taxis. Be aware of the murder of deputy almost Kodak's complaint third and October. I'm aware of his disappear cash. Hi everybody I'm Peter Travers and welcome to popcorn where we tell you what is happening at the movies and there's a movie right now called the grand Budapest that now. Starring many many people but. One of the best people and it is sitting right here loan to fund so -- welcome to the -- thanks you -- who you play. With okay. I play here and enforce -- right playing hit and it's pretty straight for around an amendment does his job -- so well. Known to prepare for -- there was no. Great research to be done. I you don't sing with hit me. -- I don't. I basically just have to learn how to do things that I did you know -- Motorcycle -- -- -- these kinds of things to of those skiing. These kinds of things but. What my character had to do it was so clear in the world is so complete his actions -- so clear. Sometimes you have to do laps in the search and you had. Do lots of searching in this one it was pretty direct you're reminded me a little bit of women did this movie wild at heart and immigrants. Brought -- said this is -- -- Get fitted for some fake teeth in. That was what it took a big teeth if this -- he ought to exit Alps and -- yes you know we are always looking for those traders those things that I'm. Put you in the different mindset -- You know really give you kind of license to pretend you feel like some someone else and then you can really apply yourself to the fiction. Tell him that people out there want the grand Budapest -- town is now what -- -- depicts do you think that west with people besides you you know I think. You know there's one to describe it into his face broadly it's about this comes years of this grand. European hotel between the war assessments. And he's got a protege and it's really about their relationship and what happens. As far as its -- you know it's real content I think it's very much you know meditation on a world that doesn't exist anymore and and while sometimes it seems like this -- factions seems kind of you know. Full of artifice and hopeful of winning some things I don't you know deeply into -- I think and it does speak about. How do you know a certain way of living in the senate ways of treating each -- has changed. But you don't really just to play every movie that there is in the world to the -- to be something. Besides Wes Anderson in wet season behind -- is enough so he -- -- announcing my dad interest in things for me to do. -- you know it's. It's. It's not. In the whole run on the picture you know I like it more expensive real sometimes. And you know more modes of being. But it doesn't matter because they really I -- I like him so much he's so much fun to work with and you know as an -- I'm happy to be someone that. Through when I do supports. What he does because I think he makes beautiful movies. And I think he makes. Movies that are very personable very particular so if he asks me to support that -- doing when I do that's that's a beautiful thing. Also children's movies and so recent adventure. In. Life aquatic -- shop Rome got to do on these really crazy fun things. Fantastic mr. fox was just voice but we did them terrorists. This we -- Germany. There's always a parallel experience the commandments -- I get to go to Brooklyn -- parents all over Europe -- That's kind of wonderful I mean not just as in life convention but I also it's a good way to work for example working on mass. When this little time they found in the former east of Germany of the polish border there was nothing else to do. -- Took a hotel. No other clients. The whole production filled the place but make up on the first floor off the -- Formal dinner at seven tonight. You lived there. You do your costumes from my room next to mine -- I was living. It it's it's our whole world it was a whole world -- -- and Hollywood the world drops away and you can really make the world you can really applies himself and do you abandoned -- -- your habits and your routines and -- normal way of thanking him that really helps you to make something to. Win. I see and I still see. Because I'm movie fan and somebody that loves the process of it so I -- almost world. And when I may continue to people message is -- he's so many bad person but in point effect because they see them all I know that you don't -- You know your Jesus Christ -- that for I was gonna -- for -- sake. You -- that you are in last temptation and this is. Even platoon. This is a good gotten. So what do you do when people say to you. You always depend. People thing in the -- play bad guys I guess I think I -- on conventional characters than they usually. You know have a different kind of morality -- have a different Iran on margins I think that's -- I'm attracted to because that's where the most interest -- -- story -- told. The mainstream stories are told them lots of different ways that told them -- -- told them you know on the kind of propaganda and lockstep then. You know. Capitalism makes for us to keep us in line so one of ways to. Stay alive. And keep culture. Going in -- -- and questioning going is. To go to other sources to say when you say what's your experience in the -- and the characters and I'm interest and but if you're sitting. Comfortably in your interest -- -- when you look at those people recent move. They're bad and their creepy and there. You know I think that's kind of my job if people came somewhere and they came from Wisconsin and as you watch any movies I just wanted to know what. Say three of your performance not that would -- or that you think it. That they should see to understand what you do as to not that they're good or bad different. To give him a sampling -- Well I do I do kind of young. Middle in -- going on the I'd probably try to do different kinds of movies. A recent one. I'd be happy to show them from third because it's expansive role in -- -- to keep what kind of movie where you'd spend a lot of time with the character. I'd probably. Think about last temptation because -- a theatrical quality to -- -- experiencing. Yes -- And you you know expensive in the it's. Platoon because that's such a romantic figure. And that was an important film for me. Those on top -- the -- my head of those those performances on most proud of I would say that. It's weird too because. The funny thing news. Is it possible for there to be good performances that bad movies all these other possible could be. Bad performances and good movie all that -- it's weird to egg mix and match and you know when you when you work for what. In. Just Academy Awards -- just last night. It's funny how we you know what would respect we give to each other because. Some of the people that I must respect for the people and I considered the best actors but -- the best. Workers. In movies. Because. It's amazing how. You know how important it is to have good collaborators and have a -- of selflessness. Where where they serve the movie and they make a good movie. But often -- find that if they do that. It's the kind of performance that doesn't get attention. Because the performances sometimes to get most attention. How -- stand out. All right well we. Ended the show always with song. We always a last time I spoke you had a guitar but I don't have to report today but he could just be a snippet of something that's inside your head. You don't want that I didn't want now but I'm not afraid -- now these did not he's -- -- and stick in my head. -- they went and I'm you know the first performing that I ever did. I'm the first song that I ever. -- rise. Was this. -- -- -- Remember it but it was the first one I ever did we hit those. Boehner has the deer car -- jumped Google senate clones. There were on the move move move move move. -- -- the living -- Christmas stories whole whole whole who wouldn't go ho ho ho. Who wouldn't though plumber. House. When I moved out five improved to different -- -- -- the moon on the whom the. Who could -- negative -- discernment. Own romantic I did poorly. Go to -- Well it's wonderful no one has -- -- an exit Christmas on the market reform and I think it's KG days we hit it -- you don't -- you're a terrorist stays review if they couldn't get. It does that I hope not in the way -- -- -- look at the thought what's there but this year was there -- thank you -- -- And then because -- --

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{"id":22819960,"title":"Willem Dafoe, Your Favorite Villain-Next-Door","duration":"3:00","description":"The actor previews Wes Anderson's new film, and explains why he's drawn to dark roles.","url":"/GMA/video/willem-dafoe-interview-2014-grand-budapest-hotel-actor-22819960","section":"GMA","mediaType":"default"}