Winter Olympics Come to a Close

Russia leads in the medal count while the U.S. suffers devastating losses.
3:00 | 02/23/14

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Transcript for Winter Olympics Come to a Close
And now to the final day of the olympics. The closing ceremonies just hours away. In the medal count, Russia out in front, we are in second place followed by Norway, Canada and the Netherlands. And ABC's Matt Gutman is in sochi, where he has been for several weeks, tracking the action at the "Gma" olympics desk. Good morning, sir. Thanks, good morning. And the countdown is on. Just a few hours left until an unforgettable winter opens comes to a close. The Russians as you mentioned, triumphing on the medal table. But it has been a painful couple of hours for the usa. They were hoping to leave on a high despite the disappointment. The U.S. Men's hockey team planning to head home with the bronze medal around their necks. But after a scoreless first period, Finland dominated a seemingly absent team usa. Final score, 5-0. And they get the bronze. And the bobsled track, after a scare, Canadian sled tipping over. Head down across the ice. Stay in the sled, they'll be okay. The first races in four-man bobsled they made olympic history. The time separating the top four finishers, .17. And that's where team usa sits, currently in striking distance. It may be the usa's last hope for a medal in the game. It was bobsled competitor, Johnny Quinn, world famous for breaking down sochi doors wasn't able to break into the top ten. And the biggest event, the closing ceremony. Julie Chu, still fresh off the heartbreaking loss to Canada is getting a special role. You go from a painful loss to being selected as the flag bearer. I'm still in shock over that. It's a testament to my teammates. I'm definitely a product of their love, their support. So, guys, the closing ceremony is coming up as you know. It's heavy on Russian history. Probably about 10,000 performs in garish costumes. And the athletes as well. In the spirit of the games, I thought that we'd join them. We designed our own outfits replete with flags. Mr. Vladimir Putin is happy today, I congratulate him and salute him and the Russians. What do you think? Matt, you look -- as they say that Russian. You're going to have a lot of explaining to do in customs. We need subtitles for you. Maybe turn it to get the soviet pin to the other side. Talk about pageant of the strange. Sorry, Matt. #Sochi props. Have a safe trip home, Matt. All right, well back here at

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Russia leads in the medal count while the U.S. suffers devastating losses.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"22637647","title":"Winter Olympics Come to a Close","url":"/GMA/video/winter-olympics-2014-russia-leads-medal-count-us-22637647"}