Woody Harrelson said he was 'freaking' out watching 1st 'Planet of the Apes' in this trilogy

The actor said he thinks the sci-fi trilogy is "amazing" and appearing in the newest one is "really cool."
7:08 | 07/10/17

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Transcript for Woody Harrelson said he was 'freaking' out watching 1st 'Planet of the Apes' in this trilogy
You can hear our great audience here with us this morning and we have an amazing guest to bring out. An Emmy winning actor. He is star of one of the summer's hottest blockbusters. "War for the planet of the apes." Give it up for woody Harrelson. ??? Welcome to my house ??? ??? baby take control now ??? ??? we can't even go out ??? Hello. How are you? How are you? Hello. How are you doing? Good to see you. I love how you just came walking out here. You know. Well, what was the alternative? We're so happy you're here, man. Thank you. And this movie is getting great reviews. I can't wait to see it. But how excited were you to be -- go into a world where the apes are running the world, taking over. Yeah, I mine it was pretty cool. I saw -- when I saw the first one of this trilogy, I was freaking. I said this is amazing, you know. I can't wait to see the next one then I saw the second one and I was like, man, I can't wait to see the next one and then I got to be in it. And it's really cool. I mean, the evolutionary state of apes, you should see they're acting now. They're taking jobs out there, man. Yeah. They're doing so well at it we'll take a look at a clip. Here we are with a clip of "War for the planet of the apes." My god. Look at your eyes. Almost human. How did you know I was here? I was told you were coming. That more soldiers from the north would be joining you here. Joining me? To finish us off. For good. Like you say those apes have become excellent arcs. They really -- You're working against actors who are all wired up. How long does it take to get used to that? It takes a couple of days. You got -- you got all these dots on their faces and they're wearing these great suits and they got like -- yeah, there it is. You see the camera right in front of their face and it gets -- it's a little bit of getting used to and Andy -- one of the greatest actors I've ever worked with. Incredible. Last time we saw you, you were in London. You joined us from London. I like the hat. It was a live feature film that was shot in realtime and all these different locations. How did that all shake out for you. It shaked out very well. Yeah, I did -- You guys been there the whole time? Yeah, it was wild because I shot this movie -- I don't know how it all evolved but it was like it was something that actually happened to me in London. Terrible experience. One of the worst nights of my life and I couldn't wait to forget it then later I'm like, this could be funny. And then I wrote it down and then I decided to direct it and shot it in realtime. 99 minutes and simultaneously live streamed it into cinemas here in the states so it was 2:00 in the morning there and it was like the most challenging thing I ever did but it turned out great. Owen Wilson is phenomenal in it. Just phenomenal and Willie Nelson is in it and a bunch of great English actors and, yeah. Is that all improved in or do you memorize lines for that. No, we -- We decided to memorize some lines. It's live streamed. So it's like the merging of theater and film but you wouldn't want to go out on stage with, you know, thousands of people watching and bomb. So -- So that would be a lot to memorize. It was a lot to memorize. Thank you. No one ever gave me props on the memorization. That was a big -- in addition to that one thing I didn't know about you, you're a man of many talents. I through that part but this talent I didn't know about. We have a throwback photo of you in your high school singing group. Oh, my god. I don't even know about had. I think you're a bit of a triple threat. Nice. You sang the Kelly song on "Cheers" which I didn't remember but you sing. Oh, do I? You recommend Mize and you sing. I sing, of course. Do you want to hit it -- You want to hear a song? Well, will you serenade robin. Yes. ??? You never close your eyes ??? ??? are you lonesome tonight ??? ??? do you miss me tonight ??? ??? are you sorry we drifted apart ??? That's hot. ??? Does your -- Champion. That was beautiful. You had her at are you lonely tonight? She pushed me out of the way. I got -- Beautiful. You have three daughter, man. You are part of three huge franchises "The hunger games." "Star wars," now "Planet of the apes." Which one impresses your daughter the most. Well, they're hard to impress these days. Very, very hard to impress but they haven't seen the other two, so they've just seen "Hunger games" so but we'll see how they -- I love it. They're great back there. Just turn around. What. Yeah. I tell you what -- This is a fun morning already. Just watching you with our audience I think you could do a 99-minute fee Fuhr film without a script. I think you could just -- way to go. We want to thank you so much for coming in. Thank you. Thank you, man. Okay. "War for the planet of the apes" hits theaters this Friday. Make sure you go check it out.

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{"duration":"7:08","description":"The actor said he thinks the sci-fi trilogy is \"amazing\" and appearing in the newest one is \"really cool.\"","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"48537143","title":"Woody Harrelson said he was 'freaking' out watching 1st 'Planet of the Apes' in this trilogy","url":"/GMA/video/woody-harrelson-opens-war-planet-apes-48537143"}