Young Unification Church Members Prepare for Arranged Marriages

Followers of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon believe international marriages promote world peace.
10:18 | 04/14/14

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Transcript for Young Unification Church Members Prepare for Arranged Marriages
-- these matches needed have been. 2000 couples for writing this stadium outside Seoul South Korea for -- planning. Something -- each other for just months. Objects for only three days he's like Ohio and how is that her daughter has eliminated these are young members and the unification. Sometimes derisively referred to as duties after. -- Citing massive controversy are now okay. Today -- white house with critics claiming his followers broke away from their families to join in religion. Now this. The first ever wanted to. -- -- -- Among them Glenn -- -- fiancee -- And I wanna -- like a little Italy France. Want -- stand now. That's than two months before work or shopping for -- wedding seemed at a local mall the bleachers seats complaining about a second act. Let's get the church gave us rare access to them and several others as they prepared for matrimony -- -- like a little x.s on the bottom. -- an aspiring artists from Canada flew to New Jersey to meet -- after they were matched by their parents now. -- -- -- -- -- -- I waited by escalating. And I saw -- We kind of like what did you -- there and we both Saleh each other. And sixty. -- like -- Into an ankle ligaments and put it doesn't work out. The first -- -- said Terry Lewis. You actually pretty sure that's like actually going I kept thinking like what went to now are missing now. This extremely authored by and a good way. -- believes in her thinking you can struggle for a while his parents there. -- was like going up. Was it was great. -- suppose a lot of knee troubles and issues. People caught a cold so your -- period creating debt. People are gonna be negatively. You see other people partying with girls and you're kinda like -- -- who on the fast life. Glenn's mother Claire from Berlin. Mary Huber from Austria in a mass wedding at Madison Square Garden in 1982. That same year Julie's parents John from the states and kite go from Japan. Buried in mass wedding in the -- You have pictures of reverend and mrs. You know around the house. As if there -- days. Is that how they've seen in church. -- is being kids now that we do believe that -- moon is the messiah. -- central vision to unify the world through multi cultural marriages. Glenn's parents chose due to leave for their son from a church data -- Explain that concept to the outside world. And sometimes -- feel a little bit self conscious glad it's -- they've really beautiful thing. It's nice that they get to -- in part has such a big decision. -- -- -- -- recently moved into Glenn's parents home separate bedrooms are -- since purity will be encouraged until at least forty days after the wedding. Do you feel ready. Surely readying I mean I think the most you know like emotional part about getting ready -- was you know. Those of matching process for us and I think -- Blake. The big decision for me it was like -- ready to do this -- otherwise I wouldn't have come through with it. Soon Glenn's mother is traveling with the young -- -- Maria. It's. We caught up with -- in a massive resort which has been taken over by unification couples marrying in just a few days. Sleeping arrangements are pretty much the same as they were back home and the couples -- bunk here separately with same sex remains. The -- that. Outside the hotel we meet at a -- from California who will marry Nina from Finland. Even though they've only spent time together in person twice since they were matched they've -- clothes. You love -- you. And -- so things -- expected. Out Amare embraces the church teachings on purity. Despite headlines about reverend moon -- church members called true father. His alleged extramarital affairs and the child allegedly born out of wedlock not to mention his conviction for income tax fraud back in 1982. You're not embittered by hypocrisy. Like purity -- -- and calling. Cards I think. Father was learning to become the messiah. There was no one there to teach him what to do you know you went through the struggle to get to where she was on -- spiritual level. Even though he knew everything he's done his entire life you know people like to get that. One thing. Others we -- including the church's US president to -- The reverend moon I know and followed for almost forty years is the man who deeply loved his wife and family. Now church believes in the importance of maintaining the marriage front. Two people sometimes make mistakes yes. So you're not denying that he had an affair you know I have no knowledge of fat person they. -- to mean the main pointless. Is this true god working through reverend and -- room and I think thousands of people found it is and that's why they continue to come. Unification say there are three million members worldwide -- critics say it's likely no more than a 100000. That entire bag it's all a big wedding -- highest -- Also writing from the states. Naomi from Florida and someone from Pennsylvania. First -- and then in Philadelphia. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Had a little song for you. I'm behind there's -- I'll do my best the community modest well. -- And then there's still hesitant and sky. I'll -- then. In the time that you spent together has there been -- need -- -- Now own a game -- -- -- Do you feel like you're in -- I didn't. -- feel like yeah. Not yet night yeah I know that you -- here each other. His only. The romantic in me thinks it's a little sad that you're engaged him and they are not entirely -- a long way. Then there's the added -- comes love then comes marriage but. People who get married -- from and make fun of -- so why can't we have hundreds. Now in the lobby of the hotel and Korea they're making last minute preparations before the big day. We didn't go live to and we feel like you've grown closer -- -- -- definitely. And yet is there anywhere in the deep recesses of your brain and where you think. What if this isn't right. Forrest fan there's always some friends out first thing but it -- campaign and I remain high chairs and I just -- decides to do you know I think. About lake because create a good life together and not have got to feeding us instructions when I last interviewed -- on a park -- I ask -- pure -- Are you in -- now. -- -- -- -- -- -- about twelve. I Brian's friend that -- -- A few hours later Karen make it begins. With 2000 Bryant it's -- -- enterprise. Appointment start in the evening and goes straight through the night which means some sleep in their salon -- hair and others don't sleep at all. Naomi rushes to meet someone in the lobby where all the -- Companies are gathering over a period. I film. What did you think when you first -- Right we -- started club. All over the world lineup for the buses it's like some enormous -- -- -- -- -- just days ago in a special ceremony with reverend -- widow for the purest most about Memphis. Went in. So where you from OK because you watch -- where you. You can think definitely won't know how -- and how Sarah friends. No no friend how long have you known any time. One might imagine three days ago -- -- him a lot of -- Where -- you live happier -- No -- I guess you're going to.

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{"duration":"10:18","description":"Followers of the late Rev. Sun Myung Moon believe international marriages promote world peace.","mediaType":"yahoo only","section":"ABCNews/GMA","id":"23317316","title":"Young Unification Church Members Prepare for Arranged Marriages","url":"/GMA/video/young-unification-church-members-prepare-arranged-marriages-23317316"}