Delta CEO on outlook for air travel amid pandemic

Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines, talked about what the company is doing to keep passengers safe.
4:05 | 06/09/20

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Transcript for Delta CEO on outlook for air travel amid pandemic
He come in nineteen pandemic has had a devastating effect on our economy with the travel industry. Particularly. Hit hard here to update us on his company what it's doing to keep passengers state is Delta Airlines CEO Ed bastion thank you so much for being with us. Full disclosure my family and I just booked tickets for the end of August and so for those of us who are. Starting to get back in the air we have a lot of questions in terms of social distancing precautions and what delta will be doing to keep its passengers and of course its employees say. We've implemented safety. Protocol there is seeing in the you're or real or Macs you route your journey boat. In the airport environment as well when your own plane you can not order don't play out without Wear masks. We've got. Load factor caps so we have guaranteed and we will not worth more than 60%. Of army have been. And anyone in what that does guarantees every middle seat plane is locked in Queens or you'll not be sitting next to any customer. Or your journey. In the other thing is that the air filtration systems on board people don't. Spend enough time really understanding how clean the here it is on board are planes you we re circulate in refreshed with new clean here. Every shoot a four minute round the entire journey. The entire cabin. So you're what you're breathing is clear comes from the NC gets pushed down. And collected down below. Goes out there you know don't look filtration systems from new pressure coming in from outside our solar results of their customers are telling us is that the east significantly better. Than they've ever seen news or use student. And doing very job and all these protective devices there layers of protection not. Anyone in isolation. Is sufficient but when you put them all together we're having great success in keeping our people customers. That's very good to hear I am curious though with limited seats. How are fewer people on your planes affecting the price of tickets. Well pricing is is lower year over year basis and demand is slow him and what drives. Us crises so. You goal would be load factor half that we put in place at delta. Is not huge tried to push prices but it's actually to trigger is to keep people safe and then when we started getting close to that 60%. Load factor that's or trigger to bring new flights in print more claims and that's what we're doubling our schedules just from Minnie may to July. Pricing overall is down I'd say this summary elegant and on prices down ten to twenty cents. On average. Where you look across the than domestic system so I think it's a good time there's there's good orders. Are right now I know at after the death of George Floyd you released a message that ended with the following. The delta family will use what ever means we have to move the world toward a better Ward Just tomorrow. What steps to companies like delta need to take to support this positive change when it comes to racial inequality. Following you don't buy that includes words Apollo. Corporate donations are nice but candidly you can you can't bring a check to make the issue go. You need to lead by action and we're driving nos actually just this week alone we should just yesterday. I signed on along with the number the CEO Syrian. Land in the state of Georgia student the to the state legislator. Shooting urge them to pass a hate crimes bill legislation needs to be. It is Georgia eager to ensure that the two victims are her are our RO. Arc handled with the proper care they need. As well list with her daughter her return heaters or W according so this is this is something that's just one small step but there's many many actions we take. I think this was a tipping point is that since more people in though there's no going back. Delta CEO and bastion thank you so much for your time we certainly wish you continued success. That union.

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{"duration":"4:05","description":"Ed Bastian, CEO of Delta Air Lines, talked about what the company is doing to keep passengers safe.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"71155978","title":"Delta CEO on outlook for air travel amid pandemic","url":"/Health/video/delta-ceo-outlook-air-travel-amid-pandemic-71155978"}