Possible Ebola Patient at NYC's Bellevue Hospital

Officials await test results after doctor shows Ebola-like symptoms.
8:45 | 10/23/14

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Transcript for Possible Ebola Patient at NYC's Bellevue Hospital
Globe when I'm down theft flare in New York in the story developing now health officials in New York City are closely watching a possible new cases of Ebola. A 33 year old health care worker identified as doctor Craig Allen Spencer who recently returned from Guinea. Arrived in New York through JFK airport and Josh are eager from our New York station WABC TV has the latest now from Bellevue hospital. He arrived here at Bellevue about four hours ago now it around noon time when he came here and especially modified and FDNY. Ambulance with paramedics trained for this eventuality he's here right now being monitored. Inside Bellevue hospital caution you. We do not know that this is Ebola it could be any number of things from malaria to the flu but the circumstances here the city is saying. Are enough. Not to monitor. Him for a potential people they have taken contest of its blood and they are awaiting the results which will come back in the next twelve hours this that doctor. Who pay it works with Doctors Without Borders and was volunteering in Guinea which is one of the three. People as stricken nations in West Africa returned home in the past couple of weeks in. The the organization says he has been self monitoring self. Quarantining in his home and Hamilton heights. And this morning reported having spiked a fever we are told is about a 103. Degree fever. Called the city called the FDNY and they came and got him and brought him here to Bellevue. Bellevue one of the eight hospitals cut throughout the city that has prepared for this eventuality. It is that primary hospital though and was Dahl always said to be a hospital. That would be the first to see a potential Ebola patient again. It is not positive that he has this illness. But because it Doctor Who was in hit the target area in West Africa and treating patients potentially you'll how to Ebola. This is something that of course they are not taking any precautions he's here in isolation. Being tested and also being tested by the way for other illnesses malaria and and other things that could explain some of the symptoms. That he reportedly is feeling right now so that's the situation here. Outside of Bellevue at of course we'll continue monitoring it from here for now we are alive Josh attic or channel seven Eyewitness News. A lot of question. Obviously in this case over some of the answers I want to bring in our chief health and medical letter doctor Richard bastard doctor investor thank dream with us. Says so what are we hearing about this particular case well clearly there's enough suspicion that this could be able that the Health Department is is taking very seriously. They've already started trying to identify contacts of of doctor Spencer because those are people that they would need to track four for fever. This is very different from the situation in Dallas where someone walked in unexpected to an emergency room. And this is really what you wanna see where someone who's been to an area that self monitoring identifies fever. And then comes in and they controlled fashion so the the emergency medical team they went for him was wearing proper gear. They brought them to a hospital in the city that's been training to do this very thing. And hopefully they put him in isolation without exposing anyone knew who was there will no later tonight whether he has of all of it. It's very important for people to two remember that there are many diseases in West Africa they can mimic. Mimic these symptoms what we understand is he had a fever to a 103. He had gas too intense intestinal pain and discomfort. You can see that with with the all of it you can see it with typhoid fever with say is Salmonella with other other infections that you see in that region so they'll be testing for those. We should have the results of those tests later tonight. And New York City Health Department has terrific laboratory that I visited. Last year and they'll have those results. If they're if they are positive I would expect they would send. The samples down to the CDC in Atlanta her for confirmation. So would he was working with Doctors Without Borders in Guinea have returned back a couple of weeks. Ago had been self monitoring self quarry is self quarantine I think is is is how it's being described it. So still that is still potentially though within the timeframe of the development of the disease correct yes we've learned he he returned nine days ago he returned on the fourteenth. Which is clearly within the 21 day window we don't know the last date that he had contact with patients in. In Guinea. He would be in that group that would be self monitoring so he wasn't quarantine. He was doing self monitoring meaning checking his symptoms Czech news temperatures. Temperature and according to Doctors Without Borders. There instructions to their personnel are to report any symptoms he did that and they instructed him. Two. To make the connections with the Health Department or they made his connections and he was transported safely today the Bellevue hospital. I wanted to ask you about Thomas Eric Duncan when he was first admitted to the hospital there was a lot of back and forth as far as his temperature that was being reported. With a degree with a hot 103 degree. Temperature. Kenneth spike that quickly orders that it nor can it be a gradual increase you can see either situation we were hearing that that amber Benson one of the nurses in Dallas. How low grade fever around 9990 and it's not fever but an elevation over temperature to 99995. Here we're hearing about it temperatures by 203. It's hard to say whether that makes it more or less likely to be a bully you can see that with Salmonella you can see that with typhoid fever you can see with malaria. We do understand from the CDC that in this setting way things are suspicious enough they would be putting together a team that would come if if the results are are are positive here. That's what they did ahead of the results from Dallas and that's what they would do ahead of the results here. And when are we expected Tom miles results the Health Department has said that in you will know within twelve hours I would expect it will be much sooner than that given that the laboratory. You know is here in New York it's not like Dallas where they had to send the samples Austin. Who have the laboratory is in new York and will be able to do that test. Is a as we've been seen now. Is there teen that's in place then just as a precaution or is that a team that goes into place once the test of his own the results have been determined well New York City Health Department has a terrific group that does their infectious disease outbreak investigation they have a lot of people who trained at CDC. You know when I was at the CDC. If there was going to be a health issue New York with the place we knew they could handle it we provide them support. But they're they're very deep in the in that in that bench. And they've been practicing we had deputy commissioner on this week. On on Sunday doctor Jay barman he talked about the training that they've been doing it Bellevue has been identified as the hospital that would. That would be taking care of of a potential double patient from anywhere in the in the city. They've been drilling they've been practicing. And and in terms of contact tracing that something that this Health Department has a lot of experience doing. Not just because of the disease like this but they do it for tuberculosis all the time. Doctor Friedman who's the current head of the CDC was a health commissioner here before he went down to the CDC in the end I expected there will be on their game. Talks not a bit about what the next 24 hours will hold them for doctor Spencer then as far as being in this isolation units yet so he'll be in isolation W monitoring him they'll be providing supportive care depend regardless of of what the illnesses. They'll be testing and not just for a bullet but for other infectious diseases the beam. Monitoring to make sure his kidneys are working properly these that is fluid status is that it is appropriate. And you what we've seen what they've now been seven cases of the bullet treated in America six of those people. The have either survive to leave the hospital or look like they would they will be one person has died. And it's looking from the experience in America that the treatment of a bowl here is very different than the experience Ing in Africa where patients. Their nutritional status isn't as good they're not coming in for treatment as early. It's a lot of catch up when a patient comes into the hospital in terms of what kind of monitoring what kind of treatment they get. So you know I I think there's there's they're starting to be a sense. Then that having a diagnosis of a bullet in in America means something very different than it does does in Africa the big question will be. If this does turn out to be able who had contact with him during the period that he had symptoms. There was a lot of things going on of the past couple weeks in terms of a very very wide net. A contact tracing and people doing self monitoring who probably in me in from in my opinion did not need to given. That they were not exposed to any of the the patience during a period when. Data anything but a mild fever. I here in New York City with a population density that that that we had here I would expect. That they're going to be a little more judicious and and limited and me and really focus contact tracing and monitoring on those people who need to do it. If you can and talked a little bit about the differences now between Bellevue tonight in Bellevue say a week ago. Given the fact that now there's new CDC guidelines in place for any kind of practices and procedures for handling a potential case like this guy me a lot of hospitals had had had moved to to what CDC is re recommending ahead of CDC and and I were already at the point of saying if we have someone. Like this whose highly suspicious for a bola. We're we're not having any staff taking care that person who would that has any exposed skin whatsoever so. You know the as doctor Barbara has set on our shows and during a FaceBook. Chat on on Friday. They are they are on the ball they are ready they're staff will be protected in terms of gear that they're wearing. You know I don't know how much experience their staff have in terms of wearing Nike and taken off properly. But the new CDC guidance calls for that to be observed that we will monitor there to watch it and make sure that people are are doing this properly. It's easy guidance calls for buddy system so that no no one is in there taking care of suspect or confirmed it bullet patient alone. There's always someone watching to make sure there's no break and infection control. And then there's somebody who's trained to help them come out and get decontaminated all of those things. Should make it safer for people who are caring for a bullet here in America. And lastly just one more time to emphasize the fact that this is a different have a situation given previous. Cases that we have seen here and yet it's it's in the fact that. This was someone that was self monitoring correct that's right this is someone who is self monitoring the nurses and Dallas were self monitoring as well. But this individual was self monitoring and we understand had that fever spiked today. Called Doctors Without Borders that they connected with the Health Department and transport occurred. And so hopefully there was no exposures along all of along any of that path. Will know more as as we hear more about their investigation how many contacts. If this turns out to be able but it is important for people to realize there are number of diseases this could be. We don't have that confirmation we're going to be awhile before we have that. ABC's doctor rich investor with us doctor Ressa thanks so much always appreciated. Of course you can keep up with the story in real time by Dominic and ABC news happened started a story forks was of updates on the go. For now I'm down Cutler and New York.

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