Goat Yoga

A yoga studio inside a goat farm in Oregon.
11:43 | 05/19/17

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Transcript for Goat Yoga
Everyone oblivious that you're ABC news were in Oregon today. At go yell back and we're about to start yoga class we're gonna show you that right now at the little bits earlier and they have a lot of energy jumped around eating a lot of fears that pull in on the prairie and introduced keep right had a had a deep accurately anymore. Heather is the yoga instructor and me and thanks. Eight people are having a little bit about how. Yeah I had need. Kid's birthday party. And Heather was one appearance that was there and weird and my back feels anecdotes there. All of her and she looked echoed in the documentary that he let me have he of the class here. So we schedules. From a she who with the goats and her doing yoga poses and the goats on top of her and mystery marketing and eons. I took pictures that first class and senate's much modern Glamour Magazine. And they thought it was adorable and so that was the first article written about. And from there it's gone viral and does Nike started the goat here he animal and as its theme they are com. But they are filling the air a lot of sign let it end like teaching needs. And Simmons. It's too much fun. It's. Back to teaching my regular classes and it's retain. So this is like. Great let's go electric yeah. Okay I'm gonna look the camera he couldn't even hear it he closed with these notes currently here when I was. Out with them and actually jumped on its back in expecting. And it. Are you feeling. Win here by. PL. We're not here take it. Your belly expand outward into your hand. He L. Stock. Inward where here's line. This abdominal breathing diet dramatic reading an entry exit relaxation. This time. It works all ways. Read this way. The end belly laugh. Dark haired kids. Your heads I desire. Roll across the back in the your neck. Between your shoulder blades. You're right here to your right shoulder. Didn't know lane. Important to your hands. Why. Like yeah. Also. Yeah. I. So. It. Exhaled and. More word. Following. It brings up. I'll vacation here hips back you or your you know. Yeah. Up into downward facing dog. Given go to and you got hitting. They and Andrew. Barbara I shouldn't. Still there isn't. Acts helping hands. And switch it out right. Left foot wherever it. You write eat now. At covering here. Hands down. Step back into a play just. I was bringing these down here. Anytime we have this. I exhaled then hear how those in lower all the way down here valley. Because it's and goat yet again and union or a right now. Feel the ground beneath. Your body and you read. Just beat them in their yoga classes either watching this is go to yoga. You know where again right now about an hour and a half south of where claims. This Israeli anymore he's created it goes you know that I'm she's beginning at his August 2016. And for a while there was a very long wait let. And now she has removed her full time job from marketing this this is now her full time job we have more Nvidia as more information this story. Can be on abcnews.com. To make sure to go there for more information about goat you got think you so much for watching I'm melodious.

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{"duration":"11:43","description":"A yoga studio inside a goat farm in Oregon. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"47503741","title":"Goat Yoga ","url":"/Health/video/goat-yoga-47503741"}