Inside the farm where goat yoga began

Students practice yoga inside a goat farm in Oregon.
10:35 | 05/19/17

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Transcript for Inside the farm where goat yoga began
Every line oblivious met here were in the Willamette valley an up or again. And and introduced you to someone right now at the creator of goat yellow belly mower -- think he's that much for joining at I think for having me. Don't tell little bit about these get at least the all of Brown's you right now. That the. This here is doctor. Doctor. A rather big goats I don't take him to. Her and Wear and they. Adams he's being. That because he likes you likes the early eighties when he goes. It's finals next. And the clinking their twins. They do everything others think it's kind she means sleeping campaign. You. There here there's twelve goats and there are children that are not mine I'm. Subbing for and so they're just start yoga and keep watching archer but it. Decree it leaked out. Well. It just happened. By accidents. I auctioned off Pittsburgh party in my field here. One of the month yoga instructor Heather Davis and she really inspired the idea by saying you should let me have a yoga class here's. I thank you out the goats and all of those humans that he. That's ten how it all started we scheduled from a shoot you know streets and pictures. The goats and her doing some yoga poses thing. When Mary started marketing its you know and it. Really took. Well not going to be dealing on this stream but definitely go back to keep the to check their build is stream which they go you know bad which as well. Pretty badly they're Turkey to meet fiction they like be. Evidently need not explain to me. I looked straight since it's still an out yeah. Only by the that you if you don't pat them didn't I uneven it's like a little and that just for attention that's what they'd let. They now are calling days you know they've never had but speaking of men. They only want. Actions I think people are really surprised. So chilling. A design shape disciplinary here look it's wanting to be nothing without you start out with an idea come. Clean your origination and he's going to not birthday party and their deep. That you had started using that goes straight it was used them to hang out people here yes and that was Aaron that if cargo happy hour. And I caught that because that's how it makes people is happy as you can see but I'll give it. I let it take to show people but I keep going. I would invite people over and you know it they would commie and say yeah I've had such a stressful day from where can I can leveraging but the goats forgot but happy hour and so we just had tons of people over it throughout that summer and the goats just got so socialize. That. When we started yelled that people would put their mouth down. And the goats which just naturally just. Come up to them in ones he Nestle them. It's been going on August 2060s in. Anke regulated now point your full time job yes yes I had a fulltime job for ten years that. I thought I would die because I loved it so much but. Go here the took over my life and and I'm really grateful for it. I wanna teach people over at the little ones over here though the goats ranging aids Fram a unique to just two years old. Fares again explains our eight weeks old. And me are you can just eat their tiny air at this GM. And taken him over there. And then pop is a real favorite at the cute she's a little weight when. There a lengthy campaign and some pictures which one is this coming out is poppy is not liquidity. Did you think. I name now you know goats don't really come to their names they don't know their names they're not like a cross between a dog and cat. They love the attention to socialization. But their lot like a cat where they're not going to come gentlemen and use. I think that's why I like them so much they're a little problematic sometimes and get our defense some times and I think oh my gosh I can't do this anymore but. Eric like just the best thing for eight. He cannot hear you have a bad day and it's really hard to think of anything else they just. How adorable Urquhart. Eyes on get people to be over every hour right now we're about an hour and a half south of Portland and yet there is rainy home over there and then surrounding it. Is it the farm over I'll get. Is but her pharmacy called and this again is where go to yoga or region eat and and now it has moved down a few miles away teaming indicate that sending in and added in your opinion on the infant country ending balance and then. Emerson vineyards and management okay. Lot it take that he became act a little bit closer to eat goats. Put it often a surprise to me how many of the account with their where but and they. They're varied very differently. Hello that this plan over here. I. My goodness. Lightly on what is it that night they'd. All look at. Yet. That would. That line and. Unexpected. Things. He. Laughed so hard and even laughing it's they're. Not at that I think there'd just perfect there you know it's hard not to smile and laugh here. I know I have to be just walking in here and having them to succumb Amin now in. It isn't it's it's a really nice feeling I and I think they are jumpers they're natural jumpers. Sure they always wanna be at the top answers. So when don't younger you know there's so many poses that where you're down on the ground and it may it's like a human jungle gym for them and it's so fun for them. And it makes it's on human students. And let's go visit these two ever hear I waited I'm. It down and if it it got engines that let me elected it scenes you know. Far. You hear from him you know. Brilliantly. To become Sunday. Night them. Any threat hungry kid giving mostly just eat it Grafton and here's Aggies let them out to the field is so they can. I'm so expect to try to you know get out because like he didn't see enough that they really you. It's funny when I heard it go you know that percent. Why go and and talking to you Laney had kind of explained to keep running links people might think Coetzer the perfect. Repeat them all well I think I'm goats had a sense of calm about them and so even when they're chewing their cut and they go into this like meditative state. And it's hardly relaxing even watch that but yet their. They're very loving and their funny animals too and so it makes people laugh and smile and and you know they have equine therapy which is very popular but first is kind of intimidating for me we're goats. They're smaller and they're not as intimidating in you know they don't. Kick you urban you know you have to write them. But it's climbing equipment acting at the camera and got ready for our gala event acting in his. And they're just paying an out there in the sign. I mean she's my I'll. She's the only one that was born on the fire left just having. So they're not one on the farm how do you find them and I am from. Farmers who have male goats who usually either slaughtered our. Where were each or something and so. These guys are my pets aliens. You know that he can make children so. If you're born a female they usually reach you so that's why I'd rather have the details. It's been curious there's some of their hearings could be they're coming up there here's. Me airing making cameras their veins. The airy vehicle that is there anything else that people should know about that yeah that's the fourth actually take the class well I think you know are a lot of people think it sounds silly but I think it's anything but silly because it's it's really helping people and as I want to feed their newest form of animal assisted their B because it if it works I. Think that you could probably ask anybody who's come to a class. If if it made them happy and adding they were announcing free. Okay the right thing now at wanna go back over it a little went to jump on you. Mary let the if they jump of them I wasn't expecting it the first time that now that I am I'm asking for an. If they come out ever. It. They're eating back there isn't. If. It didn't they Arquette and it seemed like say thinking they didn't apply. Discipline him and at an academic couldn't get dad I come back we treat much hurt them yelled and go back to and search for that stream at. And he actually CD's it's an action needs you so much for watching I'm Libby.

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{"duration":"10:35","description":"Students practice yoga inside a goat farm in Oregon. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"47503799","title":"Inside the farm where goat yoga began ","url":"/Health/video/inside-farm-goat-yoga-began-47503799"}