Mass gatherings in June reshaped fight with coronavirus

In June, daily new cases of coronavirus surged to record levels. Here's what happened throughout the month.
4:14 | 07/06/20

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Transcript for Mass gatherings in June reshaped fight with coronavirus
As the country reopens officials are desperately reminding Americans that the deadly corona virus is still really see. Or. A really sort. Habitable moment he has more this mark your asserted as he preaches in place across the country now look at a map key city. Lighten up to promoting the urgency of a just cause trumps the demand for social distance. Perhaps LIE. Changes kind of com and whether unsafe drugs into America changed local that they want 191000 supporters packed into that convention hall in North Carolina. Las Vegas is back after an eleven weeks lumber like big government pandemic perspective I think people feel more comfortable ended last week. Washington DC our largest crowd yet. And thousands of people marching from the capital demonstrators like Samantha law handing out masks and sanitize or at. We are concerned that those protests may have. Increase the spread of the virus Arizona's Health Department urging hospitals. Activate their emergency plans more than 5000 new cases since June 1 the number of core of ars cases and the US past the two million. Mark overnight among them are some National Guard members who were deployed during the recent protests. The issue of physical separation is important masks can help. But it's masks plus physical separation and we get. Like he's sort of demonstrations as best in the wrist since Memorial Day Texas has seen at 36% increase in computer related hospitalizations. We need be approaching. The president visited the precipice of a designs. Everyone registering for tickets we'll see a message that says quote. By attending the rally you in any guest voluntarily assume all risk rally cries echoing lounge around the city of Atlanta. This after 27 year old Rashard Brooks whose son into my niece RC. An uptick particularly. After Memorial Day we. I mean on the walking person that was despite this thing up and act marks on Ares I got. It's a mosaic of activities rarely it's. Gatherings for social events its reentry into society. Also horse. Protest there are harder back. Together they're lightly contributing to increases we're seeing broadening the. Bottom line is we're seeing more hospitalization. And that's not premium these tests prompt campaign dismissing concerns about holding the event during the ongoing pandemic even as those six staffers tested positive for the virus Hannity just wanted to thank. You are warriors and steal. It pressure are doing so at all. Schools. Should easily and the numbers get into new. The health care system is so stress. There is no room at the hospital there are no rooms available to people for this treatment in Yakima Karen. Governors from new York New Jersey and Connecticut requiring visitors from hot spots to quarantine for two weeks to help curb outbreaks out of state visitors keep coming to the beach. Nobody's read a mass nobody Patterson and glove. I haven't seen any attempts to present any vitamin and I think people just don't care anymore honestly I really don't. The European Union assembling a list of countries including the U west whose citizens will be banned from nonessential travel due to high infection rates. So we have to use basic public opinion and restaurant hasn't shown to be exact and you know than not isn't chopper went to senior aren't getting it to implement or intervention and she can't you. Ahmadinejad do you broad recognition across the country we want people just do not get so tired. This pandemic and bedrooms are essentially everything falls apart. But these small tweaks like mask wearing and can actually happy meal in our armed population now. This is not even close to being all right so what is easiest. It took them.

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{"duration":"4:14","description":"In June, daily new cases of coronavirus surged to record levels. Here's what happened throughout the month.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"71635382","title":"Mass gatherings in June reshaped fight with coronavirus","url":"/Health/video/mass-gatherings-june-reshaped-fight-coronavirus-71635382"}