On the nose: Perfumers helps COVID patients recover sense of smell

ABC News’ Ines De La Cuetara on how skilled Parisian perfumers use their noses to help COVID patients smell the roses again.
4:29 | 04/22/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for On the nose: Perfumers helps COVID patients recover sense of smell
This is something we've heard a lot about loss of smell is one the most common symptoms of covad nineteen for some long haulers months have passed since they were last able to smell. In fresh so curfew rumors are trying to come up with a solution using their skills cents to teach patients house elegant. In as daylight click data brings us this story from Paris. It's one of the strangest in tens of Kobe nineteenth nearly half of all patients reported a loss of teen Morse now. Company teen taste has going viral on social media. Truck head over but that they've. The patients eating everything from raw onion. Mushroom. To a Saudi orient house cured. But the phenomenon is new chill for a reason the rubber Sar it. Who lost his sense of smell five months ago non contract decoded enjoy the morning coffee it's one of the many things that now smelling cigarettes to hand if you night carrier knows he's nothing at. If you taste dead it metal better yeah. Moron how walks around with a new accessory the smell stated that he uses up to ten times a day to help get rid of the occasional smell of cigarettes and. This is is a book up. It got that they ask anything they have not in this may have liked my. T get that that's not out yet. I'm up there Michael. Better. The Rollins in the culinary capital of the world parents with a loss of smell he's also lost some of this taste. That's a very clear the lenient have been very week. And sugar. While he's grateful he's recovered from the virus we'll long term effect is taking your real cool on his quality of life. And I think they're in. I'm I dike. Idec cook. Iran is part of that 10% of people who suffer from long term code related a not via her loss of smell it's not a death sentence but doctors say losing one of the five senses can lead to more serious condition it's. A factory loss is something really. Distrustful. For patience and there have more anxiety and depression because of the consequences on there social. Interactions and most people to T. The oh loss than their ability to detect. Houses dot. Dirty teen bank guitars as one of the only real proven treatments right now is what's known as ol' factory training the premise that sense can be alert. And it took prompt Iran to paris' perfume school of the country's future noses learned to hone their sense of smell. Her humor is here are drying on their expertise to help coping patients regain they're sent to kind of rehab for the knows. Sick uncle Goebel guess in the hot it's like when you break your arm you need to go to physical therapy to move again to find the ways to move the arm again. It's the same with smell. Training it means you can get it back. Laura has been meeting with Justine once a week and in between sessions he trains on a zone. It looked like how Smart you unfortunately at this now there is and every day I make eggs outside every day every morning every night and the size. Five hormone wanting fight on the nights. Justine prepares the scent that special meaning to each patient for Le Ron it's the smell of Orange juice which he used to enjoy every morning with his family and and his hard where it is slowly paying off at this session Parikh through. Section don't listen man. Happy new Osama bin Laden awfully. Clean and a. Ugliest thing. It's C welcomes. He's consulting inevitable for the first time in months finally. A whiff of Orange. We lose weight well as well as the political want to separate violent. The promising smell of Orange today a sign he may be able to enjoy coffee and a cleric and in the future. And has Zoellick attack in parents for ABC news.

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{"duration":"4:29","description":"ABC News’ Ines De La Cuetara on how skilled Parisian perfumers use their noses to help COVID patients smell the roses again.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"77231456","title":"On the nose: Perfumers helps COVID patients recover sense of smell","url":"/Health/video/nose-perfumers-helps-covid-patients-recover-sense-smell-77231456"}