Singer Ciara: ‘Self-care is the best care’

ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Ciara about her campaign to promote Black and brown women’s health.
7:36 | 06/23/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Singer Ciara: ‘Self-care is the best care’
Initiative to promote black woman's health that has some serious star power Grammy winning singer songwriter dancer an advocate C arrow Wilson has partnered with project healthy quality in the black women's health imperative for campaign called. Serving confidence which incurred as black women to get their exams to detect cervical cancer take a look. Should. Days and nights eating and it is evening at a loss at school boards are home this sometimes you don't have time for years. But no matter how many hospitals are making scheme must Boston and take care of ourselves or zero or more. Conservative let's start civilians high. It's more than a manager Larry Keating I haired dad and you helped it take care crack held inside it's. Sierra joins us now along with gynecologists and women's health expert doctor Jessica Shepperd we thank you both for comment on the show tonight. Thank you for how they. Is Syria let's start with you along with your multi fascinating career are also the mother of three you have said before that self care is most important care. I think it too many cases women are so busy taking care everyone else and they're not taking. As well in the care of themselves as they should be. Well I think generally being a mom always end up being less than nine edge is a definite balancing act that you think that cats always make sure we check in you that we are currently ourselves and still can't really invest and of the early that when -- loving yourself fully in dealing Palin wish you didn't hear is selling that's probably wellness exams in this case. You know and just really make sure your -- a time for yourself option to look like yourself even with the hair and him make up just everything I didn't make it -- is taking share herself she and that giving us that moments it would be better for your environment your better mom you better why should it just a better woman in general so. And absolutely can't be announcing act you know what is the point that he caught on time for ourselves. And about this campaign in particular that made you -- attitude here already full plate. While I heard about the disparity from black woman Hispanic one image as a related to cervical cancer on the I was I was compelled to join this mission in it's a raise awareness and huge you know hopefully you are sitting in air itch in knowing that tune to that black women twenty times more likely to die from cervical cancer is. He didn't she you know and it's like what it while Hawaii is ash and so what I learned about it Celanese let's harmony in difference and should encourage all my woman and my black and brown wanted to get out went beyond his ignition and that's that let's take our appointments and less tax texture holidays together action you know why not that's why not changed and there it. Why not be on top for help city humidity at best selves. And doctor shook it like to bring you in here according to Jackson health about 2000 black women are diagnosed with cervical cancer each year and more than 40% of them died from the disease despite it being one of the more treatable cancers so to insert a test that women should be getting and the symptoms that women should be aware of. Cancel it when we look at cervical cancer rates this is actually going to be the third most probably gynecological cancer in the US. So hearing the statistic of every hour summit being diagnosed as cervical cancer and not only is not that two times more likely. For a black woman to die from cervical cancer deeds exactly are the narratives that should change now how can we change that that comes with education and awareness Wendy's finger of what ms. Howell and the importance to an annual woman's well visit. And that includes how being your cervical cancer screening test which means having your pap tests with HPV testing each and that really is going to be the home mark. What we can do from a physician's standpoint but also frowned and a woman standpoint to join in on the conversation. And also hounding the best tools that they can how to prevent cancer but not only prevent cervical cancer to treat cervical cancer when it's caught in its earliest stages. And and doctor when we talk about that disparity between black and brown within vs white women. Dying so it's such an alarming. Rate compared to two white women she is this more likely because they're just not going to the dock. This. You know there's more than not when we think again Powell but Calvin reproductive health Chuan I think of the mortality and the disease it's been gradually decreasing since we've had the advent of the pop test. But what we do know is that access to freeze sources and also follow what we do have a normal Tass from a cop screening that is. Against one of the most important things that comes in the discussion in the relationship that you haven't heard doctor we hired to do better when we think of education and awareness why it is you know campaign is so very important sea air using her platform. To share with other women that again self care also involves. Going to get your care with a gynecologist and doing your pap tests to reduce cervical cancer rates. Sear it like to come back to you along with having your adorable brand new baby and promoting serving confidence you and your husband Russell Wilson are also opening up a new charter school this fall. First off. How do you have the time to do it all and what made you decide to open up a school. It is definitely organized chaos and a house and out again it's when Russ and I first met with top soccer our vision on May different themes and one of the great things that you once they achieve in life was to deal would create a school and create more opportunity equity each for those that are least likely to have it is so what are. -- at the academy -- background why he had not -- 1990s strategist and how do you -- -- why not let -- teach and medical opportunities apartments an amazing guy Scott and -- here in Seattle -- you get our first academy up and running and we got a great expertise of days of the -- -- last week and it was really amazing being there -- surprised -- this year it's understaffed and each carrying how excited the kids -- about being -- Lindsay downing is with us -- mission and see how how they weren't a -- where they -- about the -- -- sure -- team that's on -- bench -- at this is why we're due in his speech you know it's not being able to hopefully help them create a -- legacy but it -- and their children -- -- and you're really looking -- -- their future. Still you -- that's part of why weren't -- didn't you do to do things like that and impact of our -- everything that we -- it's only been a blessing. And that starts us. And I know it's just an amazing unity to join in the kids' faces and non there's a lot plenty of fun and bonnet and. And just lastly in your husband have so many projects going already between fragrance a school production company fashion house. What are you guys dreaming up next. Well look we don't stop training and I hounds. Cash as we say he extreme big. You know so there's a lot of things and actually. Lyrics and on the have been able to do the spa harsh and again in Paxson is at this for quite at all is an amazing you.

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{"duration":"7:36","description":"ABC News’ Linsey Davis speaks with Grammy-winning singer-songwriter Ciara about her campaign to promote Black and brown women’s health.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"78431727","title":"Singer Ciara: ‘Self-care is the best care’","url":"/Health/video/singer-ciara-care-best-care-78431727"}