Tone in 20: Harley Pasternak

Celebrity trainer and fitness expert Harley Pasternak shows ABC News' Matt Gutman a quick, simple workout.
11:08 | 01/26/17

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Transcript for Tone in 20: Harley Pasternak
MGM FaceBook friends and here with rule based trainer her. All there are genius. Canadians. Harley Pasternak army Pasternak and he's gonna get like network. Or we are not. Since the degree of this guy. And who he trees who has done over pleasantly move over his job. Are you will they got. We've got out she had that global sourcing we're nervous yeah our the tremendous kind AM. And Jennifer Hudson. There are a lot of wonderful talented people. He trains. Tom Brady. He's Brighton know about those girls that are. Yeah. But the basic premise is that both men and measured workout doing the same thing. Obviously he didn't mean life and you get strong. And you're gonna get stronger in the injury won't work outs in the movie it's only applies. And acted martyr prosecuted. We try to hit at least 101000 steps today and ideally more. And we eat well and swear it's the Atlantans LeMieux today. And tonight Amazon's news that's where things merger. Basically these are obviously the right W resistance exercise machine today similar can be and we arteries any. Operators here in Los Angeles. The most. But in the basic idea is not. Out putting into. Good. Not exactly drama. Gray and we have Britney and KV the city's once a top trainers and giving my aunt or LA trade. The teen years yes there's mines mills go on each other picketed torture me. This. You know we always start off with a warm up. We already walked around for the first five minutes our hearts pumping our joint remembered in ready to go and operated going to the first mention in the first movement and actually gonna happen. They do this on the maps because he slipped. Random variations of lunges over the protection of the camera move back and it would stand in front of their masks and I would agree that doubles behind your mask. First thing let's start off is and that is that first city's request. She demonstrated overtly is this is this Gator one day scoring forward. Two. Light snow lakes right now. Please comment. He. She's. Watching Dupree her right across the and then alternate the other side Paulo look at the right so you believe this case. Pretty good ball. And I'm going zeros and that's a great thing about. What I do they just do a lot of talking. And appointing these our gesture it was a lot of gesturing. So I really feel like blues. I parked my life's exactly what your phone here which is exciting. And we. View. We're back right right and we tend to injuries yup. We technically very singular claim that our body functions and never looked out Lugo doubled. What happens when you look. Until that org whose editors that are. The ball which streamed on your knees. Artery or threatening their arch center. I was gonna say that typically when you look kids you feel it right this is called right in every meeting your need. Yes and whatever we're doing now the skater launching. You're right everybody needs to debate what you're right. And I think they had perfect ridiculous you or use our zoo. Soon. Everybody. Back fast. Revenue. For the fact that you are lined up prices and bully or go to the ceiling. Okay when I figured out of Laura Allen junior isn't back 31 Norman bell and a government. And strictly your triceps and we did he do having healthy shoulders. Read monster. Coming for your oppressors to Burton Mets of the uproar right. We spent much of the vice. Which actually growth oriented rather shoulders. Actually give us poor posture. So what's really important that you straight to tighten the arms. Are you right here. How hard to us and taking it miles you're hoping to every so they're almost touching your realm right shoulder. Imagine that you're holding cameras in your fists are nailing a nail rate through ceiling at Oracle for. Three. Soup rich trying to put out a rare behind you Herbert annexing Korea is we're gonna go right in your blues so quick to be right pretty streets. Right entity you're reichert meals and hips up. Op and there. And there up soaring but smooth right here by just only got. Him. Going. So we have. A great muscle. Exercise rated most. And this actually believe it up great. About the mosque behind your body. Kids a year or more are excellent or actually late army's action. You know miles that was my hamster its nuclear fuel and answering the hamster actually originates in the room. Prosecutors. In your permanent. To capacity and a one who's got an internal order. Teasing me an example our per cent per. Ahmed a super person you can you. Some people whether they answered temples and what I say go to movie to see you through create upgrading to three. The excellent zone you'll notice your different greeted positions range of motion. The higher you go and you back who exited court really open your answers from a ICU. Cancers are due to run. I do itself. Yeah one. Lap. Are standing up. The ones now acquitted he won't grow worse ones are dead. Who's less political and economic outlook Canada our nation look different that we know theory that the city's case OK sturdy whenever she wants. Presided at a press right. And Brooke. Alternating rumors. Apple creating it's great you can also do oil and bluntly original lyrics and manipulate. An Iraqi because leave. Okay so explain. So are a forward it is said that a lot of people do. And it's not that there's nothing wrong with a punch I find it very difficult. This week from going to pass and beating me so I corporate this variation were suppose your arms. We are her arms. Where there's very low likelihood of the week going too far forward causing distress a few days earlier sometimes and and I know not much greater and if you're lying I appreciated that now I'm not. Her. Job. And went 33. I liked the woman leading system how many. One X one. And oh are back on the right. I. The current. Top three add. Op. Record. Where. Worked from there. Are real major you know beat box or you can go one Craigslist today. That really. The simplest and most person now who. LC straps. Around property here also a great tool to log exercises were you don't necessarily need club. Gyms are great social lots agreed equipment but you can't use it as an excuse for not getting in great shape. Re. Sue. Harley one with the would you recommend. Getting sort of the other. That are virtually looked differently searches and you know it's a person. Decorous race. Number else what you're saying Guardado free it's all different ways and up. Look right it cities base. Those cost. Reports an annual direction. Wrong way. Some people like oh yeah. Oh. Records and actual malice. Aaron time now with them. And ourselves. Everett rice are some arm that power and I'm. Behind him at all Roxy. Would you buy it won't Sydney arts yeah it was sound. And last perfect. And god that's important. Cities that struck. I think are right here it's. One NATO want. Them. Rooms and whatever. Your home that are preakness though the first circuit this dateline's when he rips on each side. Wind down on the ground triceps when he wraps it ready to hit rights when Europe's debt rating to super etiquette for Twitter. You can watch this video. There's no reason what you can't go back. Press play again and Newsradio over. And over a network costs per second or what they're raptors movies. Three got the white smooth. We believe the risk Rudy. He's had parties everyone is watching her body transported the body the body said guy. Now the raiders yeah everybody in there and watch list released. Thanks Ali Pasternak talks.

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{"duration":"11:08","description":"Celebrity trainer and fitness expert Harley Pasternak shows ABC News' Matt Gutman a quick, simple workout.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/Health","id":"45068708","title":"Tone in 20: Harley Pasternak","url":"/Health/video/tone-20-harley-pasternak-45068708"}