FDA Declares Trans Fats 'Potentially Unsafe'

Dr. Richard Besser discusses the risks of consuming too many trans fats.
3:55 | 11/07/13

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Transcript for FDA Declares Trans Fats 'Potentially Unsafe'
This is a special room. Hello I'm -- Hernandez in New York with an ABC news digital special report a big announcement coming from the FDA regarding the safety of trans fats and partially hydrogenated -- Agency is the first. In the first stages of removing almost all trans fats from our food -- is now with more on this developing story BC's. Chief health and medical editor doctor Richard Richard -- -- investor thank you so much for joining us my pleasure. To break it down we've known for a long time the trans fats those partially hydrogenated oils are bad for -- the FD. Even says the consumption of trans fats is on the decline. So again why now. Well you know this is a huge health story trans fats remain in many of of our food products. And the institute of medicine other scientific groups have made -- determination. That there's no nutritional value here and that these are actually quite dangers for health. And so by law the FDA is responsible for ensuring that anything added to our food is safe. They determined that trans fats are no longer to be considered as safe part of our food. And how many lives they think we'll be saved by this well this CDC estimates that trans fats account for 20000 -- -- every year and 7000 deaths related to heart disease. So that's huge -- -- a dramatic impact if we can get these out of our food supply. If you wanna get a jump start and start eliminating them from your diet right away what are some of the Maine foods that include trans fats in half and we tell. Well you know the first thing is you wanna be a label reader because you may not you may not know what foods actually could contain trans fats the what is traditionally that had them. Baked goods were very common crackers to give them that crunch microwave pizza microwave popcorn frozen foods. All of these Kramer's margarine all of these things had trans fats. In 2006 the FDA's started requiring labels to say that there was trans fats in there. So many products were already reformulate to get them out but you want to check that label to see. -- we were consuming about four grams per day of trans fats in 2003. After the labeling to DA were only consuming about one gram per day of trans fats. But this will get it out of of the foods that you you buy you can check those labels you'll also get it out the restaurant foods which is one area where you have so little control. So where at least -- -- see the word trans fats in the ingredients or is it that. Partially hydrogenated oil. Yes so when you read the label will say total fat saturated fat -- also say trans fat. When you look at the ingredients you may just see something where it says partially hydrogenated oil. If it has that PH -- or any trans fats that's when that you want to stay away from. OK so. How does the FDA to get this started how long is it gonna take for these products to be reformulated or taken off the shelves. Well it's not Iraq a rapid process where today they make this determination and -- -- you go away. There's a sixty day comment period where the public -- manufacturers can say. What does this mean -- knew we may have some problems with this we may have a product where it's impossible to -- that. He can make appeals. After that sixty day period the FDA will then lay out the timeline for how long it will take before. All products have to have have these removed knew what one point there are some naturally occurring trans fats from some beef products and dairy products. Those are not going to be covered by this regulation only those -- -- artificially made an added. OK so bottom line is this could take some time to get all these products off the shelves are out of restaurants so. -- -- -- -- I'll keep -- those labels but this is a huge a huge move by the FDA in terms of people's health. RA BC's chief health and medical editor doctor Richard -- thank you so much for joining us this is that an ABC news. Digital special report on -- Hernandez and --

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{"id":20816697,"title":"FDA Declares Trans Fats 'Potentially Unsafe'","duration":"3:55","description":"Dr. Richard Besser discusses the risks of consuming too many trans fats.","url":"/Health/video/trans-fats-declared-unsafe-food-drug-administration-20816697","section":"Health","mediaType":"default"}