ABC News Live Prime: Monday, February 15, 2021

Rep. Eric Swalwell: Can’t ‘sweep this corrupt presidency under the rug’; Health care workers face pandemic mental health emergency; Navigating 2020 tax season changes
50:07 | 02/16/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Monday, February 15, 2021
And electrifying scene today as extreme weather conditions like freezing rain helped lighten up these power lines like news. Million households across the country go without power. She rolling blackouts expected in more than a dozen states can do. Cold temperatures across the south has many dangerous and taken to their vehicles to stay warm. Texas facing its coldest temperatures in decades and many residents could go for days without power being restored. The wind chill down was holding below zero for more than a day ice storm warnings from the east as most of the country is now on alert. I ginger zinni has a forecast. Moving on but not conform to making history. Tonight how the house impeachment managers tried to slay seventeen Republicans but fell short fights in the immediate impact on those Republicans who did vote against trump. What does former presidents the next move might be. She vaccine supply shortage as eligibility expands states are now running low. California shutting down several mass vaccination sites and as concerns grow about virus mutations from overseas. Tonight scientists detect a number of new variants originating right here in the US. Plus the silent crisis among our many front line workers people push to victory winning their lives on the line and their mental health. Under constant assault. We hear from some while others may be too scared to speak out. We'll continue to eight. But we're exhausted and retired and mentally physically emotionally just warn could. Time for taxes and just like a pretty much everything else about 128. Change things. When those stimulus checks come into play and what you should know if you work from home or even out of state. Choir immigration policy is likely shoot ourselves in the foot. It's so much attention given to undocumented immigrants tonight a closer look at the concerns on visa holders and why they're worried about their own families. You know looking at dean has been done never got good news have been sentenced. Let's has been there's anybody discipline. And tonight. Why there's good news. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us there is significant. Concern tonight as a brutal bitter Arctic blast is moving across the country millions are now without power. Temperatures in some places felt as low as bone chilling minus fifty degrees. And is that ice storm shifts east 70% of the country's now blanketed in snow. And includes parts of Texas which hadn't seen snow in years. America's fourth largest city Houston dealing with rolling blackouts tonight after recording its lowest temperature since 1989. Seventeen. Degrees. Residents there facing a dilemma drive on icy roads to get warm or try and weather out the coldest night in decades without power. The same system is to blame for white out conditions in Oklahoma as well as power outages there too. And making driving across much of the country extremely treacherous is near miss in Toledo Ohio a reminder of the dangers of hitting the road tonight. The race to vaccinated also inch erupted back in Houston officials rushed to inject patients after a freezer holding those critical doses lost power. Our Marcus Moore has been following it all and leads us off tonight. This unprecedented winter storm is Jeremiah to the sound put treacherous road conditions and life threatening cold temperatures are. The extreme cold and straining the power grid were talking about millions and millions of people throughout Texas without. Heat today power officials in Texas institute angled rolling blackouts and begging residents to conserve electricity there's a huge. A man. And then there are number generation. Plants that have been taken off land. Like you wind turbines that a frozen over. The power is still out in this neighborhood M look at a street lies just behind me here also completely. It looks and feels like we're in Iowa but this is Dallas Texas the temperatures have been in the teams throughout most of the day and it won't get above freezing until later this week. Families back in Houston trying to cope. You've earned the right through three different times and it's still very cold. Built lenders using the heat blanket to try to thaw his frozen pipes could drain pipes in the attic. The the strain on the power grid and how about the entire region. Power officials now asking at least fourteen more states on the same grid. To start controlled rolling blackouts something that has never happened before the system now bringing snow to the frozen midwest. Alex Perez is Chicago. This is stubborn Arctic air just will not loosen its grip on the midwest as some people are doing what temperatures that feel like. Anywhere from thirty tip fifty below zero take a look behind me here in the field of snow it's actually up frozen Lake Michigan and blanketed. With snow the roads treacherous across the region over the last 24 hours in she Bloomberg Texas a man by an issue being. Barely escaping being hit by a second car flying down an embankment this pick up truck backing out of a driveway in Nashville skating sideways on mosquito bites. And this national couple surveillance camera capturing the moment they tumble down. Stairs and back in Texas and unbelievable side or the beach in Galveston blanketed in white snow melting into the Gulf of Mexico. Such unfamiliar sights and a pardon country Marcus Moore joins us now Vargas overheard you saying that when you left Kansas City site early in all that kind of weather behind but now you're in the lone star state where weather winter weather's certainly doesn't normally feel like this a sense of what all these power outages how that's been affecting the vaccine distribution effort. Olympians have a huge impact on that effort vaccination and also testing sites have been forced to shut down because of this weather. And then in Harris County which is in the Houston area several hours south of where we are a right now. They had scrambled to get out more than 5000 doses of the Madeira and a vaccine. After restored facility their lost power and then the backup generator failed they fear that they would. Of those we would lose those doses because they would spoil and so they had to get to large groups of people very fast they went to a couple of hospitals a university. And even the county jail Lindsay to get those doses administered. Make sure they did not go to waste Marcus Moore our thanks to you. So let's get right over to our chief meteorologist in Jersey who is tracking it all forests and ginger everywhere you look it seems there's something going on what can people expect as this week moves forward. Lindsay it's really an unbelievable map not something that we see with weather alerts all over but I have to say right now we've just gotten into this minster the slight drizzle and on most days you'd say that's not a big deal wolf it is when you have subfreezing temperatures at the ground that's how we've seen this ice form anywhere from Tennessee and Arkansas all the way up here and that's where it's moving. We also go to the map and still tonight. Have tornado watches as Far East as Jacksonville we've already seen tornadoes and forty seen injuries and damage so. Real threats if I tied it out for you you'll see how Pennsylvania gets covered in paint that pink is mostly the freezing rain threats of here in Scranton say. Monticello New York all the way over to Worcester. Massachusetts you end up seeing some of that ice seeing some spots could end up with a quarter inch that could end up. With power problems snow on the northern side of that and there's the map us talking about from the cascades down through the Iraqis into the southwest and yes. Dallas scene another winter storm warning I say another because that's a new one. You barely Guinea get a breath and then you get hit again this is for Wednesday morning Oklahoma remember they had a half a foot of snow lawless accidents Arkansas gonna get hit. Dallas that ice. And that should do a number on. Everything that's already failing including the power grants a will be watching that through the mid week. And then I had to note. Because if you see how far south this cold air reaches its so significant. Because it makes it to the water to the Gulf of Mexico we were seeing images earlier of see smoke on the Gulf of Mexico. Because of just how old. Different the air temperature and the water temperature are. Tomorrow Lindsay Mardi Gras could end up being the coldest Mardi Gras on record only beating the one that was set back an 1899. When they had to plow streets. Former new violence and to get that parade going so pretty incredible two maps. All around. Brutal temperatures for every one RA ginger our thanks to you. Now the fallout after the impeachment trial former presidential acquitted for a second time this weekend but this time a record number of senators from his own party voted against him Republican leader Mitch McConnell was among those who voted to acquit but afterward then said that there's no question the trump is guilty. So what comes next in Washington and for former president trump here's ABC's congressional correspondent Rachel Scott. On this President's Day. Donald Trump supporters gathering in wooing. Celebrate a former president fresh off his second acquittal. And Niger dance could be no posting this video crowd erupting in cheers the moment his motorcade passes line. Tom spotted giving two thumbs up. Just days after being acquitted still Democrats point out it was the most bipartisan presidential impeachment verdict in American history seven Republican senators breaking ranks. Voting to convict a president from their own party. Mr. Cassidy little. Mr. Cassidy guilty and tonight the backlash only growing. Louisiana senator bill Cassidy slapped with censure by his state GOP party still standing by his decision. I'm attempting to hold president trumped accountable just minutes before the final vote. Cassidy slipped a note to senator Richard Burr who leans back and nodded in agreement. When the time came he also voted guilty mr. Byrd. Mr. Berger. Guilty members of the north Carolina Republican Party are holding an emergency meeting tonight. Weighing his center to end in you talk some state Republicans are deciding whether to censure senator Mitt Romney. Accusing him of being part of the deep state would only one of those seven Republicans is up for re election in 20/20 two. Lisa Murkowski. Issuing a blistering statement. Saying president trump allowing violence to go on for hours without any clear directive or demand for peace his intentional silence cost Americans their lives and Democrats agreed. Making a last minute push to add evidence into the record. This is. An additional critical piece of corroborating evidence deet tails of a heated phone call between house Republican leader Kevin McCarthy and trump. Has the right it was unfolding. All of it according to congresswoman genie a rare Butler. McCarthy pleading with trump to tell his supporters to stand down the former president telling a parking. Well I guess these people are just more angry about the election an upset then you'll are. But as trump moves forward he will be doing it without the support of Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell. Though he voted to acquit he had this warning. President trump is still liable for everything he did it while it was an office. Didn't get away elimination and Thea. A lot of people really putting a lot of weight on just what he meant by yet Rachel Scott joins us now once again from the capital Rachel we've heard Senate Minority Leader there McConnell. Alluding to the legal jeopardy that the former president could face including in an investigation in Georgia. Yeah and this criminal investigation is now looking into phone calls that former president Donald's son pat with election officials in the state you remember. That reported call where he asked the Republican secretary of state. To find nearly 121000 votes the exact number that he would need some overturn the results in this state. So bottom line here Donald Trump and may be relieved to be acquitted in the senate but his legal troubles Lindsay are far from over. And speaker Pelosi also said today that she's planning on having an outside commission set up to investigate the capital attacks what's the desired outcome there. Yeah and this is going to be based off of that 9/11 commission a look into the September 11 attacks. And so now and then instantly House Speaker Nancy Pelosi really emphasizing security here she says that we need to investigate exactly what happened here on January 6 to prevent deter Bennett from ever happening again at a time we still have National Guard outside of the United States capitol. Defending it against Drexel in the. Rachel Scott our thanks to you. Despite the president getting acquitted in the house impeachment managers have this footnote in history they helped make the case in the most bipartisan impeachment in the country's history. Committees and subcommittees are on now. Whatever you came to Washington to do. Torque on. From defense to agriculture to energy take. Aerospace to health care this is almost certainly. How you will be remembered by history. That might not be fair. He really might not be fair but none of us can escape the demands of history and destiny right now. I reputations and our legacy. Hopi inextricably intertwined. With what we do here. And with how you exercise. Euros to two him. Partial justice. None of us can escape the demands and she street and closing argument from the Democrats this weekend to zones house impeachment manager California congressman Eric Small while. Congressman thank you so lunch for your time tonight. Thank you now had 48 hours to digest the final vote clearly not the result think he would've hoped for. Think history will view this impeachment and how disappointed worry that there were no witnesses in this trial. History albeit it could be John her or accountability for sale in. Standards of conduct and also to tell a story. The worst constitutional crime that any president comically brutal have committed. Against the country and so that we told that story you want to vote with 57 bipartisan. Senators and biggest bipartisan vote ever. In the court of public opinion ABC news poll today says that you only 60% of Americans believe that Donald Trump should never old Oscar and does appoint a worry witnesses morning full. Well we had such overwhelming evidence that we can consider calling witnesses and so are the very end when new evidence in mouse and mayor was. More textures and a phone call between Donald Trump and Kevin McCarthy and a prove more that don't from new about the danger capital and she would go on to incite. His supporters further rightist furtherance teams might actually got evidence and when you look at people like Mitch McConnell who said yes or no vote on witnesses. That she's on the whole proceeding unconstitutional. We could sign a confession from president it wasn't going to change their minds and so we still very good chase that we do. Many Republicans as you now have said that they think that the appropriate venue for the former president to face accountability would be in the judicial system. The merits of that argument aside to the optics of a by the Justice Department charging a former president concern you at all there obviously would be no precedent for that. What concerns me is if anything was done in retaliation or partisan reasons but I don't have any reasonably to. Joseph Biden would allow that and I don't that he would even consider that Biden Justice Department did you consider. The United States Department of Justice someone else independent and free from. Outside influence and it Donald Trump wrote the law whether it was on January 6 or any of the other. Acts that he took us resident. He should be held accountable I don't think we can sweep this corrupt presidency under the rug and I do think that part of our QU I is holding to account those that. Think that day are. Federal law. And we heard the news late today the speaker Pelosi plans to establish a 9/11 type commission on the events of January 6 warning ideal outcome of such a commission be. First just like September 11 that. Something like this never happened again say god and gospel that surrounds the not to worry there will not a terrorist attacks. Since September 11 about magnitude and because of the work they didn't bipartisan way to make us Abrams shot since freer from terrorism. Here we have to make sure that never again didn't know domestic terrorism groups attacked our institutions. Of government and that's going to mean new scrubbing now. And should be done besides white nationalist groups and our country understanding how to train how to prepare how they don't plan to. And then also understand how they could be so. Are radicalized and there's a lot of work ahead I think it has to be outside congress passed by arson and most important great independent. It in this bitterly divided environment I'm curious to know where you more impressed or shocked. That the number was seven Republicans and voted to impeach. Both and when no proper medically changed first and I was shocked and I thought well probably married at seventeen but will probably get more than we expected. And that's important because many of those senators they follow the same. An ill conceived logic and others were taking which was to take a politically convenient to vote they could have walked away from voting guilty senator's current capacity in sacks. And many others they didn't and they recognized. As he played in your intro and a history will be watching and that there evidence of so little alarming. But there was really only. One Berger got what happened just. And they worry expecting when the original size. We we thought. That was probably the floor to ceiling wouldn't be much higher especially once mr. O'Connell said become whole. Concept unconstitutional. And those senators and I do believe we'll be judged. You kindly for doing the right thing and I hope that is beating and more people. I wouldn't call in Washington I'm. Various issues to be inspired by her church. And lastly you talked rather emotionally about attacks that no one should ever have to send their loved ones detects and your wife on January since I love you and the babies please hug them from me. This was certainly. A traumatic and men to each one of you went through on January stick a civil action going to work. Period for you and has so many others. How congress move past this. We have to unite as we get to September 11 I was age intern after September 11 and I was moved by the unity. And change and I'm you know common purpose of defeating terrorism in the nation safer. I hope we see the same opportunities here in the country and we also an enemy in this virus we can unite to defeat it and opened Parcells marketplaces. Ran through those calls them. Did away from the danger I was running with the Republicans who have gone to that rally I was trying to Democrats. No coup. Are known for many years we are all out running away from danger and we all. And didn't like the ceiling that we were Sweden. No better symbol of democracy and I hope that in some way can unite us to come together as a country it's our greatest challenge. Congressman swallowing thank you so much you time appreciate you coming on the show my question. Now to the latest on the mad dash to vaccinated as many Americans as possible while we see a turning a corner is coming cases continue to drop scientists are also keeping a close side on the variants and on children. ABC's even pilgrim joins us this report. Tonight the south African Kobe variant spreading in the US one case now confirmed at a patient from Connecticut now hospitalized in New York City. We have no evidence of and he. Spread in New York State to date. The more contagious south African Berrian appears to chip away at the effectiveness of the vaccine is now identified in eight states. Doctor Anthony county warning there have also been cases of re infection with that south African strain. In South Africa they were people who got infected with the original virus we covered. And then got re infected with this new variant the south African Berrian which tells us. That prior infection. Does not protect you against a re infection at least with this particular variant. Across the country Kobe cases are down by 62%. In the last month but variants threatened to reverse that trend. British scientists say the UK bury it now and 41 states is likely more deadly and researchers are now tracking seven new strains originating here in the US. To see if they are more contagious. We know where out of the way is if we relax these mitigation strategies with increasing transmissible Marion out there how we could be in a much more difficult spot and now surging demand for the vaccine across the country State's widening eligibility in New York three million more people with underlying health conditions are now eligible but the challenge is getting an appointment. 46 year old can Lisa McFadden has a heart an autoimmune condition. I woke up every hour on the hour rationing. Any website that I could find was very anxiety and using I was exhausted by the time my I was had actually called my appointment. It comes as New York's governor Andrew Cuomo is addressing his handling of the numbers of crew a virus deaths in nursing homes. After his office conceded that a delayed turning them over to state lawmakers. The void recreated. Allowed this information. And that created the more anxieties. For the families of loved ones. Families have wondered whether their loved ones could have been state. Today Cuomo defended his record. The truth is everybody did everything they could. Tonight renewed concern for young patients some hospitals reporting an increase in cases of that rare multi inflammatory syndrome in children. Missy. An Indiana the parents of five year old deny a johnsons say it happened so fast when she got sick with covad. Vomiting with a fever her kidneys and liver then Selig. Maybe what label are. Good at any hour doctors successfully treated deny with medication. Ian yeah. Certainly glad to hear that she's feeling better in the pilgrim joins us now from a pharmacy that's giving out some vaccines he met given the progress that we're making to doctors say that Americans can feel a little more relaxed with masking and social distancing are still not yet. When they they're saying. And Nye yeah Texas actually urging people to continue asking doubled in the past and possible social distance car wash her hands all those things are more important now than ever because these variants. And they're reminding people you if you gotten the vaccine he's still need to practice these measures Lindsay. He the pilgrim our thanks to you. When we come back to missiles raining down on American military members in Iraq and now word of at least one death. Canadian and Harry and Archie and now the first potential heir to the throne who could also potentially run for president on this country. Up next few have been Jordan trauma of this pandemic lake front line health care workers but where they turn into a need help with their mental health and why. Some are scared and the consequences of seeking it. Stay with us. Welcome back throughout this pandemic health care workers have rightfully been lauded as heroes on the front lines who not only save lives but in times of the last face and many of the victims of cove and see before. Taking their final breaths as health care workers are taking care must stay in and day out who is taking care of them and what kind of mental health holiday facing. Our area on Russia looked into the possible risks that health care professionals could face they choose to seek help for mental health. After a year of catastrophe dawn seems to be slowly breaking in the covic nineteen pandemic. Cases of the disease and hospitalizations. Are on the decline across the country vaccines are providing much needed hope. But for those health care workers on the front lines a silent crisis is making its way out of the shadows. Medical professionals coping with trauma facing tough mental health emergency. We will continue to fight. But we're exhausted and we're tired and mentally physically emotionally just worn down and. It's our sense of humor did thanking my dad. The past few months than I have seen in years and it's. The panorama city takes a lot of it takes a Fourth Amendment the house. And then with his the trip extreme own nurses. Doctors and nurses overwhelmed. Overworked the president of the American Medical Association telling ABC news in a statement. The acute stress among physicians which was already significant before the pandemic has increased dramatically for physicians during the last several months. As the pandemic has brought new challenges and exceptional demands. In April of 21. Doctor Earl Warren of green the medical director of the emergency department at new York presbyterian Allen hospital and died by suicide. Her family saying the weight of the un relenting pandemic crushed a seemingly indomitable spirit tell us a little bit about your sister who she was the kind of physician that she was. My sister aren't analysts are rock star what she easier smarter. That's version and then she is an emergency physician in Manhattan. She was scary did studio border friends in New York. Just kind of living her dream. And your sister your sister and Lott never exhibited any signs of mental health distressed in the past her. Never outlined steps let makes this entire experience so absolutely outrageous and unbelievable. It was only after she contracted they did we see anything on her cognitive abilities what do you think was the tipping point for her. Each take away the sleep can you take a wait and rest you compounded with that daily show people. And any of humor irony. And again at that time in new do you what to do with this press this is the area began. It was a perfect storm. Her family says doctor green's case underscores an urgent need for a mental health reckoning in hospitals across the country. And the numbers were already staggering prior to the pandemic an estimated three to 400 physicians died by suicide annually. That's one physician per day. At this time experts say there is still not enough data to assess the psychological told covad has had on physicians in the past year and how are we going to be able to take care than many people are little banks need to friend doctor Ramona Massood and outpatient psychiatrist and Philadelphia is working to change that. Creating a physician support line. Do you racism doesn't support earning her can I help you. Physicians support line is a free confidential service created in March 220 to support physicians during the pandemic. To date a team of 700 volunteers psychiatrists have already providing care to over 2000 physicians and medical students. Kentucky based physician Genevieve Jacobs says just one call gave her the support she needed. It was nice and knew it was outside of my place of work because then it's community can be brought or. You'll be person's thinking about it when your English the government air where our. Doctor Massoud says it's essential the service remained confidential. A counterweight to what she says is a pervasive mental health stigma in a professional medical community. There is in an apparent reluctance amongst physicians to stay in nick. That there and you know struggling. Arm heat. To seek help for that struggle doctor Massoud says anonymity also protects physicians from potential professional repercussions I knew about it and working and what was going to be using the positions are lying or utilizing its resource. It had to be made clear that this does not and can be reported any systemic entity in some cases. Doctors and nurses are faced with disclosure requirements about mental health in important job and state licensing applications. While only license your questions about current impairment are appropriate under the 88 doctors we spoke to you said the nature of some questions still continues to deter medical staff from seeking help bring. According to a 2019 study over half of nurse pre licensing forms complied with 88 rules surrounding mental health questions to bring. However roughly 40% of nurse licensing questions still probed. Far beyond the scope of current impairment and according to the journal of American academy of psychiatry and the law in 2018 only eighteen states had physician licensing applications that were 88 compliance and that same here at the federation of state medical boards released recommendations to reduce stigma tightening questions on licensing applications and promote mental well being a physician. 39 medical boards across the US have updated that language so far. Doctor can Templeton is on the board of the Kansas board of healing arts and worked to update the language in her state to meet those standards. Positions can't help others. Until they helped themselves she's now wants to humans before heroes initiative along with the American medical women's association. To help other states do this same what we're trying to do is encourage them. And that means removing the hurdles to seek care well New York is one of the few states that doesn't ask mental health questions on its licensing forms were. Doctor green's family says that culture within the medical community regarding mental health and was crippling she was worried about her license she was worried about her and her peers meaning it was an Unser horrible scenario. In this state. In New York Presbyterian Hospital tells ABC news we continue to mourn the passing of doctor Lorna Greene and doctor Breen was a heroic remarkably skilled compassionate and dedicated clinical leader who cared deeply for her patients and colleagues and new York presbyterian and Columbia began offering robust mental health services including an urgent counseling service to all of our Frontline staff in late march 22 when he -- it is essential that our colleagues on the front lines continue to have access to emotional support and practical strategies to enhance coping yeah doctor -- sister and brother in law are now working to break down stigma and other barriers to mental health care at the national level partnering with members of congress to introduce that doctor Lorna brain health care provider protection act in an effort to pursue. Lasting change. We're coming up on the one year anniversary of doctor green's stats. How are you holding up and what are you thinking about and you mark his milestone. I'd like to say is that we modernize the stern and each. Let people know how dentist uses and four and so many people who have been devastated that. I EDS's. An error this is a mistake and could have been avoided. Let's say in my sister's honored and we are helping other people and in. Aerial rash F. ABC news New York. Our thanks to aerial for bringing that to us if you're struggling with thoughts of suicide are worried about a friend or loved one help is available. Call the national suicide prevention lifeline at 1802738255. Or text talk to 741741. For free confidential emotional support. 24 hours a day seven days a week still ahead here on time as we continue to look at the impacts of this. Pandemic are look at health care workers who have risked their lives better concerned about their immigration status we re connect with one physician. Tax filing season has officially begun but its own complicated this year fortunately our Rebecca Jarvis has a few tips. And impeachment is over but now word of a commission looking into January since we take a look by the numbers but first. Howard tweet of the day of former labor secretary proposing a federal holiday swap many online responding let's have both. Are making their own holiday suggestions. Welcome back everyone the senate acquittal of former president trump this weekend certainly came with a bit of last minute drama over whether to include the in your view of witnesses before an agreement was struck to proceed without any witnesses before the final vote. History of witnesses as part of an changed in trials will take a look. By the numbers 41 witnesses testified in open session in the 1868 senate impeachment trial of Andrew Johnson. When Johnson was acquitted after close deliberations and a vote on only three of the eleven articles of impeachment that he faced. One vote shy of the needed two thirds majority to oust him from office. Just three witnesses testified in the 1999 senate impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. The sworn testimony do very little to change the outcome of the trial with Clinton acquitted on both articles that he faced. And zero witnesses testified in the two senate impeachment trials a Donald Trump's face in the past year with. Democratic house managers are unable to get the senate to agree to testimony. But this is related to the capitol attack may still end up testifying in a formula. Nine elevenths style commission after speaker Pelosi announced today the house will work to establish an outside independent investigation. And report on the facts and causes in the January 6 attack. A bipartisan ten member. 9/11 commission conducted twelve public hearings and dozens of witnesses interviewed between. 2003 in 2004 to investigate the causes and responses. To the 2001 attacks. The commission's staff also conducted more than. 12100 fact finding interviews released to the public in July 2004. The commission's final report Spanish 585. Pages. The book form of the report immediately becoming a best selling. Still lots to get to hear on find tonight the bottleneck of ships off the coast of California and what's being blamed for it. News tonight on the death of a former NFL star wide receiver he was just 38 years old. The first a look at our top turning stories on From from from. There. Two winter storm systems causing winter woes in several states and Texas one of them with icing in very cold temperatures its bonds from the U more than two point eight million without power in the state. More than a million and then in the Houston area alone the governor Gregg avenue issuing a disaster declaration across the stage you some areas seeing nearly a foot of snow drone footage shows snow blanketing the highways in Houston and people trying to navigate the dangerous conditions with power out in many area. And I don't pass so the multiple cars and trucks mingled in the median of this highway. I do not encourage people for example to try to leave their homes. The roadways industries are still very much treacherous. So this man decided to IC on the roads instead. In south Texas is no he's a rare sight in the resort town of Galveston palm trees are covered with empty net in the midwest drove footage shows Lake Michigan and Chicago frozen over similar scenes in dozens of states including Louisiana about where that my hair down all this site. US service members coming under missile fire in the Iraqi city of her meal three missiles reportedly fell close to the international airport. US military official confirms one of those missiles and injured a US service member. For civilian contractors have been killed one civilian contractor whose strike shattering the late glass windows at a car dealership nearby no word yet on who was response. Found dead inside a hotel room in the war police say 38 year old Vincent Jackson checked into the hotel back in January apparently did not tell any family members who filed a missing persons report last week. On Friday investigators located Jackson hotel spoke to amend. Canceled the missing persons lord within this morning housekeeper found Jackson's body in the room we're told there were no signs of trauma from Jackson's legend said he chargers and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and he was elected three times the little more. Prince Harry and make it more gold CD are overjoyed to be expecting a second child this'll be Queen Elizabeth and. Three grandchild and a spokesperson for Buckingham Palace telling ABC news the royal family including Queen Elizabeth and Prince Charles and Prince William mark delighted and wishes them well. Following the news that's been announced Oprah Winfrey will interview the couple in an upcoming network special airing early next month. Isn't born in the US. Carrion bag into baby will be the first senior royal baby born in the states are and I can really wants to raise their children live in your system to fight homelessness. And despite growing up in America when he or she is boy six aren't the only. Kerry and Megan's reveal comes just months after the duchess revealed they suffered a miscarriage over the summer. Calling the grief she felt almost unbearable period between the second child's will be feasible under the British news. The most popular laps the most Jia apparently isn't funny anymore according to the cool kids are tech talk generations he has reportedly done no laughing and without laughing while trying symbols. As old and tired. Because an older people like their parents are over using them for their preferred replacement this goal of managing as if to say I'm dying laughing. The classics are also acceptable Palo Alto and and Ella Mae speaking of dad this is the same generation declaring skinny jeans and inside parts deceased. Welcome back mid season different kind of traffic jam in Southern California particular organism bottleneck of ships. This image was released to us by the Coast Guard apparently this problem has been getting worse since November some ships waiting eight days to unload. Union officials say part of the problem is hundreds of dock workers have been infected with covad. The tax season with the filing process officially open for your Tony Tony taxes and there are many changes after only upheaval that we saw caused by the pandemic. So let's bring in our chief business and economics correspondent Rebecca Jarvis to break it all down for us. So Rebecca let's start out with a stimulus checks sent to millions of Americans last year what are we need to know about how those low impact Tony Tony taxes. The Lindsey good to see you in the good news here is that those stimulus checks are not taxable income at the federal levels you don't have to pay taxes on the check that you got last year fees were sent out. Throughout the year to people making 75000. Dollars or less and households. Married couples making 150000. Dollars or less and there were two rounds of payments up to 12100 on the first round in up to 600 on the second round here's what's interesting. About twelve million people who were eligible for those stimulus checks Lindsay did not receive them. And the good news is your 20/20 taxes are a place where you can claim that benefit and then receive it in turn. Through what's known as the recovery rebate credit so if you didn't receive your stimulus check even the 12100 dollar check. Or the up to 600 dollar check. You are eligible for that and you can file port on your taxes and there's also big change share with regard to taxes for families that have children they explain how that works. Yes in the earned income tax credit as well as did. Child care tax credit these are two big ones that really help families who are in need and the big change that happened in this last year is that because so many were in need. The federal government is now allowing you to look at either you're 2019. Income or your 20/20 income very likely you'll want to use whichever one is lower because that will get you the larger of the benefits so again usually you can only look at the past tax here when claiming that benefit this year you can choose whether it's going to be 2019. Or 20/20 and that should benefit families who faced hardship especially unemployment hardship over this last year Lindsay and here's a question and a lot of people's specially those working from home we're going to be asking this year can get a tax break for that home office. You know a lot of people would love that tax break for the home office especially anyone who invested in something like this thing how. Well guess what in less in less you are self employed. You. Cannot at this point take that benefit now if you are self employed in your not an employee of a company. You are able and eligible to deduct from your taxes and make deductions on the space in your home that you are using exclusively. For your work and that applies to things like heating bills and things like that so if you have a home and you have a corner of that apartment or that house that you make sure is only exclusively for your work in your self employed. You can take those deductions. Everything from your phone bill to your utilities to the space itself and what you invest in all of it. People who move there are working remotely from a different state and when their offices base could that have an impact on state Texas. It really could and this is what's confusing about it there are a lot of people there is a huge amount of movement in the last year and there are definitely the people. For example who might be living in one place but working in a completely different place. And you could be either double taxed in both places or you may own taxes to one of those two places that you have not paid yet. Here's what you need to do either way unfortunately this is a little tricky but the best thing you can do for yourself is top tier HR department. Many HR departments manage these things sometimes they will even deduct from your taxes along the way. The out of state taxes that you would be and essentially paying because you're working in a place where you are not currently living the bottom line here though Lindsay is make that call teary turned apartment early as opposed to around April 15 when they will be bombarded with phone calls especially given what we've seen over the last year. And lastly for. It's all about the you will get your money much faster if you electronic. IRS we'll let you do it for free on their website if you make 72000 dollars or less that's at IRS stock up and one more point here at Lindsey for anybody who. Filed in unemployment claim last year there's a lot of Americans millions of them who took unemployment benefits and one thing to look out for are those form 1099. Cheese now we understand that there are at least some people who collected those benefits fraudulently and one thing you might get in the mail that is questionable is a 1099 G form that doesn't look right Q it might include benefits you didn't receive. Do not worry what you should do if you didn't receive those benefits is contact immediately your state and local government let them know you received this form you believe it was fraudulent and when you go to file your taxes. File your taxes as though that those unemployment benefits we're not benefits that came to you because they didn't Lindsay. Rebecca killing your walking talking Turbotax everybody now thinks you they can decide and stamp and sick and we appreciate all your knowledge thank you my friends. Thank you so much Lindsay I really appreciate it. While the topic of a pathway to citizenship tends to focus on undocumented immigrants many visa holders are also paying close attention to what type of change than Biden administration and democratic majority can bring for them. Our Caylee hard time re connected with one of those visa holders who's been on the front lines in this pandemic. With every shot at the cove in nineteen vaccine someone breathes a sigh of relief. It is that eight of east suite you can interesting gothic like an insurance policy. Doctor actions comets one of the millions of health care workers in this country has received both doses. When you were vaccinated who was more relieved to you or your white half I would have this in MetLife. Over the last ten months since doctor comment this cycle that on the front lines in his Kansas hospital. He and his wife's in my hand have learned how to manage their gut wrenching reality we have to do what she can't do. Doctor Thomas first explains his greatest clear to us in July. You're listening because us. The thinking hypotheticals and most always worried about not I am disabled. Daughter Neal looks elevated. I don't make it around. That lesson away and then run might life and mind. Hacienda Theodor doctor so he didn't have dual diagnosis so important and India it. Doctor comic has been saving lives in this country for more than ten years police here are H one B visa and stuck in a massive backlog for a green card. Which would pave the way to eventual citizenship. But without that protection if for any reason he's unable to work he Stanley would have to return to India or possibly face deportation. Doctor should not be worried about his paper work. And should be online ahead of everybody else save lives when we're in a national pandemic it's all ends on deck and immigration is the best tool in our. According to the Department of Homeland Security to US admitted over 101000 health care applicants on the H one B visa last year rain here there's a backlog of green card applicants over a million inflaming the east immigrants. I mean these are many other colleagues seem to seem Bullock who nobody has has addicted to let them go to work there but I do what needs to be done. Knowing clean electorates in the Willard is. During a national crisis medical professionals like doctor common. Are offered little to no protections from teacher deportation. In his final days in office president trump extended the limitations he put on nearly all immigrants coming to the US during the pandemic one study finding his executive order specifically barring some H one B visa holders from entering. Cost the US economy 100 billion dollars last year you know not been. Looking has been done in that regard to address its artists that has been Tom personally ready disappointing. Now let's turn of the new administration and a new democratic led congress immigration attorney Michael wilds says he's been giving great assurances change is coming. I have confidence in this new administration and institutions that we're but don't get this right the doctor should be. Comforted by about and we should all be here to help you get to the front of the law. On his first day in office president Biden proposed a broad immigration overhaul the most ambitious policy since the Reagan administration. There's also stalled legislation that could reallocate 40000 green card slots they've gone unused in recent years to specifically help foreign doctors and nurses. Doctor common beliefs if congress passes that bill there's a chance he gets his green card in a matter of months. Not years this is as encouraged U Ben in a long time it's. I don't want to conflict chickens. But but I am hopeful found in the Kennedy administration that something. Hopefully can be done now are for people like school. Political you know you should should think of it and I'm not trying to myself on the back but who have a problem. Put their lives and their families on the line to looks to take care of this and to me. In this country for ABC news lines as healing our time and Los Angeles. Thank you Caylee will be right back in a minute with our frigid image of the day. And when this final part of the figure skating program. Our love phased plan or the and I ten a ten man. Seemed okay eventually was able to skate off on his own just through really cold and probably bruised including his ego. And before we go tonight our image of the day are coming in the Fargo, North Dakota ABC station took this picture one family decided to. I guess freeze dry their jeans with wind chills and negative forty degrees might as well. Use those frigid temperatures for something spring. Cannot come soon enough. That is our show for this hour mission distinction ABC news live from more context and analysis in the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us and have a great night.

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