ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, February 17, 2021

Judge Hidalgo on Texas outages: ‘We have to be prepared for the worst’; Indian farmers taking a stand; Celebrating and preserving Black American Sign Language
49:39 | 02/18/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Prime: Wednesday, February 17, 2021
Sync tribute hair okay. In many cars tried to make it down this hill. A sheet of ice on the street created a bumper car like scenario not only smashing into each other but nearly hitting all the people on the sides of the road. And as night falls more dangerous conditions freezing rain and power outages are making travel especially treacherous on darkened roadways. People dead from this extreme weather. People sleeping in their cars dying from carbon monoxide poisoning has their homes freeze over some without full electricity. Houston's mayor losing power in the middle of an interview Rihanna in the event. You have seen how we'll be in terrible struggle for survival in the lone star state. Why the administration's mix messaging with the hope that vaccine shifting its timeline on when vaccines will be available and what reopen schools should look like. President and other top officials may be causing confusion. So we face mask cracked down. Governments using millions of counterfeit in 95 mass meant for unsuspecting Frontline workers. And a new warning tonight about highly contagious Kobe variant possibly leading to a rise in cases. Lumps low. Possibly the largest in modern history. Indian farmers in distress determined to fight new laws and they say make it more economically vulnerable and ultimately threaten their livelihood. Next tonight we're on the ground with one of the men he met fight. Some mission to Mars as NASA approaches of red planet a closer look at the technology needed to survive and grow food I am. We greatest prime news I'm this winter. LoopNet bank tightened. Lower. Labor. Still sought. Putting power in your hands black American sign language honoring the language born out of oppression and segregation. Hopefully communication barriers. The inclusion. Part of it is to consider. Good evening everyone I'm Lindsey Davis thinks so much for streaming with us more than just winter weather in some parts of the country. It is now full fledged crisis while the East Coast gears up for another major storm. In Texas millions remain without power in the cold possibly for days. And while images like the one behind me may look beautiful there is grave concern about the snow fall fallout is specially in the lone star state. Freezing temperatures are creating frustrated and frazzled residents so desperate summer sleeping in their cars rationing oxygen tanks. And then there's the worry over water seven million residents under boil water advisories tonight. As sub zero temperatures have left many homeowners with burst pipes. In order to get relief in waters some of then had a brain dangerous conditions on the road. And seems like this playing out in supermarkets across the state after waiting on long lines some are entirely out of water only Gatorade remains. We are standing by to hear from the head of the nation's third largest county home to Houston. But first Marcus Moore of lead to some. Tonight with the nation focused on the next winter storm the humanitarian crisis in Texas is only worsened. Pipes bursting and Austin water cascading out of buildings and IC will sending vehicles sliding down the street. In Houston authorities were spotted some more calls for possible carbon monoxide poisoning and freezing rain and no power making travel dangerous in darkened neighborhoods. Some people are even sleeping in their cars. Broken pipes causing ceilings to cave in this is a very bad situation a 12 puncher with a second ice storm by midday significantly more customers in Texas without power. As there were during hurricane Harvey. Houston America's fourth largest city as telling residents to boil water if the even having. Our our team met Alexander Kenya owners in line to buy firewood. We got three kids at home plus six and we try to keep it didn't want. Even Galveston who crowded the water. Many without power and water everything in their fur trader now has gone bad. And to supplies are dwindling. And most people out here the biggest deal is water. People have made some nice and so we're back in Houston the lights going dark during an interview with Mir Sylvester turner we've been talking about. Solar. Or yeah sing. Been turned off the State's energy production and independence has always been a point of pride. And as the crisis persists the governor placing blame squarely on officials at her cot the private company that runs about 90% of the State's grid are costly as for. Electric. Reliability. Council of Texas and they showed that they were not reliable do you think are caught leadership needs to resign. Yes governor rabbit facing criticism for appearing to place some of the blame for the outages on frozen wind turbines are win in our solar. We got shut down and and they were I would collectively more than 10%. Barbara power grid and that thrust Texas into a situation where there was lacking power in a state wide basis but Abbott's own Energy Department reports most of the State's energy losses. Come from failures to win a rise systems including oil and natural gas pipelines and now at least two federal agencies. Are investigating why the system failed so badly. The county judge for Harris County only nineteen dollar goad joins us now thank you so much for your time tonight judge. Harris County is of course home to Houston the fourth biggest city in this country a short time ago you said that this is no longer just an emergency it's a disaster. Your community is certainly dealing with a whole range of issues tonight millions are without power major water supply issues lack of food what's your number one concern as temperatures are set to plunge. Yet again below freezing tonight. Look at the core of all of this. It is the loss of power but it has caused so many cascading effects. That we're having to turn her attention to other major issues next on the list. Really is is water. Here I have a community where about half of that our residents saw about two and a half million people have been without power for several days. At least three nights at this point. And now we have no water either so that's causing challenges not just for them but for hospitals. And pour fire departments gain need water pressure to be able to do their job in keep people safe. And that outages to the generators have lowered that water pressure. There's untold number. Other impacts. There are food issues you know folks have not been you let it go and get supplies they did their part stocking up. But nobody expected a no power to be out. For this and more and so we have so many stories. Other families huddled together trying to spend the night. Who don't have adequate. Resource is two to stay well. And the same time our first responders are facing their feelings are facing the theme issues and they are facing the same supply issues that we have community wide. And you talk about the power being out for this long how long do you think that the outages may last and you feel that are cod is being transparent with you about the what the situation ends. The big challenge we pound that in for the past couple of days is her cup this agency has been telling us. That more generation is coming online only for there to meet even. More people without power and so I have pushed for them to give it to us straight you know people don't need bulls' home. Just about a few hours ago we finally got a glimmer of hope. Where it they have shown evidence that there is actually significant more generation. Online now it remains to be seen whether that new those new plants come online are stable enough for the electricity and be distributed to the community even so that needs to be done slowly and some more production -- to be necessary and told Brit to cover the entire community of course that doesn't deal entirely with the water issue and with some of them the materials that's the only team Gideon because of the when they're so there are some glimmers of hope but I've asked the community to continue preparing for another couple of days without power. Because we need to be prepared we hope for the best. But we have to be prepared. For the worse and that's why it's important for all leadership agency's invokes to it to be very clear in city expectations and not. Give false home. Right so possibly several more days without power us understand is especially for our viewers watching across the entire country. Other southern states did see freezing temperatures as well but not as many outages. Can you explain why Texas is having such a problem dealing with massive outages and who is ultimately responsible and check. This independent. Electric grid and her cot runs the grid. In theory they're supposed to make sure that there's enough power generation to survive a situation like the one we're facing now we knew that this tough weather was coming we knew that it was historic the production in these other places hasn't completely soft hats here so obviously there was the problem there in the incentives the regulations or lack thereof are not in place to ensure that they are being responsible. As far as who's Fulton is. Look we're gonna investigate this where Communist certainly push for that to be done on behalf of my community and on behalf of a smaller incidents of this state everybody deserves an answer and then we'll get to that will cross that bridge when we get there but certainly there's gonna have to be a lot of attention to her cut and the folks said the regulations that way they are to allow for that kind of a lack of preparation lack of responsibility but right now with so many of my first responders my residents still without power might work is to have. Focus on this working with the state the federal level other jurisdictions to get food water generators and keep pushing for that part of me back on I hope. This glimmer of good news is gonna turn into more power for our residents soon. Germany they're desperate for good news if former Texas governor Rick Perry. Suggested in a post today the Texan should be willing to go without power for days if it means keeping the federal government out of their business. Sure is set to hear your response to that. I was I was disappointed to read that of course I mean I I they think. All of us. Are seen such tragic stories. Finger of the family's eight person family children eleven prison Finley with children who've been transported to the hospital for carbon monoxide poisoning. But the mother an eight year old daughter who died of carbon monoxide poisoning the many who spent three nights in sub zero temperatures with no food. In no water. That is not a decision that these people made. To go without water tuned subject themselves to that kind of suffering for the sake of culture wars. I'm so it's disappointing. But but again a rate now we need to focus on getting this back can't. And then after that we need to make sure and not focus on the culture wars and instead. Focus on how we're gonna have stable and reliable power for Texans because all of the community deserves better. Judging don't go we are wishing you all the best in Texas and we thank you so much for your time appreciate you coming on the shelf things you've. And it's not just Texas experiencing this extreme winter weather tens of millions of Americans are in the path of more potential upheaval for senior meteorologist rob Marciano has the latest hey rob. Taylor Z boy this extreme cold so far south really just has the atmosphere being chaos we have another. Complex system with a couple of pulses of more wintry precipitation coming across those same areas and then a real. And doozy of a storm coming in the northeast we've got winter storm warnings now that are posted. The New York a metropolitan area all the way back. Into the Rio Grande for continued lingering precept across a very icy Texas already quite a gulf flow is gonna develop and create some thunderstorms some could be severe right along the coast. But the winter precipitous forms ice and stole from Shreveport to Little Rock to Memphis will be the heaviest there tonight. Just north of Nashville getting into Lexington. Tomorrow morning. Snows as far back as Saint Louis and into Cincinnati the Ohio River valley and they getting across the apple latins when that SE lo really becomes more of a coastal low and there was a lot of peaked in there. And through Raleigh and west of Raleigh into Greensboro in parts of Virginia. A lot of icing conditions are expected and a lot of snow across much of I 95 not just tomorrow but I think it's going to be a really slow moving system into. Friday morning heavy amounts of snow. Anywhere from five to ten inches of snow just north of DC. Into a New York City and not the I 95 court or in the big swath of 37 but that paint you need to Virginia. Richmond Roanoke. Greensboro, North Carolina we could see a half an inch of ice Darren Nat will knock out power no doubt about that I'm worried about that. Plus a Baghdad. Texas is gonna thaw out for another couple of days and they're still more in the way of Friesen coming through San Antonio on east Texas right on through tomorrow. Can help their soon enough. When I. At least several more days of this Arctic blast rob our thanks to you and now to the cope with crisis in the new warnings tonight about those various cases are falling here in the US and now about 12% of Americans have had at least one vaccine shot. We could still see a new wave is ABC's Stephanie Ramos explains. Tonight to CDC now warning those new more contagious period spreading across the US could easily calls another search and Kobe cases I know these are concerning I'm talking about. Ari. They believe the UK variants will be the dominant strain and soon it is more transmissible and new UK data showing it's likely more deadly. Tonight the CDC is also tracking the south African various now fountain at least nine states and Washington DC. A new CDC report now shows the south African variant caused a sixteen fold increase in cases in one month in Zambia. There is concern over what could happen here in the US and when it comes to masks tonight federal authorities have revealed they seized close to ten million counterfeit three and and 95 masks in recent weeks. Hundreds of thousands in face masks found at a warehouse in western Maryland. Individuals. Criminals exploit our vulnerability. For a quick buck is something that we will continue to aggressively pursue. So much concern about this kind of fun Stephanie Ramos joins us now Stephanie I know we've we've Florida feet command Skinner authorities reaching out to victims. Double that'll be the challenge Lindsay being able to tell the difference between an authentic 3M and 95 mask or a fake blood so you'll want to look for dean nine counts stamp on the and 95 which means it's been tested by the national institute. Occupational safety and health also a legit and 95 mask. Won't have missed spellings and it won't have ear loops a look for. The head strap now authorities say they have reached out to hospitals medical facilities and possible victims who may have purchased those big masks in at least twelve states Lindsay and with these new variants and the potential for hybrid strange the CDC says we still can not let our guard down. Exactly the CDC stress seeing that everyone should still Wear their mask. Keep that social distance between others and also don't travel tried to hold off on that trouble we know a lot of people antsy to get out there and the CDC also saying that even if you've had Kobe or received a vaccination you still can not let your guard down Lindsay. Stephanie Ramos thanks so much for those reminders tonight. Now to the White House after president Biden's trip to Wisconsin last night where he made his case at a town hall offers nearly two trillion dollar Covert relief bill. But today the administration is facing questions over mix messaging on the timeline for when all Americans will be able to get a vaccine when schools will reopen. And when the country will be able to return. To normal again. Our senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce has the very latest. With the country itching to get back to some sense of normal president Biden tonight finds himself facing reality and revising some optimistic predictions just last month he said all Americans would be able to get a vaccine by spring. But now win is every American who wants it. Going to be able to get a vaccine. By the end of July this year. The White House has secured 200 million more doses but they won't all be delivered until the end of July and doctor Anthony found she has said they won't be getting a substantial amount of doses from Johnson & Johnson until later than expected. Tonight the president is also pushing to fulfill his promise to reopen the majority of schools in his first 100 days. After his Press Secretary caused some confusion last week and that means some teaching and classroom so at least one day week hopefully it's more divided overnight press to clarify. That's not true that's where was reported but that's not true. It was a mistake in the communication. Do you think that only five days a week or just a co I think guys I think many of them five days with the goal will be five days a week. But what about teachers some unions want them vaccinated before they go back to class the CDC says that's not necessary. The White House agrees though they want states to put teachers at the front of the line. And on the big question winner will life get back to normal the administration and top health experts had said by fault but now. Why is he next Christmas I think will be in a very different circumstance god willing. Then we are today. Doctor found she now predicts some quote degree of normality by the beginning of 20/20 two what's gone on here what can we think we will get back to solve. Taste. Thank think the president. Wants things to return to normal as we all do we we we don't know at this point what that time is going to look. Our thanks to marry and we turn to the death of conservative talk radio host Rush Limbaugh. He's mocking and polarizing style drew the nation's largest radio audience as he helped shape for the conservative movement for decades. But his legacy includes a history of incendiary rhetoric in device submissive made him a political lightning rod here's ABC's chief Washington correspondent. Jonathan Karl. Or. As a wildly successful and influential as he was divisive and controversial. Rush Limbaugh was the godfather of the offend anyone apologize to no one politics that got Donald Trump elected president Limbaugh had been suffering from lung cancer his wife announced his death at the start of his radio show today I liked you. Very much Swedish brush was behind the schools and microphone right now. Limbaugh basically invented modern right wing talk radio spawning an army of bombastic imitators he posted a fighting liberals with half his brain tied behind his back. And built a massive audience twenty million at the peak of his popularity he derided feminists as Femi Nazis. And when law students Sandra Fluke testified. Good health coverage should include contraception. Limbaugh is attack on her was as savage as it was sexist she must be paid to have sex what does that make. It is your slot right. Jim Press so should he said NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb was overrated because he was black and the media has been very desirous that a black quarterback do well there when Barack Obama became a national political figure. Limbaugh promoted the racist birth or math in 2001 he almost entirely lost his hearing. But he learned how to read lips and had special implants placed in his head allowing him to hear again. A couple of years later Limbaugh acknowledged he was addicted to painkillers I am addicted. Two prescription pain and medication Limbaugh was no fan of Donald Trump in 2016. Saying he wasn't a true conservative even after he eventually endorsed him. Can some point Jimmy the conservative mum about what Russia you wouldn't it didn't trench not a concern camera Graham who want to. Folks who would ever say that we want. But Limbaugh became a staunch troop supporter and last year tropea from the presidential medal of freedom. Awarding of doing his State of the Union Address Rush Limbaugh thank you. It's a good. And our thanks to John for that and when we come back the man drifting for 36. Hours an open seat. And his dramatic rescue. Prince Philip in a London hospital tonight the latest on his condition. But up next some call it the largest protests in the world celebrities have certainly taken notice but what's fueling the unrest in India. We Trace one farmer's story. Give if celebrities like Rihanna on social media you've probably heard about the massive unprecedented protests from raging in India. At least one of the more recent ones may have been the largest in a generation these protests are threatening the power structure of the world's largest democracy. They're being waged by farmers fighting for a fair living wage. Ian panel has more. Chief Jim and I am he's punching but he's learned to good. He too and hundreds of thousands of farmers who can't tell the left their homes and families chewing. What's being reported as the largest protest in the world. I. This movement is the movement of the masses out of what in the course of the richest farmer on this movement is for everyone. From toilet brushes with police. Just tooling Delhi's historic red pools. These farmers India's largest voting pool have been answered in the streets for months now. Protesting prime minister Moody's controversial new agricultural rules are. I'm ready living hand to males they say it'll push them even further into poverty. This is not just a farmers' problem farmers won't suffer alone this'll be a problem for all of India renewals would abolish guaranteed minimum prices for pro Jews set by the government and allow blind is to set the price instead the promus fear this would be disastrous driving down their incomes. Despite a pledge by prime minister moody to doubled them by next year. He insists the rules give farmers the freedom to directly so produced a ball as an shack telling them. But instead the bulls have shaken in his 150. Million land owning almost to the cool. And the anger the protest. Should new signs of letting up. The phone was movements has captured the attention of the world even celebrities outside of India's tweeting that supports. Both of millions in the country this is deeply personal. Over half of the India's one point three billion people who really owns some kind of foaming to get Bonnie Domata Basel act that they got. These are all the animal and south elephant they very important to our foreign. It's thanks to them we have our livelihood. Right now the world's largest democracy is in turmoil. We neither side willing to give way paying these Supreme Court suspended the rules until further notice. But the phone was able to full repeal. Thousands of them refused to return home instead staying in the east ruling makeshift camps on the edge of the NG is capital. Always to be into the city and less smoking repeals the new holes. Jay this been here since November. Sleeping in this truck with seven. All of the diplomas go to very we all sleep here and change here and here the tank proving there is will be used to take bass. These protests who bring people together pick. Absorbing. People from all religion race up Hindus Muslims Sikhs Christians are now stand united with the sense of fraternity lock your politicians who try to divide us. He spread rumors about other communities abroad and that's how they do politics. Otherwise humankind is on board seemed blood runs all of us. Jay this has a four and a half acre foam in the third till stage of Leona one of the largest following regions in India. He grows wheat and release that. And. But to bring in more income he stones a growing vegetables but while he's away slicing for their future is. I'm really must still carry on running the foam. Tending to crawl space yeah. I tell you we all do the farm and not enough to rhetoric. We are born into poverty and married into poverty it can feel like a losing battle. His whole family must live both just 1000 dollars income a year. But the principal write to invest in the form of the saddled with thirteen thousand dollars suggests. Farming is a very costly business and some times when there's a drought or a flood he can handle the expenses. There's so many expenses. Which is why I am Dan. He's not alone according to the Indian government's own figures more than half of old farmers a ring desk. And that many of the burden is too much to ban. Over the last two years people who 20000. Phone was true. That room lives mainly due to debts and bankruptcy. Yeah I. Got up people of past when the and to this day moody confined it was hard to pay his respects at a departed from we'll kind of cruelty nuisance. These protests are a huge test for the world's largest democracy. Moody's government has been criticized the controversial new citizenship. Rules and targeted restrictions on the Internet access. Last year India ranking 100 and and let. Out of 162. Wholly human freedom index. This is killing democracy and people's rights are being substituted. Its our right to gather. Then this past September Amnesty International ceased operations in the country citing a government which runs after the NGOs bank accounts were frozen. The governments insist the tax only for the public safety and simple opinion polls still suggest movies government remains. Hugely popular and. Crumbling off in street view since that has taken place. I'm lack of any kind of independent accountability in the country. Is extremely lighting. But these protests of his biggest political challenge today. This movement will not fail. All the farmers have been ER one in this movement. We stand united he will only move when we are victorious. Victory shall be hours and the evil laws will have to be taken back. He'll handle. ABC news life. Protesting her for months are thanks to Ian still ahead here on climate close. Catastrophic accident that left actress Ashley Judd injured in the middle of a rainforest in Congo. Extraordinary scientific sheets that could bring us closer to the prospect of humans on my arms are in depth look. So called energy capital of the world and up without power crisis and what went wrong in Texas we didn't look by the numbers. First are tweeting how the day are Philadelphia's station WP BI live streaming the implosion of the trump Plaza Hotel in Atlantic City. The last symbol of the former president's casino empire and one of three trump casinos to go bankrupt. Welcome back everyone and now back to Texas is so called energy capital of the world where tonight millions are still without power which a look at that State's deregulated energy market. By the numbers more than four million Texas residents have been without power this week as temperatures drop below zero in parts of the state. 46000. Megawatts of power was forced off the system during this weather event according to the electric reliability council of Texas order cot. 61% of them lost power was normal like gas and coal and 39%. Was wind and solar power known as renewable or clean energy. Some Texas wind turbines I east over but nearly two times as much power was lost his cool natural gas and coal plants which have also been compromised by the freezing temperatures. Texas he is a leader in wind power which accounted for 18% of all electricity generated in the state in 2019. But many of those turbines or not whether as of this type of cold weather. Texas is unique in having its own power grid with their cut operating 90% of that created in providing electricity to more than 26 million Texans. And today Texas governor Greg Abbott said that Arafat is now under investigation and called for greater transparency. Of its operations. Still lots ahead to get to tonight here on time the gunman opening fire near a busy Philadelphia transit station in broad daylight. Multiple injuries. Black American sign language or V8 SL born out of racism. And GO fame during the so called racial reckoning of last year. I didn't even realize it was a black sign language and stay with us but first. And her top trending stories on And. Record breaking cold and snow wreaking Havoc on Texas. The roof collapsing at his Houston home after the pipes froze and burst in Dallas icicles hanging from his apartment ceiling fan more than three million homes and businesses in the lone star state without power this State's electrical systems and overwhelmed causing outages and rolling blackouts in Houston under a boil water advisory. Oh how learning and now another storm is expected to hit the midwest and the south. I'll we're not really know what's. Fully I was saying it's probably board there who know how many days. Live in Philadelphia police say eight people were shot nearest center to train station in this victims range in age from seventeen to 71. Happened around 3 o'clock in the afternoon one person is in custody and police said they recovered two weapons were the circumstances of the shootings were not immediately clear. Queen Elizabeth's husband Prince Philip hospitalized in London. 99 you'll enjoy growth must tell smiled and told hey it's had a number of conditions and freezing here you can. Six years ago was rushed to a hospital after suffering chest pains green and brown blocked coronary artery. 2017. Easement don't nines in the king Henry the seventh hospital. Hospitalized for ten days the next here glory every place there's last hospital stay in December 2009 staying with the Dallas and Orlando treatment. Obama reading existing condition. Remarkable rescue at see the crew of the fishing about twenty miles off the Florida goes found a man trending for 36 hours honing capsize. Not solve the gentleman raises and others are weighing happening in that same day chase upstairs and it's person. Helpful expression. And that's fine and we weren't fishing anymore we're actually there arrest somebody we remember all alone he told his rescuers that were if I weren't people on board who were never found the Coast Guard has. Folbaum certainty. Actually judge speaking out about her real life. We'll clean 59 hour on its feet following what she calls a catastrophic accident shattering her leg and a fall in remote Congolese to rein. Writing it was broken into four places and had the nerve damage and adding one of health research trackers that was her as she laid in agony waiting for help from one event stabilizing her leg without an aging former ranging from five hours on the rain forest floor during an interview with nick Christophe of the New York Times can she say she biggest stick and the excruciating pain so it takes all the other night hours I'm Sean. Let his hands on me to. And I'm not a when judge that carried out in and three hour trek through forests before being too much on a motorbike and I can't play here or my leg and an ice business. Top stars and the shattered and India together. Alumnus of the agenda for six hours after spending a night in the hot but he cared for him she was flown to South Africa where he is recovering. Kids are having to adjust the gun is actually Wednesday because of the pandemic the Vatican has advised Nash's recent bring called on parishioners pads. President Biden received his ashes at Georgetown University we'll. Obviously it's a little different ways you know the pandemic and everything flags. You know we still have an amazing thing you still want to come and. Blend them will not begins with ashes hero this year but lent begins nonetheless Brooklyn basilica it was a sprinkle ashes instead of us much. For prayer group. They're comfortable and save it means enough to meet. And especially as she won and now her son. Churches sticking to virtual zooms with ashes to go in and it's Saint Patrick's Cathedral I'm tended to sanitize or between each application and bashed in the forehead. And it the welcome back right now the most advanced mobile Astro biology lab ever about the size of an SUV is hurtling through space ready to make a daring a landing by an ancient river delta on Mars tomorrow afternoon. NASA's rover named perseverance will spend some time exploring but what humans could we ever make it to the red planet are Eva pilgrim explores. Mars is not like that problematic sibling he's not perfect it's a rough place to you would dry up and suffered. If you were on the service marks but in this solar system. Pretty much all we got. Martin's like the little brother and endeavoring to. Air missile system little cooler Mars is pleased that meat could actually since it means room. Gutsy ten dollar few generations away from self sustaining futuristic martian colonies. There's lots of science happening right now that could help humans make the giant leap to Mars in the next ten to fifteen years. The discussion when humans will be getting to Mars does not that far away we're talking about you know the early. The 2030s. So we need to learn to live off the lane and and moxie is a first generation. Oxygen generator. That we have brought to Mars very similar to what you might remember if you saw the movie the martian. If the oxygen meter breaks from an suffocated moxie converts carbon dioxide heavy martian atmosphere. Into a reasonable oxygen using the super heated process called electron Alice it. We keep this little system two 800 results is this summer trading around 15100 stern high. And those temperatures. You can break on one oxygen atoms from the CO Jews and you just pull ups on the auction off the CO2. And get it out and separated and you can do something useful. An oxygen in the future I'm pretty huge and seen. We're humans are involved could be used very important also that you producer Rocco. You'll that would get others asked not to actor and it's quite. The expense sand and heavy and takes a lot of space. To carry eighty. All your return fuel to Mars so we had the ability to meet Kidd. On Mars. That's a huge a gigantic X also hitching. A ride on the rover is the helicopter ingenuity. With seafood on ways to help lift it into the thin martian atmosphere kid could help future astronauts explore remote parts of Mars. They're hard to reach like himself lit here on earth. But before humans can play a drone on Mars they need a rocket powerful enough to get them there. Can you do need a really big racket. The river. Basics is working on extortion. Which is Pete would be large enough to be dead. NASA is working on Iraq it called the so less. Which is not great large enough to get all that stuff to mark Clinton pieces of probably. A crucial focus is SpaceX is creating rocket parts that can actually returned to earth and be reused later. But and they didn't see a new stream. Nothing Shanahan. That he is he more like they're me. Again and again and get. Just have to keep gas and then things get dramatically cheaper and that really changes what you can do as far as what is affordable to do space. We can't afford to do everything we want as a as a government we never gonna have all the money that we've. It's been this. Based program it is remarkable to see the progress. That companies like SpaceX. Make space more accessible less expensive once you've built the rocket the next issue is protecting humans from potentially cancer causing radiation. Radiation is definitely number one biggest problem and we have to solve. In order to keep everybody else. NASA has helped design competitions for 3-D printed habitats that can turn martian dirt into a sort of concrete to protect against radiation. The habitats inside it would be pressurized might be inside of an airplane. Asked for martian gardening. I gotta figure out away it's the growth. Three years' worth of food here. I think what you saw on the martian with the growing of the food is probably is what we're gonna have to figure out how to do and Rick taken steps to do that I am. The greatest botanist on this point. They had at the video covers actually just a couple days ago withdrew from for the ISS. And it partisan and showed us all the plants is there going this is mission control Houston the crew on board the station are ready to consume the red Romaine lettuce leaves the product of these innovative and groundbreaking harvesting. Bok Choy you we're stuff like that he can't take all the food with you especially for such a long journey you gonna have to figure out ways to produce the food. A long way and were taken a lot of steps to do that with the research being government's basic. Sending humans to another planet especially as far away as Mars it really takes prior to station prioritizing. Human space exploration. Who take some time. This could take some investment. It's more question. We'll. We gotta get going to be got him started really planning and building things part of NASA's mission is to prepare. For human exploration to set. Short on a little world speech in person. But it's not just about other planets it's also about learning about our own planet. When we go on and explore the moon Mars Europa. It helps us. Understand better a very keen perspective about how delicate fragile and priceless. For the very engineering. The very care and understanding of these. Necessary. To make another planet habitable. Humans this exactly. The skill set we need to bring to bear here honor to keep the earth habitable. So we can't do it here we're not going to do it. 55 could soon be a reality our thanks Steven for that and be sure watch mission to Mars tomorrow at 3:30 PM eastern when perseverance is expected to land. And again in 10 PM eastern our team will be live as those first images come in. All right here on ABC news lives and when we come back trying to find the right words being black. And death in America. Finally tonight we leave you with a per America's tapestry that you've likely never heard enough. Black American sign language it's a unique form of sign language has drawn new attention as the nation's so called racial reckoning. Sheds light on how death black Americans communicate. In a language that's all their own. ABC's cure Phillips has the story. Let us not wallow in the valley up this from the footsteps of the Martin Luther King Jr. at the Lincoln Memorial. And so even though we face the difficulties of today and tomorrow. I still have a dream. To the fingertips of JC Smith. It's a dream deeply rooted in the American dream. You are witnessing double Latin dance dreamed I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and about the true meaning of the stream. In a language we hope these suits to be self evident that all men are created equal. In a moment I have a dream that one day even in this state of Mississippi in howling coyotes significant. Signs of our time but. But every mountainside let freedom and it's been a long time coming. How does this beach it's I hear you. With a speech inspired me. That's a black deafening and this time living in this world knowing that opportunities. May not be granted to me. And every day I knew that I had to work three or four times harder loser really get those opportunities it. I wanted to and not only would JC Smith get what he wanted to. He would become a part of the movement just celebrate and preserve a language and born out of oppression and segregation. Why is preserving. Black and American sign language. So important. To you down because. This or language it's. It's our gesture since its. It's our guy it's it's how we communicate how are we able to tone or. Signing black find out what normally are being is much like black history new black American sign language. Roots of racism and it gave him in this country we yeah. Racial crap and young black signers took to social media. To highlight the history of a language that is been suppressed for decades. The first American school for the deaf and opened in 1817. Of them black children were not allowed so they had to create their own schools and their own ways of communicating. Doctor Caroline and castle is a professor at gala dec. The prestigious university for the deaths in Washington DC. Fan at the age of five her only option for learning how to communicate was it. The American sign language. Freedom for you. I did get that sense of freedom from being able to incorporate who I was. How I wanted to communicate. But that freedom forged and another challenge and integrations. Black and white deaf students were finally sharing classrooms and but not a common language and black American sign language and was different from American sign language and in order to survive wounds Caroline had to learn and you know White Plains I remember you. Telling me. White is right. It is yet the wait is great and that's what I side. Content that was what was prevailing that was the thinking. Sell I learned that. I learned had a sign that way and I actually put to the side of the way I knew to communicate to sign and might. Friends my black friends with saying you're signing different Caroline could and I you know you're saying like your white eat and I remember not liking. I wanted to keep my way my black way of communicating. With the way I would sign it group and she didn't voted most ambitious this. Honor student Concord communications. German code switching. So when I was with the white people I would sign that way and then when I was with black Kenyan people make good I would communicated differently and that's how did that feel. That felt so free to me so good to just. Communicated and you know that was who I was that was my culture and it was my identity even. A life and language and labor of love all part of doctor may castles new book. And her new role as founding director of gala debts first ever center for plaques deaf studies. Let's have some kind of show me. Some signs. And DSL. And BAS him. So this would be an Anselm. I was he stopped clinging to stop playing. EP is so. I was at his future king. Like you to David I love that. Her protege football stars and black student union leader JC Smith buyer's side show me. Some of your favorite. Signs. In DA. SL okay. We can say that's nice. Nice cars. Who got things tighten its mortar and flavor. Okay folks still sought only an assault and it's a culture I was taught to respect for decades ago. When my grandfather rejected segregation. In the 1940s. And as dean of the Michigan school for the deaf. Also inspiring my mom to prepare teachers of the deaths and become a fierce advocate for equal rights I want it soon. Make sure that. Back to the death black. Kids in my class were treated the same as the white kids. And given the same. Opportunities. And then later on I became out professor at the university. And I was preparing teachers I wanted me. My students to have the same sort of feeling about. But he and we followed the hands. Around treating people. With respect. When we allow freedom touring he quality JC Smith dreamed up. Everett state in the every city wheat quality doctor Caroline and Haskell creating part of it is to preserve. History. And the laying weeds. Culture my people. And the black kids experience. Hands that speak volumes. Free at last. Rea last big bottle not a three today. It's such a rich history there are thanks to Keira from that and before we go tonight our image of the day. Some 3500. Sea turtles rescued from frigid waters in south Texas by volunteers from sea turtle it'll came after thousands of the endangered species. Washed up coma toes and cold stunned by the winter freeze. But conservationists. Are hoping to gradually increase the turtles body temperatures and bring them out of their stunned stayed. So many of us cold stunned. Right along with those turtles that he is our show for this are we sure distinction ABC news live for more context and analysis of the day's top stories. I'm Lindsey Davis thanks so much for streaming with us have a great night.

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