ABC News Live Update: President Biden in England as G-7 summit kicks off

Plus, House Dems call for investigation into Trump DOJ subpoenas and cruise ship passengers test positive.
28:11 | 06/11/21

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Transcript for ABC News Live Update: President Biden in England as G-7 summit kicks off
Good morning I'm Diana status thanks for streaming with us in today's update president Biden steps onto the world stage at his first major summit saying America. He's leading by example. This is he aims to join forces with critical allies to tackle global challenges from the pandemic. Economic recovery we have the latest on the G-7 summit and the president's upcoming royal receptions. We want to democratic lawmakers are calling for an investigation after learning the DUJC's. Their private communication data during that comes administration. Here were prompted a search and what happens now he's. And talk being on the edge of disasters in a dramatic rescue after a vote ended up on me examined dams. What's the Perot Oracle first responders are saying this morning. The Indiana president Biden overseas a G-7 summit starts today where the president came to join forces with top world leaders. And reaffirm US alliances. Later today that is also set to meet with members of the British royal family after First Lady Jill Biden and duchess Kate visited with young students to get in this morning. Chief White House correspondent C a Vega is in Cornwall England with the latest. This morning First Lady Jill Biden and duchess Kate Middleton in the spotlight on a classroom tour discussing early childhood education and eating students the children on their best behavior for doctor Biden a teacher herself this as president Biden joins leaders of the most powerful countries the G-7 kicking off at this seaside resort in Cornwall the group joining forces to try and tackle some of the most pressing global challenges committing to donating one billion cogan vaccine shots to poorer nations. The US providing house goes doses the most of any country the president saying America is leading by example in times of trouble. America's reach out to offer help and offer helping hand. That's who we are one of bide his key goals to show allies the error of Donald Trump is over and he's not the only ones spreading that message the First Lady with a message ever owned their on her blazer the word love. Drawing comparisons to her predecessors famous jacket. At the southern border. And so far it seems the allies here liked what they are hearing the UK's Boris Johnson whom. Then candidate Biden during the presidential campaign said was a clone of Donald Trump seems to be singing now president Biden is. Freezes he said that he is embracing president by the stance on NATO and on climate change Diane calling it quote Abe. Grass a fresh air. All right to save AEA in Cornwall England looks like you're enjoying the fresh shares else to say thank you. And the G-7 leaders are carb is say in Cornwall England this morning where they gather for the iconic family photo. And also of the G-7 summit congressional correspondent Rachel Scott joins me now from Cornwall England with all the updates Rachel what's me agenda for today orders from the key issues they'll discuss. The White House is expecting this to you very productive summit isn't the first time since the pandemic has started and have the leaders. I'm the world's biggest democracies the seven biggest democracies coming together these today's. To really talk about the modern challenges that the globe is facing so of course this is taking place against the backdrop of the as countries like the United States in the UK push other world leaders descend vaccines to some of the world's most. Poorest countries. Also expecting climate change to be urgent issue that these leaders are going to talk about we know the UK prime minister Boris Johnson is urging other countries to sign the Marshall plan nor to fight against climate change. And of course this summit is all leading up to that face to face that president Biden is going to happen with the Russian president cool in the White House feels like he's going to be heading into that meeting with the wind at his back. But the White House is going to make clear that they want to make sure that allies are a leading with one voice here to fight against Russia. And Rachel Maxine diplomacy has been a big part of Biden's message that America is back so. And the G seven's out committing to donate one billion doses to countries in need what does it all mean for the global vaccination effort. It big step but in a lot of ways it is barely scratching the surface the WH oh the World Health Organization. Estimates at eleven billion vaccines are going to be needed across the entire globe in order to stamp out the pandemic so this start. These leaders are planning to have pledged one billion vaccines across the globe again to some of the world's most poorest countries the Nat. 500 million is coming from the United States and the president here is really trying to lead by example encouraging other world leaders to do this stain and such a little bit more vaccinations. And Rachel how significant is this announcement of a global minimum tax of 15%. This is something that president Biden has been pushing course this is pretty much a pretty big win for the White House here the question is why does this matter this is going to make it so that no matter where your company is headquartered across the globe. You would save UK this seem tax rate that's really important. For the White House here but still some steps and had a right so the G-7 the world leaders can all come together on this is gonna lay the ground work and then sort of put the pressure hug the G-20 and other world leaders to have. City make this sort of a standardized tax three and then the next hurdle is going to be back home there in Washington this is gonna have to be passed in congress before it officially gets locked in Diane. And arrange all the Boris Johnson called his first meeting with president Biden a breath of fresh air and is one of those. Instances of people watching closely because they didn't necessarily have the best relationship her best history going into this meeting so. How are going so far and how are other leaders responding to hide it. Yeah it's really interesting that he said that it's just a sharp contrast to what we have seen before there has been a lot of much talk about how this meeting was going to go of course the White House made it clear that that she would be focused on their shared use but a lot of differences between president died in and Boris Johnson president Biden has been very critical first and foremost a brain leaving the European Union and and and how northern Italy has been treated she. In the glass in the fall out of Braxton and he's also made it pretty clear that he had has described him as a clone of Donald Trump. Who we know that president Biden as not very particularly find out here but believing meeting yesterday the two leaders met for ninety minutes we heard from the Boris Johnson he called that meeting with died in a breath of fresh air so it seems like it went pretty well off to a good start here and I am. And we know the First Lady doctor Jill Biden and duchess came sort of school earlier today president Biden is also scheduled to meet the queen later this weekend. So Paula the royal family playing in the summit. Well and aluminum tree is here for you die and president Biden is going to be that their presidents to meet with the queen at a reception a little bit later today she's going to be hosting some of the world leaders an inch piece on the and the First Lady out. How would she eat bad greetings and schooled children and I talking to them as well and of course this comes up the backdrop where the family and a lot of headlines as well reporter shouted some questions to Kate passing it. As she has spoken with her face time with didn't in the new daughter a little of that of Cherie and Megan she said no but that she's looking forward two meeting her Wednesday so we'll. Getting here but of course the royal family and and the White House and the president a very close ties that it lasted decades AM. All right ray just got thank you. And I annual cap off his trip. With a face to face showdown with Russian president Vladimir pulling you can watch our full coverage of the Biden couldn't summit next Wednesday. June 16 right here on ABC news lives. And accurate home ABC news has confirmed reports that the trump Justice Department was investigating at least two Democrats seizing records from apple in a hunt for leaks. Now those lawmakers are calling for an investigation by the inspector general senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce has the latest on that Mary good morning. Diane good morning well this is a highly. Highly unusual move and raises even more questions about whether former president from using the Justice Department. To do is own political bidding now during his administration's hunt for leaguers in 2018 the Justice Department subpoenaed apple. For data on two Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee the top Democrat Ben Adam shift. Eric Small while both vocal critics of the former president and went beyond that they also got data on committee staffers and aides even family members. Including a minor now apple turned over what's known as mad at data so no photos no emails but they also were under a gag order by the Justice Department meaning that these members of congress did you know they were wrapped up in any of this. Until just now now we have reached out but this morning no comment from the Justice Department apple or former president trump. But we are hearing a lot from Democrats and they are outraged Eric swallow who is now the committee chairman. He's gone to the Justice Department's inspector general to investigate this matter further saying in his statement quote president trump repeatedly and flagrantly. Demanded that the Department of Justice carry out his political will and tried to use the department as a cartel. Against his political opponents and members of the media saying it is increasingly apparent that those demands did not. Fall on deaf ears Diane. Right senior White House correspondent Mary Bruce thank you. And there are new signs of normalcy in the US this morning as more states lift co in nineteen restrictions after hitting vaccination dress holds. Illinois is lifting capacity limits on bars restaurants and businesses after over a year of closures and limits due to the pandemic. Alex Perez is in Chicago with the latest. This morning the long awaited return to normalcy since the pandemic began at becoming a reality in Chicago and the rest of Illinois. Officials lifting most Kobe to restrictions have beginning today. And. Seen in. Her. Washington DC also fully reopening in lifting most capacity limits today mayor Muriel battles are reacting to the news of opening. I feel amazing about it the nation still chipping away of president Biden's goal of having a least a 70% of the population vaccinated by July 4 at the thirteen states already crossing that threshold. And at least 64% of adults have received at least one shot. Henman turn is now seeking emergency authorization for use of its vaccine on twelve to seventeen year olds. The vaccine believed to be 100% effective in preventing severe illness from Coby nineteen. All this has the CDC investigates a possible link between Kobe vaccines and mile current idea sore inflammation of the heart to in younger people. While still considered rare officials say they've found at least 226. Cases of mild or die it is. And vaccinated people under age thirty higher than what's expected in the general population. And and the FDA spending a lot of time talking about the vaccines in children saying that studies on vaccines in children simply cannot be rushed they say it will take some time to determine what the risk and could be for children Diane. To her and Alex Perez in Chicago thanks Alex. And two people have now tested positive for co in nineteen and a celebrity cruise ship that required vaccinations. It was the first ship to set sail from North America since 120 transportation correspondent GO Benitez has the latest good morning GO. Hey there Diane good morning the celebrity millennium is still at seats. Those two people were staying in the same room together and they came up positive during dead end of Cruz testing ballistic look right now what what celebrity is saying this morning quote. The individuals or asymptomatic and currently in isolation and being monitored by our medical team we are conducting contact tracing. Now you'll remember we were on that ship for the first two days of the cruise we saw as they stand or vaccination cards and negative PCR test. All of the adult passengers had to show proof of vaccination and that test results. Yeah otherworldly a few children on board. They also had to provide a negative test celebrity says all crew members were fully vaccinated. I remember doctors tell us that breakthrough cases are extremely uncommon but they do happen. Now tomorrow the simple disembark in saint Maarten and those two passengers we'll have to stay in saint Maarten until they test negative that's when they can fly back home. In the US Diane. All right ABC news transportation correspondent GO many tests thank you. And earlier and GMA Michael Strahan talked to doctors she job about how concerned we should be when it comes to cruise ship cases let's listen. As we just heard a story to people tested positive aboard a celebrity millennium despite being vaccinated and have a negative test before. They boarded how concerned should we be about this. Good morning Michael thanks for having me back in in the way I look at this. Is pretty soon factions who happened they're very rare. Both these people had very mild symptoms and we did not see a large operate on the show. This is a benefit of vaccinations that everybody else was able to get through the cruise without having any problems we're gonna see a few days is like best you know cruise ships are our. Places were people spent a lot of time together. This would have been far far worse is that a lot of unvaccinated people on that ship so things in his everybody was Oxnard. Yet that's a good news within all of that didn't named after the goddess CBC investigating cases of mild heart ideas and vaccinated young people agency has not yet fit the vaccine in the calm but. What symptoms should parents look out for. Cash. Yes so Michael I'm I'm really glad they're investigating this look who we need to be very very careful as Iraq's leading kids all the data so far suggests that these vaccines are exceedingly serious. We are gonna see some side effects of the classic side effects of my heart rightists. I chest pain as it is pretty classic. I think young people decency and inflammation there are. And so you can you know you can steal you can sometimes have problems breathing but mostly is testing this isn't an organ looking for an obvious if that happens as you investigated by the pediatrician. And what in the treatment. You know the good news is he sees its resolve on their own almost all the time I mean it's usually change somebody's fossilized and taking care of a majority of the times they are mild and kids recover pretty quickly on their own without any treatment at all. And doctor now men during they're asking for emergency use authorization and twelve to seventeen year old. How effective have the vaccine been in those trials and then you decide it's fixed differ from Pfizer's. Touch yes so that the blessings of parliament traffic control seventy euros they've been pretty much as 100%. And that was also true for the Pfizer date and so both sides are returned to seemed to be very attractive. I know we have presented in as larger sample whistle thousands of kids have gotten these vaccines in these trials. And it was a side effects this is a side effects are kids are seeing this thing was as adults who on the sore arm occasionally having more I significant. I bodied sort of symptoms and all of lasting about 24 hours before most parents out there are trying to decide what to do with their kids should they choose one vaccine over another. Yeah you know I've gotten to mine our kids vaccinated. That's the point only Pfizer was available. I don't pretty comparable vaccines I don't think I have any personal preference I wouldn't. And advises people they went in over another they're really similar both very effective both straight session. I had thanks to Michael and doctor yachts of that interview. And then a one year old child in his grandmother. Just before noon on Thursday police swarming this public supermarket in royal Palm Beach, Florida. Responding to reports of shots fired. I saw everyone running out of this door and yelling yeah. In sign near the produce section deputies finding three people dead. The alleged gunman and the victims one year old boy and his grandmother on the angry at what happened. Look and recently had her own child. So it's a San. Overnight authorities identified the alleged gunman as 55 year old Timothy. Police say he turned the gun on himself after killing the victims what I write out your doctor may fifteenth are trying to determine what items that she'd. The sheriff's office saying in a statement there is no known motive or relationship between the gunman and the victims. That publics will remain closed all day as the investigation continues Diane good right Victor cannot thank you. And here's inflation are rising around the country after a new report showed up Consumer Price Index of consumer prices. Jumped an estimated 5% over the past year it's the largest increase since the Great Recession. Rebecca Jarvis has the latest on that Rebecca good morning. Where in the midst of an economy coming out of hibernation consumers are spending. But supplies which got depleted during the pandemic. Having pot up and the result is prices rising almost across the board which is why you now seen. The Consumer Price Index inflation up 5% in May vs a year ago. That's the biggest increase. Since the Great Recession and we're seeing in a number of categories fees for example. Those prices up 2.3 percent clothing prices up five point 6% airfares and suddenly everybody wants to travel. Those taken right and I'm twenty warm remembrances a year ago when hotels motels thereon 9%. And gasoline think about this. A year ago we were in lockdown people were not using gasoline today were using at those prices up 56%. But one of the biggest areas where we've seen price increases and it's having the biggest impact on the overall inflation picture. Is being used car prices we're in a global chip shortage those chips part of the very important component in auto parts. As a result of that chip shortage and also some labor supply issues we don't have everybody in the factory is that was there a year ago. We've now seen the production of cars be depleted and as a result car prices are going higher in particular those used car prices. Economists are divided on where we go from here the Fed share Powell. Believes that this is temporary that by the end of this year pricing should be normalized as we get back to normal. There's another group of top economists who believe that this could be more structural that. These rising prices are a sign of more to come and they look to the fact. That these supply disruptions faced by the pandemic and the labor shortages where are now seeing. Could amount to something bigger and longer term the bottom line here is we are looking for this. We want an economy that is he goldilocks economy not too hot not too cold just like her porridge. Diane yeah. Right below the analogy Rebecca Jarvis thank you and first responders raced to get in and rescue a group that people hanging over the edge of the dams. When we come back the moment they were all finally pulled to safety and what of the hero officer's car saying this morning. Welcome back and river rescuers are being applauded this morning after saving four women whose boat was teetering over the edge of a 36. Foot. Drop at a dam in Texas the women were saved just speak for their boat was about to go over well Reid has the details. These are the terrifying moments for. Four friends teetered on the edge of a 36 foot drop at this Texas Dan. Hey anomaly along more than integrated oh my but don't belong under hammer now. It's right up against a damn it's about a third of the vote is hanging over. The four women on the rented vote calling the owners for help. But that vote got caught in the powerful currents to. Steve able to hold them employ its but he can't bold and acrid. Dozens of fire and rescue crews racing against time to reach the boats. As the current flowing over the dam steadily in fen further off the edge. Earning Salem us. It uses proceeds precariously on modern era of peace cream if he shifted more in balance or the flow of water. Wouldn't usually carry a rumor. The rescuers arriving in a bigger boat were able to tie a tow line to the rental companies vote to engines combining to prevail against the current. Narrowly avoiding disaster. Is you are reliving am I'm winning it's just with solid concrete what doesn't know what concrete. We're lucky. We are. An integral. They and the rescuers here say that everyone on board is doing just fine and they credit. Those people on board for staying calm for making sure the situation didn't get any worse I have no idea. How they stayed calm in that scenario Diane galloping those tips will read thank GO. And a sharp rise in prices across the countries your concerns about inflation so how and where can you find savings. Despite the sticker shock what you need to know after the break. Welcome back guess consumer prices rise in the US shop are facing some serious sticker shock. So how can you save on everything from groceries to travel to clothing bank you rarely has some simple ways to keep those bills in check. This morning surging inflation across the board consumer prices are 5% rising at the fastest rate in over ten years it's important that when we see the numbers now when we seen prices rising and they are rising quickly. That week he died in the context of last year. You know shoppers some prices rising very slowly need declining this year price increases at a record pace. Electricity up four point 2% in the past year the hikes also affecting goods like clothing the used car market and to ask travel and certainly groceries. Lot of people are how. To buy things right now and that opens up a price has some true so to decrease the pain of those jumps her only chance. Ensure that you weren't you. Delivery services has a mile in Dallas ultimately. Got experts say the biggest savings income from eating lighter less meat planning meals around unused pantry and freezer items. And organizing a bowl I with neighbors and friends. To curb energy costs when you're around the house he wanted to turn it now. We want to unload all of your devices. Especially engineer are already charged finally with Ghassan transportation costs through the roof you might want to reconsider every day drives. Around. How much you. And in drag less miles. And that. Economists believe this inflation is temporary caused by bottlenecks and shortages from coded sell another saving strategy. What purchases can you put off until next year can your refrigerator limp along for another six months. Gorge did you buy that kitchen tables secondhand may be using FaceBook marketplace or Macquarie your next storm. Now speaking of second hand there's another opportunity to save there. A lot of that consignment stores both online and talking about threat or posh mark or in your local area. Are bursting at the seams because of Coleman's closet cleaning so I can tell you I mean frequent secondhand shop forgot this stress there Diane. And the prices are right. You and me another thank you really think you and for a look at today's science and technology headlines here's Monaco's are happy. It's advice videogame giant electronic arts says it's fallen victim to a cyber attacks. EA says hackers claim they downloaded source codes and the engine for some of its most popular games but the company insists it no clear data was stolen in the breach. Microsoft wants to increase access to Xbox games. It's working with TV makers on an Xbox asked that will be available on devices that's expected in the next year the companies also developing its own streaming stick. But just as will be available sealant. Finally mill has developed artificial intelligence software that can produce computer chips and much faster than humans the tech giants as a software can produce a chips. In less than six hours it would take humans and months in other words AAI is helping develop future AI faster. Those are biased and one it will be asking well can first the jet. The robot back deals Bere but it has our Abbie thank you. And Lin Manuel Miranda is new movie in the heights hits theaters this weekend with some other blockbusters on the way. It could mean new hope for Hollywood so will these new releases help bring people. Back to theaters Chris Connolly has more. Hello white down now on the. Stay up to morning still holding out on the movie theater experience. That you can resist. Moves. Riding good buzz and perhaps. The year's best reviews so far the film version of the Lin Manuel Miranda musical in the heights hopes to add to the resurgence in moviegoing. As it gets its long awaited hybrid release on home screens as well as big screens this weekend. Box office projections and in my eyes hurt looking. Anywhere from twenty million ounces inserting forty million you can. And it's in the heights opens over 35 million dollars it'll best the smash opening for 2008 teens mamma Mia here we go again. Neither is superhero saga nor a sequel. It brings an under represented culture that Hollywood has too long overlooked. To summertime cinnamon. For the entire Indian community. This is from what pizza beat emphasize here what does not show us to seeing what he knows what you know bill. But it really opened up the conversation about representation. All across the board. When he turned blockbuster numbers to be considered a success anything in line with the expectations may sustain the box office bounce back. As still more movies await their moment to shine a Baylor players. It's including F nine may be the maker break movie for summertime twenty to what he was. It's good to be back. Also getting motion picture lovers back vaccinations highly valued new films and the high spirited enjoyment that's unique to a night at the movies. Diane I'm Chris Kelly thanks for that and that doesn't that is ABC news glad that day nine day Zeta thanks for joining us remember ABC news live as you're wearing all day and with the latest news context and analysis we'll see right back here at 11 AM eastern with the new update Stacy.

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