'Baby Trump' balloon flies over London

A giant balloon portraying the U.S. president as a baby was flown as part of mass protests against Trump's policies.
3:42 | 07/13/18

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Transcript for 'Baby Trump' balloon flies over London
Hi this is ABC news live army and panel. In Central London in historic parliament square I wanna show you some of the statues that are arrayed around the outside of a square that's a Winston Churchill. Going down so left. David Lloyd George former prime minister brits and the square is famous ball honoring the heroes the leaders knowledge as to Britain but of other nations. The reason all these people are here today is because of that. The giant blame for the baby trump which is now floating high. Above parliament square overlooking the Houses of Parliament in Westminster Abbey and this is justice thoughts of a long long day. A protest as is moves through the crowd. I'm sick couple of things are going on I want to show you this K JaVale if we can move through his mind the staff. That it making guest. A shot back. This is going to be lively is going to be colorful and he's going to be a busy day protest thousands tens of thousands. Of people expected to. Gather in London to protest against president drums visits here in the UK today the president goes to meet the queen visa prime minister. I was also look at the controversy today because of an interview that he gave aimed at Britain's leading tabloid newspaper. Essentially condemning the British prime minister and her role in the negotiations over Britain's exit bring your oven is on a show you out of you can say yet. That is the story on the from Croatia not just to the samba the front page of every single newspaper here in brits in this morning. I remind the president from and to reason they're supposed to be allies. Many people regard this pretty much had to kick in the tape. Let's see we were told to discover the people in the crowd here. And students. I so I cannot jump from ABC news while you're here today and we'll walk you know what you protesting against. Six. American crown. He lost all its wellness through disease and permanent holders. I think it's good legal risks and and actually try in the USA. Actually beer that's an endless that's wrong. Interest he would switch fixed are trying to obstruct people to protest about I mean there is let the thing but there is and fear is well. Yes yes this is this picked. Bonds that paid through tweets and it's just. Isn't always gonna dead just don't know what he's gonna. He even got my experience on the criticizing the way I haven't seen his dreams I would be surprised he's tweets about what a wonderful meeting had been. Yes and always in days Monday night. Britain should be given in the reception outside and would still let him how to spot right. The -- company was rolled out to god mum liberating the band was playing visibility parade today. Is that the kind of welcome Britain's shipping giving front because some people say it's our closest ally and trading that we need we think he's. Thanks. If we want. Will abandon the country. This possibility. Thank you very much to talk good. Good luck tonight as just one of thousands of voices it's only about ten supposed to be hundreds. But thousands of people. I get a gather here in Central London the get a mocked. From Central London down to Trafalgar Square. The same time president trump he when see any of this he will do if he looks at Twitter that. Which is bound to do today but nevertheless they get a make their voices heard their objections to this visits. And we'll be following throughout the day for ABC news live on the impaneled in Central London.

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{"duration":"3:42","description":"A giant balloon portraying the U.S. president as a baby was flown as part of mass protests against Trump's policies. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"56572500","title":"'Baby Trump' balloon flies over London","url":"/International/video/baby-trump-balloon-flies-london-56572500"}