Canada's Leaders United After Attack On Parliament

Nation's lawmakers return to work in building marked by bullet holes.
24:21 | 10/23/14

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Transcript for Canada's Leaders United After Attack On Parliament
A somber and powerful rendition of O Canada. Punch reunited after an attack on parliament. Showing that they are in unison. Hello everyone I'm Michelle Frandsen in New York Canada's leaders defiant today. And vowing that the nation will be vigilant and will not be run scared. Well not run scared in the wake of that deadly shooting of a guard outside parliament. And the sergeant at arms being hailed as a hero releasing this statement just a few minutes ago. I am very touched by the attention directed at me following yesterday's events. However I have the support of a remarkable security team that is committed to ensuring the safety of members employees and visitors to the hill. Yesterday during extraordinary. Circumstances. Security personnel demonstrated professionalism and courage. I am grateful and proud to be part of this team. Sergeant at arms Vickers went on to say on behalf of all members of the house of commons security services team. I would like to extend our deepest condolences. To the family of corporal Nathan Cirillo. Our prayers are with you. ABC's Karen Travers has the latest from Ottawa Karen. Good afternoon missed I attended capital city is getting back to normal today but this is the city and a whole nation very much on hedge and on high alert. Stephen Harper Canada's prime minister said today that Canadians will be vigilant but will not be scared. An incredibly moving scene inside Canada's parliament this morning. Surgeon at arms had been Vickers was greeted with a powerful standing ovation members of parliament and Canadian officials selling their gratitude. One day after Vickers stopped funding inside that building. We will not be intimidated. Flowers and read to replace it odd it was war memorial to honor corporal Nathan Cirillo. The soldier gunned down while on guard there yesterday satisfied at this point that there one individual we're responsible of the shooting yesterday on the health. But so many questions remain about that shooter Michael's day out Bebo whose Rampage ended when he was shot and killed they have Bebo was 32 years old born in Canada. He had a series of minor criminal convictions for drugs and robbery. Canadian authorities had recently ceased his passport to prevent him from traveling abroad. That's his concerns are growing here like in the US about homegrown terrorists just three days ago another young Canadian man who boasted of his ties to the terror group ice is. And had his passport revoked. Was shot dead in Quebec after running down two Canadian soldiers in uniform killing one authorities say so many Canadians have joined ices and Syria. They're now making their own recruiting videos. Or slam I was like any others figure Canadian. I livestock gave. And today we heard from the mother of Michael as a hobby though who said that until last week she had not seen her son in five years so she couldn't offer any insights into his motive for yesterday's shooting. She also said in a very emotional interview with the Associated Press that she's crying for the victims of yesterday's incident not her son. Michelle and Karen are quickly is Otto was still on high alert because of these two incidents. Then the city is certainly getting back to normal there are some roads are closed in this area near parliament but for the most part those locked down the course from yesterday are completely lifted people are getting back to work and you saw that very powerful scene today in the house of commons where lawmakers themselves went back to working very powerful as showed strength in unity there. If that's prime minister harper though did say that the need their whole nation of course is a bit still on ads but they are not going to be scared and they are not going to be intimidated sound. ABC's Karen Travers reporting from Ottawa thank you very much. Today the war memorial at Canada's tomb of the unknown now honoring another soldier. Corporal Nathan Cirillo who was shot and killed in yesterday's attack. CTV's Vanessa Lee has this update from near the memorial. Well that feeling of gratitude and camaraderie that we saw in the house of commons this morning among politicians. Has certainly spilled onto the streets of Ottawa. And dozens if not hundreds of people have come by to pay their respects to corporal Cirillo you can see a growing at better flowers behind me there. And and then in people and they're young and old here just wanting to pay their respects we're seeing people. Wearing a hockey jerseys are seeing people wearing poppies. There's a lot of silence here people coming. Standing. We know that members of corporal Cirillo is regiments about a dozen of them were here behind me. For about an hour they just didn't silence for about an hour and really there's just a somber. The mood here even a mood of disbelief that something like that could've happened here in the nation's capital and. Vanessa Lee reporting and parliament is back to work today despite the bullet holes. And shattered glass inside the building ABC's Dan Harris got inside the parliament building and gives us a behind the scenes look. Of where and how the shoot out took place. This building Canada's parliament was on lockdown for almost ten hours yesterday today we're able to get inside and see where the gun fight took place. The gunman. Came in through this entryway here where it's very tangling with the security guards immediately will obviously Saudi needing gun. Shots were fired at this point the gunman started running down this long hallway there mind he's being shot at all the time. Again via sense here how big this hallway this fall the hall of honor it's a key area in the parliament to the gunman's running down this hallway here's incredible part he runs by these two rooms this room. And then this room over here. These jurors that were filled with members of parliament and get this inside this room. Was Canada's prime minister himself Stephen Harper so the gunman runs tied by the rooms. He's being shot at bear in mind and he's running all the way down this hallway and apparently looking for a place to hide he ends up. Hiding behind this. It's are we can't go past this point but. He ends up hiding behind this granite pillar on the right. At this point the sergeant at arms whose office is right here the sergeant in arms here. Is a largely ceremonial post but he does have access to a firearm and knows how to use it to at this point Kevin Vickerson this sergeant in arms. Comes out of his office. Rounds the corner with a firearm. And goes a roof over there and personally finishes the job shooting the gunman. He dies here on the scene so an extraordinary. Scene taking place here in the Canadian parliament. Eighty is something this country will not soon forget many people say it may change. This country. It. Dan Harris at the parliament at the White House today Press Secretary Josh Earnest said he could not comment. On the suspected gunman but bowed US support for Canada during this investigation. Canada is one of our closest allies partners and friends in the world and we stand shoulder to shoulder with them in solidarity. What we've been clear that we are grateful to Canada. Fort steadfast commitment to countering violent extremism wherever it occurs what their overseas or here or North America. And we're gonna continue to work closely with our Canadian colleagues. A to combat this serious threat. Prime minister harper said it very well yesterday. He said that the Canadian people will not be intimidated. They will not in fact they will strengthen. Their resolve. And not allow a safe haven for terrorists. Who seek to do. Prison Obama yesterday offered Canada and any assistance it's necessary in responding to these attacks. And our respective national security teams are courting very closely. Including again today. As the president said yesterday when it comes to dealing with terrorist activity is clear that Canada and the United States have to be entirely N'sync we have been in the past. And we will continue to be in the future. And back in Ottawa right now Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper is speaking. During the parliament's question time let's listen in. Obviously mr. speaker we have been as I indicated earlier today in the house and looking at. Our various laws and options under the law to to strengthen the ability to survey. Detain and arrest individuals. Who are threats to us. The same time mr. speaker I know individual security agencies will also. Looking very carefully at the events yesterday to determine. But what else has begun as you know mr. speaker and security agencies from himself. I do not report the government they report. Through the speakers and supports of internal economy of the two houses. But I know that the RC MP city of Ottawa police and others. That will be working with the. That there are missing look. Well thank you get president's address to reason that information. Circulating in yesterday's tragic events accidents. Somewhat muddled and sometimes even contradictory Vietnam. Smith is a situation is Israel controls its own in the loop current minister told a public information that original pieces so every wants to deal where all of what has happened. Q and honorable prime minister's. If mr. speaker. It's. To be done mr. Edwards and police will be having more information its leader is it them. Orange is news tragic events that yesterday. Dixon's police investigations. Are underway. It's up seeing them isn't gonna tell us. And quote and the people. Mr. it appears. That atheists and on it is an old media and the attacks Monday and yesterday and had their passport revoked before they acted. Several other Canadians have had their passports provoked. Are. There. Because authorities believe that they had intended to join radical groups in case. Other country is what new measures if any our housing compounds in those specific cases. Prime. Mr. speaker. It's. PRC he daughter has indicated on. That. A number of was put Austin the marvelous assistance deserves. These informing them since originals were it is not an I was in this second case. Yesterday's just horrible that we are seeing themselves as a form located at all. On this was his own abilities images that we are looking at this ask you this part of the citrus op. And we are very concerned. My I think there are community church movement which. She's. Undertaken. This distinct mail today companies that as we could especially. Security Council under the current it happens they'll make reinforce. You know Idenix has a this always remains. Remarkably. Open seat and so much better at risk for our democracy. As we don't communicate. Permanently security measures in the days to come as it is cameras aren't indefinitely through Canadians. There parliament PP the killers indeed of Canadian and listen to remain and all opened. Place for them. Prime minister. Mr. Hooper Holmes. In most instances of colorful instruments and the government. Could lose on and surety. Just. And safest cities in this country. To ensure that can you must feel safe. That was designed exits brings and I can think. Our departments and our secure this continued to to come. It means that where a competitive. Mr. speaker we stand here today united. United in our determination to keep this land strong and free. We are all committed to that goal but we also know that from time to time we'll does agree on how do achieve that goal. For the prime minister joining in committing that no matter what differences we may have in the days or weeks to come. That we will all approached this complex issue with the respect and dignity of desserts knowing that. However we sometimes disagree. Every member of this house is committed to the safety and security. Of all Canadians. And happiness the all members of parliament and all parties. Unite around the idea that whatever our differences were committed not only to the safety and security Canadians. But to the free and democratic society that we also hold so dear. And mr. speaker I think it's important to remind Canadians at times like this in spite of the fact. That we are considered an artifact a relatively young country. From the great Pactiv 1867. We have one of the longest unbroken forms of governance particularly democratic governance. Anywhere in the world today on broken by war unbroken by civil disorder or national catastrophe. For almost a 150 years now it's a tremendous country that were all fortunate to be part of and I know we're all committed to making it. A member for happen no. If it is only this mister speaker. The essential thing in democracies to be able to ask questions even in difficult. Circumstances and particularly in two weeks ago certain stars. Get the commissioner Paulson straight out told parliament that there were nineteen individuals. On a national security watch list how many are there now. Mr. speaker I would not expect that number has changed so radically in the past two weeks. Obviously mr. speaker that it's kind of information this is really in the purview of security information to agencies. To providing detail what they think the that is appropriate but the fact is of the matter mr. speaker as there are. A serious security threats in this country and in many cases those serious security threats continue to be at large. And not subject to detention harassed I know that is something that concerns Canadians have largely concerns the government. And we are working to their security agencies to examine how we can handle that situation. Mr. speaker cancer in my view and importantly the passport. On the incident when I don't propelled. Well below include passport requests I'm another assailant was refused. Yet seen that these two assailants. We lead the country to join extremist groups yeah. Since flooded thirteen and act. This has been a criminal intent look what actions are under way children surely. That's and those who were in the same circumstances. Are arrested. The right honorable prime minister. Mr. speaker home. Two chips another plus yards him gay the police as indicated. That gives the has an active investigation. Under way. Back on it until the exits first terrorist there isn't as it down. However Mr. T real Lincecum. That show there are Canadians who always team who comes up. Well there's also an extremist groups just some who all attempts and there are others who wish to do that this isn't New Jersey concern for our community resistance. And it is these special agencies on the police are working together it's too clunky. News reports indicate that one at this week's at. Packers had his passport revoked. While others the others passport application. Was denied. Both appeared to have attempted to leave Canada to join extremist organizations. We'll since two at 2013. And that is an indictable crime. What is therefore now being done. To arrest others in the same situation. Two repeat my answer I'm not in a position to. Firm all of the statements just name by the leader but what party and over please comment. On those in the days to come but the police have said in the case of the first individual the first terrorists. That that individual was subject to an active investigation that his post passport had been season. Fact provoked. Mr. speaker of the year reality is that our police and national security agencies are aware of such individuals seeking to become. Foreign now fighters are already such Canadians elsewhere in the country. And that these agencies are doing with a everything within the law two two resistant to to deal with that kind of threat. And mr. speaker it's our judgment they may need additional tools of work salmon. Canada can count on a talented and devoted public service. And today and they proved that once again eight. And today has every day and display yesterday's tragic events can. They are on the jump across the country. These courageous men and women who are ensuring that our government continues to the Russian zone that is their way of responding to intimidation and to violence. Can the president of treasury X your excellent that this house what measures have been taken to ensure their safety. Available president of the traffic report. This yesterday was a very trying day for many public servants to in the face. A situation that none of us that have ever contemplated being here still worked on on the public's behalf and on parliament for an. Turns out. I should say that we've been in concert came communication with the public service to keep them up to date. On the situation as it rose yesterday in a sentinel world rise in the future as well we will continue to do that. And I believe every public servant should expect. That he or she has the ability in the right to work in an environment that is that is secure and free and are free the potential life. And Canadian families are very concerned by yesterday's tragic events and by the attacks since not to solicit you're just earlier this week Duncan has Canadiens return to their daily lives. As it can the minister of public safety. So once you want is being investigated to ensure the safety of our fellow connect. Public safety. Smith has been a critic I would participant my colleagues for herself to death. Oh our government has put in place is the goats it to fight terrorism it has to forfeit the pillars preventive detention and prevents it's that fizzled in the among others. That is alliances are simply quote enhancement employees did any strong planets that they too boy. Plight. Excuse me an excuse to fight extremism and mr. speaker oats and Google continues look at his to work to a security and our television appearance if he's in. We all agree to mr. speaker. Ensuring public safety and it is the first responsibility of this hands. However we are also responsible for protecting. Basic freedoms. Striking a balance between security and liberties we'll be our biggest challenge in the coming days and what is the government's plan to ensure it that we started. The right balance. Yeah honorable minister. Mr. speaker. And we include this in a statement the results of his thick so intimate and all of negligent emplacement especially in his in his office and that is why it -- publicly to the scene of a conflict and our police agencies are working from a local American morning for us as parliamentarians to ensure that we clearly have fun and preferences that is why do we know the intention to move for basically outside the tools that are available and so ultimately. Once you have other police officers this Connecticut units themselves so that Canadians can. Continued good until it's. Speakers we begin trying to comprehend the events of this week it's become clear that members of the Canadian forces. May have been specifically targeted for attack like many MPs and the base in my riding which is obviously the heart of our community. Can the government is sure the house that steps are being taken at bases across the country to ensure security for Canadian forces members and civilians stuff. Yeah. Continue to take the necessary precautions to ensure the safety of our men and women in uniform and at the bases and achieved and staff is actively looking into this and taking steps mr. speaker but. Make no mistake will remain vigilant against those of home and abroad who wish to harm us with good. Mr. speaker we all recognize the need to ensure public safety. And we all understand the public safety is a primary responsibility of this house. But we are also responsible this house for protecting our fundamental freedoms. These will both present present continuing challenges in the coming weeks and months. How does the government plan to ensure that both public safety. And our fundamental freedoms are protected moving forward from the events of the past few days. Mr. speaker we are state of ma we make sure that all law enforcement agency and national security breach security agencies are working. Within the scope of the love that's why we have split the senate parliamentarian. The duty to provide clarity so that they can work in this in this apartment to keep Canadians safe. That's why this commitment best incident then sent to table legislation to clarified those those. Our mr. speaker so we can sleep safer and I think. Canadian lawmakers. Debating security and that country and also digest Dane. What comes next for the country one day after the violent shooting. You of course can keep up with this story in real time by downloading the ABC news app and starring in this story for exclusive updates on the go. For now on Michelle Franzen in New York.

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