Chicago High School Takes Part in Virtual Audience With Pope

Hear from the Christo Rey Jesuit High School student who was asked by Pope Francis to sing a song.
3:08 | 08/31/15

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Chicago High School Takes Part in Virtual Audience With Pope
Hey everyone I'm Tom Gama said crystal ray high school in Chicago were inside the chapel. The group of students you see here the 500 students just had a special moment they Hal. Of virtual audience with Pope Francis himself it was an amazing moment an extraordinary moment where two students actually got to speak to poke Francis up close the first Buiter Herat Barry didn't come up hero quickest wanna get your thoughts on what happened so that was pretty mind blowing right then islands news. Unexpected some. I mean it was so wild first at one moment you're telling your story to Pope Francis the next you're singing what was outlined. Well I didn't expect it to happen play against I had to do it since it's the Pope who. And guys it she's saying she's saying pretty awesome job. Valerie. Valerie besides the singing what else will you never forget about that moment just being able to Thompson and just being able to. Very and to know my distillery and to give me advice and just to the youth in Genoa. You know and I know you're you're you're still a young woman as a Catholic did you feeling type a special connection there yeah well this is like. I feel well even though he wasn't even here as sofa his presence and closed sleep very powerful and very. Spiritual. It was both powerful and spears when you were so brave you made us all so proud Eva beautiful voice Valerie thank you so much. The other wonderful city at. And the the other young woman get a chance to speak with Pope France's of course was Alex bass was odds come up with over here and talk to me Alex you're you're. Conversation with the Pope was it was so emotional. He was so spiritual. You've had some difficulties through your life but you've overcome them would you take with me a conversation with Pope. Is Ken and I decisions like Kevin listen it's like every evening. And it can't just think let out my emotions in make. There's just really special system be able to tell people like sit plague known at the Pope listened to write my story in. And Amy he'd there really say much but just the fact that he was there listening and looking at me and is through special. You know one of the things you share was about your father who passed away when your five years old. Do you feel like it I was here today. And yet if you accuse Al east with three. So our country's you're used to today. Alex asked us thank you so much a round of applause. T student. Guys this is such a special group. Such a special school doing so much again to kids you see here a lot of them will be the first in their families to go to college they have overcome gang activity in their neighborhoods low income neighborhoods they are here today. They are part of history and I'm just I'm haven't so phone so many do it again. We are. Thank you.

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{"duration":"3:08","description":"Hear from the Christo Rey Jesuit High School student who was asked by Pope Francis to sing a song.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"33440906","title":"Chicago High School Takes Part in Virtual Audience With Pope ","url":"/International/video/chicago-high-school-takes-part-virtual-audience-pope-33440906"}