Another Deadly Earthquake Strikes Nepal, Epicenter Near Everest

A 7.3 magnitute earthquake rocked Nepal Tuesday just two weeks after the country was devastated by a deadly quake in April.
7:50 | 05/12/15

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Transcript for Another Deadly Earthquake Strikes Nepal, Epicenter Near Everest
You can. Raking right now Nepal rocked again another mega quake shaking back country this time. Near Mount Everest right now to international hot spot Nepal. Hi everyone I'm going. Fellow in New York right now officials and a pulsing dozens of people died in that earthquake thousands more injured both those numbers expected to rise today this seven point three earthquake hit about 65 miles east of Katmandu right near Mount Everest. In an area that was already evacuated following last month powerful earthquake. Following the store reports from our London bureau ABC's he management Donald. Hey good morning Carolina the news really fit in a poll could not get any woods. They were only just starting to recover from and Stotts to rebuild from that. Massive earthquake that rocked the country afford night a gut. And now this massive earthquake has hit them again that was followed by series. A very powerful law aftershocks and already the death told has gold Haas forty. A moment of panic in the pulled these voids his pictures show a country shaking again. Another massive earthquake at the top of the world since these residents running from buildings. Nepal's parliament in session the moment it strikes. Politicians and Lee outside the injured a dragged to safety he did they look up in disbelief. It was just two weeks ago that this an earthquake hit the pool killing 8000 people. US helicopters are now deployed along with search and rescue teams. We saw there is ideal riot happening because all the sudden there was commotion in the street. And then we realized it was people pouring out of the building when he started this streak. This morning those scenes playing out again. This into the it's heavy breathing. They've seized what a lucky escape sounds like. At the airport they bustle milk for their flights but the safety on the Thomas. At 1235 local time a pal full initial quake. Measuring magnitude seven point three struck close to Mount Everest after just twelve minutes and off to shall measuring five point six. They they gain nineteen minutes links measuring six point three. And within an hour another two came just minutes upon. Kids are really really really upset and on the things that we've been trying to work on is is make sure that. If children are looked after. And we've been talking to some of those US disaster response teams on the ground there in a pool in the last few hours. They say that that I'll rip out O'Grady responding to this latest earthquake. Number of helicopters of being deployed along with search and rescue teams. And they've already managed to evacuate some of the injured. Out of those remote areas Caroline's. I payments we noticed quake shook cities and towns all the way to Delhi is that right. Yes so it would talking about the air here in the Himalayas when the pool is positioned just at the top. As India obviously it borders and out number of other countries on one side this time there is well. That Tibet is nearby sick when there is an earthquake in the Himalayas it tends to be felt fairly far. And wide. A lot of injuries reported inning here is well some dead souls. But the focus all of this really at the Monday's new poll that's way the highest casualty numbers. Are coming from. That said the numbers clearly no way near the vicinity all of those numbers that were recorded in the aftermath of the earthquake two weeks ago. The death told from that stands at summing like 8000 we've many thousands. Injured lot of many hundreds of thousands of fact displaced from their homes because of the destruction that was rule by that earthquake but still given that this country. He's trying so desperately to stop the process of recovering. This earthquake couldn't come at a worse time. A threatened following that massive quake back in April the airport we knowing Katmandu struggled to get people out of harm's way. How is that airport operating now. It did close for a short period we understand. In the immediate opt to not that this earthquake say she what tends to happen is that when there is enough to shock or even an earthquake. I close the airport Frick if for a period insure that it's it's safe and stable look the tarmac has not been damaged. Then they stop allowing plans planes to arrive in to pot again. Such as we hearing at the moment it is owed and once again. Flights have regimes but obviously the fact that it's closed periodically means that there is a backlog. And site planes have withheld until. It opens up again at the moment it traffic is fairly heavy we're being told but Kathmandu airport his own. And what about aftershocks and fears of aftershocks we witnessed the dire situation a few weeks ago people sleeping in tents a free to go into buildings in India. Yeah police say a lot of people in both India and in new poll afraid to sleep in duel was if indeed Anaheim's. Managed to survived the destruction of the earthquake a lot of those people that. How sleeping in tents are doing so because they lost they islands. But you'll ride it many people scared whenever there is a trend that people immediately moved to open spaces. That's full of the emergency response teams instruct them to do. Make shall that they get to safety. So again today as these earthquakes enough to shock several tree. People have done the same. Often we were being told when they were off to shocks people actually went and stood in front of the temple's. Which themselves were being rocked by the earthquakes enough to shock some of them destroyed. And pride to those temples and the hype that they wouldn't be any more. This country is deeply Scott by these earthquakes. No doubt about it from being in earthquake zions. It is pretty terrifying and as those aftershocks rolled through some of them a very heavy some of them lost for Philly. Long periods of time like a slow way they can. Run for more than a minute due to its pretty terrifying when he noted that could happen at any Miller men. It starts to plan your mind so that any time you hear a noise any time you feel any movement. It Llosa mind is treated to the last earthquake or off to shock. It's difficult for families is particularly different it difficult for children and also for the elderly who are less motive Bol. So no doubt about it Napoleon is facing a difficult time right now. Is it fair to assume that as more time passes the likelihood of strong aftershocks deep crease. You know aunt and people can feel a bit more secure. Well known as Sarah and AM in his we've seen over the last few weeks there was that initial big earthquake and then off to shocks rolled on. For quite a period of time. As I understand that this Booth quite today's itself. An earthquake in his sunrise. And that's prompted another series of aftershocks so it is any guarantee. But clearly defer the people get. From the initial earthquake itself the morph comfortable levels stopped to feel. But no doubt about it this plays on their minds and in those remote communities remember it will take many daddies. For rescue teams to get to them it takes many days for the government. The authorities to get in their intent to calculate the level of damage two count the bodies eyes is the case in some circumstances. So they do tend to feel very cut off so must be very lonely experience for them hoping that someone will come to find their bill agent and see what the damages. ABC's he was but Donald thank you so much for that we appreciate it. And you can keep up the story in real time my gallon ABC news app and storing this story for exclusive updates. On the go this has been international hot spot on ABC news digital and Caroline Costello in New York.

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{"duration":"7:50","description":"A 7.3 magnitute earthquake rocked Nepal Tuesday just two weeks after the country was devastated by a deadly quake in April.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"30980944","title":"Another Deadly Earthquake Strikes Nepal, Epicenter Near Everest","url":"/International/video/deadly-earthquake-strikes-nepal-epicenter-everest-30980944"}