Director Mira Nair Is Empowering Filmmakers in East Africa

She launched the Maisha Film Lab Project in Uganda 11 years ago.
3:54 | 09/12/16

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Transcript for Director Mira Nair Is Empowering Filmmakers in East Africa
I consider Uganda and really my home I have lived here ever since may 1989 when I came here to make CBS. And I fell in love both of the country and a man and this is my place now as much as I lived. And as many of the few offers that came to me from Hollywood detective that was stories in Africa. They would never. About reality it became something of a mission of my. That Africa and stories of Africa should be made. In fact it's a line from this time. And that's what prepared immediately to sit at my actions intended to index of action do what I can do. I thought it was so cool that me was starting this lab for east Africans. And southeast Asians well to come and learn about film make. My Asia provides opportunities for people to be here to educate themselves and actually try that but feel. So at the time there was a screenwriters and directors lab and I was a part of that ten. I assassins and the classes with the mentors who are incredible filmmakers from around the the globe. I effectively treat. This. Fifty and and then coming to see it when we industry could have a great empathy. It had gone. Connect fiscal feeds the need for that now but children are you going to. We are sitting in. And has now become my shift in school election. Which is. The followers that was lumped into mine design by every student at every teacher an Austin news. Not that she then. And if you walk through my says some Monday due to people it's. Major it is of Africans and this chance. I loved. Nancy is that she is now she's what Bessie. She's. She's Italians one to head and and now we almost eleven years old we have trained about 650. Plus alumni have the from this region. And the dream of my show was to create at least five to victims who didn't stories of the region. I'm pretty happy continue that the amount we teach future objectives were and on my mind. And who have made plenty of more than twenty it now feature films slices of preschool. Actually it is when he was another stroke his gift of being taught. Life statement. Assistant U mice have made and put their relationship with the mental and continue for years. Which is preventing you from being a grandmaster. And even now with clean cut way what happened was that a lot of the local crew had been graduates of my nation so. You find that my agency and in tackled well and we. And a young film industry. There is nothing more powerful than seen. One since ones come one story one's language poems and and there is little one single story. All of you this country can't it was actually stories particularly with the peoples of the universe stories do not have to be removed from its. Stories right here. That's lifting the initiatives is that it doesn't apologize. Says he doesn't teach you. Beauty of it teaches you. In the draft in every aspect of the it's true.

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{"duration":"3:54","description":"She launched the Maisha Film Lab Project in Uganda 11 years ago.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"41985337","title":"Director Mira Nair Is Empowering Filmmakers in East Africa","url":"/International/video/director-mira-nair-empowering-filmmakers-east-africa-41985337"}