The Eiffel Tower and other landmarks closed due to 'Yellow Vest' protests in Paris

Authorities in France are bracing for the possibility of more riots and violence at anti-government protest this weekend.
4:22 | 12/07/18

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Video Transcript
Transcript for The Eiffel Tower and other landmarks closed due to 'Yellow Vest' protests in Paris
Another situation where closely monitoring is a situation in France protesters have been. Why hitting high taxes and that we're gonna check in with ABC's James Longman who is there. James it seems calm where you are right now but. Just tell them set the scene for us what's the mood like there. Well Stephanie all right I mean you wouldn't deny that anything was really wrong tonight bought if you look like they say what I am on this only then a famous. Shopping street in Paris he does don't see some of the shops and restaurants and any boarding. Boarding up we're outside Louis beats on the Larry famous retail giant's flagship is hand it's gonna beautiful Christmas tree in the wind I'm back. There is great thing I over the front because they are in sad about what might happen handsome all right. Off the what we sold last week. Beat cycle time is applies the ultimate kill which you can see behind me that not all cries tomorrow I've been moved the famous museum not localized to this. Sixty is preparing full. More arrives tomorrow like the ones we saw last week and it really walls those rise those incredible pictures that we still which is prompting this this kind of preparation. And was that was the focal point beyond the pale this extraordinary. Images of protesters setting up count for the put them the out the tail. I'm and police running outlook. In the last week we sold thousands out on the street in fact over a 130000 people across France coming out. Protesting not just high fuel tax is but. All kinds dollar sees that they now feel that the economy. Ruling elites a law ignoring the so 400 people arrested over a hundred people injured and that is the fair. It could spiral out of control tomorrow announce what he's retailers and these major tourist attractions in France a preparing to close. And speaking of those tourists James obviously parents attracts many many terrorist thousands of terrorists. Every year have you come across. Any any people that are they are that are on vacation and are now. Facing this can't go to the Eiffel Tower and can't go about their vacation. Well I say really talking to a towel and Atlanta Airpwn. And they were speaking to awesome on I'm pretty horrible situation as an on the bronze in the same myself. On the other side in the out detail when they were cutting off an eleven to negotiate themselves with some of these. That protest is just last week an awful situation for those those hotels fell to be an. And that while some may suggest something like 50% of hotel reservations in this city on now on the whole suspended people calling in. To suspend their holiday say it is a huge huge not. For the Paris this is one of the busiest times and the open source to come and agreed it's one and I visited cities and welcome a company we around them particularly for Christmas. Retail as the hotels and tourist industry it. It's taking a real law. But you know on these protests. These stones it out as. An issue around the fuel tax which president and my new and McCall wants its to introduce they've become something much bigger they become. Apprentice really about. The living conditions that people are expected to live in now about a disconnect between the everyday working man and the ruining any people just basically saying they cannot make ends meet. And also I've a feeling that money would not call the president hand have lost touch with people that he's somehow. Mormon dictated and president and they wanna see a change but the problem that the government has is there isn't actually a leadership of these protests out until he. Spontaneous organize them face but it is very difficult. For the government to really find the people they need to talk to to get this. Kind of it's again a little miss so we we have no real idea how long these protests are gonna continue about as we as we've seen over the last few weeks. Then numbers coming out about city know its. But that means that. The come in the movie and a case have basically taken controls and the people who feel they continue to want to come out that the ones intent on violence and that is why something like 8000 police. An enemy out hail on the streets of Paris tomorrow nearly 90000 police across the whole of France. To try. To put an end on this growing protest movement. Incredible and those images showing what took place last weekend it's Paris is almost unrecognizable. So. Hopefully Dave there is an every peaks at this weekend James thank you so much for the update.

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{"duration":"4:22","description":"Authorities in France are bracing for the possibility of more riots and violence at anti-government protest this weekend.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"59683523","title":"The Eiffel Tower and other landmarks closed due to 'Yellow Vest' protests in Paris","url":"/International/video/eiffel-tower-landmarks-closed-due-yellow-vest-protests-59683523"}