Fidel Castro on America's 'Absolute Lies'

In 2002, the Cuban president responds to accusations by the U.S. that his country is a terrorist state.
2:02 | 12/18/14

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Transcript for Fidel Castro on America's 'Absolute Lies'
Want to talk about relations between our country today the US has called Cuba a terrorist state. After September 11. You offered your condolences to the United States should criticize the attacks you did not oppose the US use of Guantanamo. As appears. But the US State Department says that your government has deliberately tried to sabotage of the US is anti terrorist efforts. By providing false leads. And they have stated that Cuba is developing biological. Weapons. Jim very strong accusations against your country. You Boone he's the only thing I can tell you about that in real terms. Can pull isn't that all that. All those accusations are absolutely lax who. It is not that it is also version of its young absolutely dies. I mean they become an insult against the intelligence of any person could to try to deceive them like that. Because a small nation like we're you have to be absolutely been seen. Being so close to the most how powerful country in broke into the world. Newly so insane percent to countries to commit any terrorist acts against the United States mean the historical truth is that thousands and thousands of terrorist actions have been conducted against our country been sabotage his plans. Attempts against my life and slams to have cost. Thousands of casualties. Total and there is not one case. There is not one case 101 American who has died of the result of some action on the part of Cuba beat against the United States. You not has not happened in 43 years. We are willing to invite in the international scientific community. To come here and take a look at what ever they of those places where hypothetically we are conducting such research. We would have to be mad out of our minds to try to manufacture the weapon.

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{"duration":"2:02","description":"In 2002, the Cuban president responds to accusations by the U.S. that his country is a terrorist state.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"27699453","title":"Fidel Castro on America's 'Absolute Lies'","url":"/International/video/fidel-castro-americas-absolute-lies-27699453"}