Before high-speed railway expansion, archaeologists start digging

Skeletons are being dug up and exhumed by hand as part of Europe's biggest-ever archaeological dig.
4:17 | 11/02/18

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Transcript for Before high-speed railway expansion, archaeologists start digging
Hey guys this smiling hundred lending you're watching ABC news five and I mean it's cool flattering brightly colored protective gear began when an archaeological day. If so why didn't want to thank feed bag. How long a 115. Miles and it didn't pick in the UK history possibly mean. Yeah a thousand hard yards in her hard work. Pocket of them today that in fact they have very effective and they got from planning. Save in the area of 141000. Soccer field a check out. Burial ground just outside Houston station in Central London. And it's his senate seat that opened in about the late seventeen hundreds in place in the mid eighteen hundreds. And it isn't really intend to be used burial ground it was a reasonably designed about 161000. People. I'm about sixty to 69000. People were battling cancer when you save ten things you need a lot of you almanac. People outside there was a small hole of the chapel it's over that's that was demolished many many is a guy who. And generally what happened he did admit she US. Good place into the chapel you abetting. Certainly the posh. Westside back to bedding ground is intensely divided into full sections so we're expecting. Ming Cho. Next ridge. It's just hugely exciting what's great about federal grants and another scientific wave is it means you face to face we feel and festive season people and we will always really conscious that we like she ticking. A burial ground I think it. Lifted the lid off a popular check out. Just come along really exciting moment because we discovered stone sarcophagus. And at tech. Inside it was a wooden coffin which has revealed another really interest and skeleton. I'm way in. Now the rich and the burial ground some things will be guns being quite high stakes in its. This is stats and lying within the two coffins that we've just discovered. Alongside many other skeletons as well that this is the only one instance talk off this that we found so far the only light so finally we're here exactly right and. Is there would discuss can be fairly preserved and that kind of hot and sweaty finding one of the things is right about. Preservation it's amazing. The skeletons so really welcomes and the coffins of its. What that means is that name plates can survive on top of the Pope. You can find out pitching and they actually idea exactly so my attorney famous people the other indictable passengers. From the Georgian period that is bill Richmond. Who is a very famous Senecal fox from Staten Island. American and American yes say he's freed slaves who came I think this can cabinet make in the north of England and then in his fourteenth Moody's. To London and can benefit boxer and he won seventeen of nineteen fights. Eight very very cool but had not over. Well if we find him and now be one of the things that we really interesting to see. Bad boys I'm sure have lots of great and and skeleton showed signs of his very stressful job that he had. But we also have right from the sky caps and Linda. He's fest doesn't sucking up big Australian. Which is cool and he named Australia as well. And fight these people we know that very but we don't know exactly why can't they bear a married and say what that means is like every time inoculated some pelvis and pray. It could be one of these things people. And a community site. I'm really UK. It's great time to be knocked don't just come join a possible. So do you know and then you have people who went digging you have human remains specialist scientists. Illustrates just. Competed technicians proposals to people who actually helping us tell the story. Pretty extraordinary it is closing fashion watch them work. Can't wait actually find out who those people fired find out more information about those people and that's what this whole big is about it's going to be going Intel at least twenty funny. And we find out much more check back saw the active I'm Molly hunter and thanks so much for joining me today and watching ABC news five.

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{"duration":"4:17","description":"Skeletons are being dug up and exhumed by hand as part of Europe's biggest-ever archaeological dig.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"58931513","title":"Before high-speed railway expansion, archaeologists start digging ","url":"/International/video/high-speed-railway-expansion-archaeologists-start-digging-58931513"}