Hong Kong police use excessive force on peaceful protesters

Riot police clashed with protesters Wednesday at an MTR station sit-in, before eventually the demonstrators dispersed.
2:58 | 08/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hong Kong police use excessive force on peaceful protesters
And we begin in Hong Kong where things are escalating today as you know for the last eleven weeks hundreds of thousands of pro democracy protesters. Have been in the streets of marching for their autonomy sometimes peaceful sometimes violent an hour in panel is on the ground now with the latest Ian. Yeah hi vacuuming weren't union long train station is about what department's fraud. Outside the central Hong Kong heading toward the Chinese will yesterday that you. You think this line at least one truck through more pleased now our thoughts and come down the road finally being big if and scandal. We solely roots and I'm very dramatic pictures. This evening what began as the people's faith in the station without ending to a thousand protested peacefully calmly won't interrupting the flow. The passengers. The states and then started to ask it right. Some of the protesters went down to the Coleman that weather police at they. And sensible manner now we believe what might have been doing little is that there is a vintage beyond that you can't say. Who's believed to be to come some Karen. And for the very things they did a month ago today. And assaulting five but the protested. I don't. Basically felt that it came here today to commemorate the fact that that's it. Happened. A movie that Britain the protest then looked very very imbalance. Of intensely volatile one point. The concern that reports something that's a lot of noise going on his fire on the still ring investments and he lives just for kids and with a little. Mind applied so that she. Apple this violence. What's almost more Aegean that. To basically stole what police on the other slide coming here you can see the umbrellas that the species certainly certainly. A separate occasions that plunged and the case of the one just would lack perhaps it's just so he weighs the noise of the he was a riot police officers. Come and Hughes doesn't owe them. The protestors again a couple of dozen or somewhere in this ten scandal that appointing laser pointers into the eyes of the police. The police and town with christening this race incumbent protestors and carriers the rest of justice and it which is being peaceful there is no reason for this to happen. There's been a key slogan used by the protestors around with he's been like walk through this is a phrase that comes from the content through miles of routes today. What is essentially means is that you be strong when you come together. When the time comes to distance and that's exactly what we sold when we arrived here and look at it now. It but the scene of complete PM it is. Nothing to see traffic return to normal train station reopen. I'm a guarantee we're gonna see more protests tomorrow and in the coming days can. Thank you in for the updates.

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{"duration":"2:58","description":"Riot police clashed with protesters Wednesday at an MTR station sit-in, before eventually the demonstrators dispersed.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65104783","title":"Hong Kong police use excessive force on peaceful protesters","url":"/International/video/hong-kong-police-excessive-force-peaceful-protesters-65104783"}