Hong Kong pro-democracy protests continue

The Tai Po Lennon Tunnel in Hong Kong has become a shrine for artwork and slogans representing the weeks-long movement.
3:52 | 08/21/19

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Hong Kong pro-democracy protests continue
Hi this is ABC news I've I'm impanel in Hong Kong we've come to that type Pope lemon tunnels. Which is now become famous across Hong Kong and elsewhere in the world as a symbol of this protest movements. It's become an Xbox line will look for the artwork looks of the slogans the represented this movement is calling for freedom and democracy here in Hong Kong. Have been put up on the wool stops all over here because you go this may assist funerals trying to carry that carry lyme is a chief executive of Hong Kong. A figure of faith but many people who were in the opposition. All along here you can say they're opposed fitness little bits of bombs do you live the people's saying. B Walter slogan. From the martial artist Bruce today which describes the movement here they want to be like warts those in other words they move everywhere that very fluid. The bills have strength when they come together. Remember we're just a few days away of one point seven 1000000 people gathering in central Hong Kong. On the day that was historic Villa who also with very very peaceful. I say something else you see this image repeated across here. It's of the young protester who was injured in the all right joining the protest I believe that she was blinded alone we hadn't have done on. Yet on hospital authorities. But she has become something of a heroin pick pull this movement. To the protest movements have five key demands there was an independent investigation into police conduct let's say the police had used excessive bolts. To have a number of other demands but the key world really is universal suffrage. Because the chief executive Carrie Lam who would look at Serbia as well as the legislative council is nor democratically. Elected by the majority of people. And so that's what they won't it's something that. It was unacceptable to China. The whole concept of one country two systems is always rule would difficulties because that one country is a single party Communist authoritarian states. To the whole idea they could tolerate complete democracy in Hong Kong would seem to be its olds with each other. The young people here and others who support them perhaps their government and open to give way. They've tried this protest movement he pulled and he didn't look back and twenty quilting today was umbrella movement. And so they say it's now or never and that milk and to stop. One of the piece of off a really want to show you. Is this I mean it's stunning artwork very Redlands of Japanese my anger images. To apple or images of young women personable a protested that you can see this coming down from Iran right. Again images. As we're showing you the of the young woman who was hit in the eye of a young reporter that of a young age work who's in handcuffs. A finally another protest them behind you have the umbrella. As is often be known as the umbrella movement also wearing a gas masks and goggles. Incredible. Just look down that is stress is down that for about 3400. Jobs. It's lifting off into different directions and people keep coming here throughout the day to gather here they pick up felt sick and different crowns. Draw you off stick it on the wool or bring any new designs are being Q school time one last thing before we go wanna show you. Cisco Avaya. I didn't capture or properly BC about one last image of one of the black cloud protestors. A sassy just made up of small post it notes that are being colored. Incredibly great says and this moment has reduced amazing artwork. Amazing slogans. Announcer be adamant that this is something that is not going to stop until our demands of mats and equally China is adamant that those concessions would be made. For now this is an impasse more protests planned unlikely wolf violence for ABC news life and impanel in Hong Kong.

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{"duration":"3:52","description":"The Tai Po Lennon Tunnel in Hong Kong has become a shrine for artwork and slogans representing the weeks-long movement. ","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65098482","title":"Hong Kong pro-democracy protests continue","url":"/International/video/hong-kong-pro-democracy-protests-continue-65098482"}