Huge protests flood Belarus’ capital again, defying crackdown

ABC News’ Patrick Reevell reports from Belarus, where 100,000 people marched in Minsk, on President Alexander Lukashenko’s birthday, to protest his rule, despite a heavy security presence.
3:24 | 08/31/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Huge protests flood Belarus’ capital again, defying crackdown
Tonight the crisis in Valerie is still unfolding following more massive protests demanding that president Lukashenko resign. Authorities also doubt increasing the pressure with a heavy security presence on the streets of the capital over the weekend. Our Patrick removal is on location with more. An image of the divide in generous. A massive peaceful crowd of protestors convincing a wool of un disguised the third Syrian poet. After the third weekends running over a 100000 people pledging the capital Minsk on Sunday to demand an end to the rule of Alexander Lukashenko. In power for 26 years. You see people are starting now to move into the city sensitive to all around here there big loads of army trucks some troops as well. So that was there right now it's pretty festive as a high as being for the same time as a much bigger security presence here. Even military arm and vehicles deployed as a show of force. We're already seeing. Harris' sail on this site of protestors industry body been on this side of the riot police blocking that. Sunday was Lucas in canoes 66 birthday. The protests is framed the demonstration as an unwarranted policy for him. The atmosphere was like a Connell. But this is again celebrating this sense of strength. Some demonstrates is now in some meaning to drag others away from plainclothes police but there was also news selling the security forces loyal season Lukashenko is weakening. Lukashenko himself has rejected negotiations with the opposition. Last week brandishing and assault rifle in front of cameras and now he has the clear backing of Russian. This week president Vladimir Putin warning Moscow could intervene if protest his seeks to violently total Lukashenko saying he's created a reserve of Russian security forces descend if necessary Panama of the greatest understood. But we also agreed that it would not be used so long as the situation doesn't get out of control. Protested show no indication of crossing the line into violence so peacefully even if they stoplights. During the week the uprising almost seems to go on pause the protests much smaller as authorities also upped the pressure. This week they detained dozens of people. But then Sunday comes. One of the women whose found itself at the head of the princess Maria Kalus Dakota again as Sunday's march showed no sign of doubt. That's being serious now and obviously that's still blocking you path and then also. Stepping down do you think you know I'll go. If you don't he would lots of dollars and yeah. Thanks a lot of thyme and let him diva and yet remaining. The opposition now is seeking to keep the pressure up also through other means cooling for more strikes and boycotts but for now the consists feels in the balance. The crisis here clearly far from over but how it ends deeply uncertain. Minsk was. Why today as it has been enough to the other big protests that police did disperse a small demonstration not far from here. And authorities detained two local opposition leaders there's no sense that the protests a fading away. The same time Alexander lukashenko's grip on how for now feels strong.

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{"duration":"3:24","description":"ABC News’ Patrick Reevell reports from Belarus, where 100,000 people marched in Minsk, on President Alexander Lukashenko’s birthday, to protest his rule, despite a heavy security presence.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"72738060","title":"Huge protests flood Belarus’ capital again, defying crackdown","url":"/International/video/huge-protests-flood-belarus-capital-defying-crackdown-72738060"}