Imran Khan: No U.S. Drones in Pakistan's Future

Politician says Pakistan must fight the Taliban without aid, military assistance from United States.
6:28 | 05/09/13

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Transcript for Imran Khan: No U.S. Drones in Pakistan's Future
How will America's relationship with Pakistan change if you win the election. -- -- Until along the US is -- office. It has basically. That emotional applause considered. What's the what is the US to food -- whatever the US wanted him to do. Don't know what also the daughter was -- of the B and federal to which this ordinance to which -- of the that is corruption cases were aware of golf. And cared -- water was brokered by the US so they wanted someone again another puppet which was -- somebody. No one has the use the US learn from back -- these two people. That operates. North -- US interests -- in fact because of them that is more anti Americanism in August on than ever before. So the difference would be. If -- -- your -- and we would want to be friends of US we wouldn't want want to be a -- the fewest we don't want any usaid. We yet the Warren -- -- we won't fight always. The north -- toward because by sending army into into the tribal areas on US -- -- -- -- sent the army. It has been a disaster for the US it's a -- -- -- possible August tell me about the war on terror what will you do to defeat the -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Remember. -- narrative is that the August army. There's a mostly -- of the US so because fighting for your freedom is his Jihad -- -- would -- It's it's -- do you deal holy duty in other words it's you're fighting for Gordon. And if you die you become lemont. So. Because that they -- it didn't attitude as the -- is that is fighting this war. Therefore. -- is also. -- -- sinful. Against Pakistan army to so -- -- targeting bug is on the army and security forces. Two suicide attacks suicide attacks -- -- because this thing because of the -- -- them want to them because -- So what we've been doing is disengaged from the US war we would WSB -- -- way. We don't want -- -- -- we don't want any drone attacks because drones link us to the US port drones like killing innocent people but it's obvious place. And once reducing gates. Dick -- attitude to -- We will then started truth and reconciliation with -- -- -- and people with the militants and to the ideal would be isolated. Possibly those in irreconcilable. Militants and basically we no -- the bulk of the people who would own tribal people. Well fighting because of court action damage because the unemployment because the thing. The US waters against Islam -- wean them away and then actually would win the war we win the -- Put it this way we would win -- that the -- to bees is through a tribal people. They are about a million armed men in the tribal area of the only about. Then -- -- thousand militants. If we win number -- a site a tribal people who in the war so just to be perfectly clear for more than ten years Pakistan has been a key -- In the US war on terror. Are you saying that it will no longer be. That will be only an ally in peace it's not -- -- -- -- island war. August on 50000 by August and hasn't died this country has been radicalized. -- more -- than ever before this something like eighteen billion dollars that this country has lost in this war the US it is about and debated. Country's sinking into Paul -- -- -- into chaos the state is getting weaker. There's a consensus in August found that there is no military solution so that fall we will look for a political solution. We would want to be an ally in peace with the US but no -- at this wall you cannot continue. That is a consistent -- between all the political parties and by August on the that is moment -- -- from W political solution actually which is what the US's. A conclusion that reasonable honest -- You touched on this earlier drone strikes me you know America for a long time has said that these drone strikes are vital towards targeting militants. -- saying you're so you're gonna stop them. If the Russell. Accurate and -- -- and we should be winning. We don't nod to the US is winning and of -- on we certainly -- not winning in August on so what are these drone strikes achieved. If -- We would -- of the but -- then that someone can be judge jury and executioner. Violated -- sovereignty. Betty and I -- we had -- of the US and you just never happened and I -- -- and allies. So. If this was effective. We might have slowed it was better than it's totally counterproductive for its -- -- militants in order -- -- -- causes collateral damage it causes anti US. And guess -- -- The militants some people might say though they might interpret this as though you were being soft on the Taliban. If I'm soft on Audubon that every opponent all the political parties that will. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- being anti war means soft -- by the bond -- people don't understand the dynamics of this war. And that's why we are stuck the US is -- and -- -- thought we are stuck in a tribal areas people -- me. People ignorant of the history of the city never have they ever accepted a foreigner to tumble -- and and occupied them. I do not revenue has all of us -- and so this is greeted -- history. -- The that it's time to give -- systems. For both Pakistan and the US we've had an awful fight we want peace and if peace means that -- anti US that people do not understand. But unfortunately some people and -- -- that unless you do whatever the US doesn't do. -- into US I believe that it's time for you as to. Nick -- and a friend rather than it planned stated. A hired gun which -- -- wanted to do its bidding I think that that's -- Mazzola. Pakistan is -- that states. The country can go wrong would -- this war anymore and I think for US also they should they should hope. That this election brings a partner in peace and the US needs a piece -- to exit from a one is thank you it.

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{"id":19142865,"title":"Imran Khan: No U.S. Drones in Pakistan's Future","duration":"6:28","description":"Politician says Pakistan must fight the Taliban without aid, military assistance from United States.","url":"/International/video/imran-khan-says-no-us-drones-in-pakistans-future-19142865","section":"International","mediaType":"default"}