Inside the Hong Kong protests

ABC News' Clayton Sandell reports from Victoria Park at a rally protesting the Hong Kong government.
3:17 | 08/20/19

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Transcript for Inside the Hong Kong protests
This Victorian court hearing. This rally is expected to draw as many hats. 300. They wanted to march when police denied them permission to march. The question is are they going to ignore that. New Orleans authorities and large anyway there's so many people here and wants his rally is over and have to go somewhere. Yeah there's a number of people. You have high taxes and wearing eye patches on their ride I. The reason they're doing that is a week ago there was an aid workers back protestors say. Fired on by police. Return. Around its severely injured parents so she's sort of become a symbol of this. That's the reason why you see a lot of people wearing and that same time. You are. I. And. This rally wasn't even start until early afternoon. It's five minutes to three and its partners already looked like I was filled to capacity to see people out here. Many of them dressed in black and that is that comment on this broadcast. Hong Kong after Hannity did on this and today people are you worried about what might have later today. I'm not very few kids had two days. Peaceful. Of course this doesn't have another look forward leaning on May bring me. And his okay. It moved here. Yeah. The rain has finally let up I am told the crowd to start moving. You can see with a all of these umbrellas that he's. Take a wildly it was. We're. It's. Okay. We home when people just want to live like we'll we laughing back in the days when the British ruled that we have three young. And the freedom of press freedom of speech and everything. I don't have finished fifth passed sooner than people here so I don't think they get little falling down. So it is still pouring rain here this rally is now starting to break out but clearly it didn't keep anybody away. This is one of life for democracy looks like here in Hong Kong.

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{"duration":"3:17","description":"ABC News' Clayton Sandell reports from Victoria Park at a rally protesting the Hong Kong government.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"65082759","title":"Inside the Hong Kong protests","url":"/International/video/inside-hong-kong-protests-65082759"}