What we know about the latest migrant caravan traveling through Mexico

ABC News spoke to experts from the Council on Foreign Relations.
3:00 | 10/23/18

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Transcript for What we know about the latest migrant caravan traveling through Mexico
I would go over fish and O'Neal from the council on foreign relations Shannon just. What you start by sort of summing up why these people are marching and widest caravan is so large and its 7000 people. So much of this is just the hopelessness in these countries these are countries that are wracked by violence by corruption and by droughts by the lack of economic opportunity and so we have seen of the last several years. Tens of thousands of people leave particularly when a pub in northern China here triangle countries Guatemala Honduras and El Salvador said this is part of that flow. Now why so many in this particular caravan. We have seen caravans before and in many ways this is safety in numbers these an images are leaving trying to get as we just heard hundreds of miles thousands of miles north. And when they go together they have a little bit more protection against smugglers against organized crime against others. It's really seen so many people come together as they try to leave their countries the desperation that they feel there heading north together. I know you're talking about safety in numbers you know it's up point. Does that start working against them because it's hard to imagine any place that would have the facilities to support 7000 people to strolling into town now. Mean I think candy or individual decisions that night came altogether and so let us have we seen other chairman's before never quite so big never was so much media attention but. It is sending it when you're thinking about leaving your home forever even if you're facing great pero. In doing it would others gives you a little bit more courage than otherwise but yet you say there are huge challenges both in the logistics that we just heard in terms of food in bathrooms and space. And then also when they get if they get to the US border how they the United States received suddenly Bobby heard very harsh words a hard line. From the jump administration on what what might need them they get to the US southern border so let's talk about that for a second what happens when this whole group. Finally gets to the US assuming that happens. Well many of them may try to apply for asylum. There are challenges there that they will face even those who have faced violence have phase gains at home. The way the US Department of Justice now. Talks about asylum things like that persecution and isn't by a country by a government is very difficult to approve. And then also the top administration has lowered the number of asylum places in the United States worldwide. To record lows to just 30000 people worldwide so as you see your 7000 people coming to us from these countries just this time. The chances of asylum are quite low for a lot of these so they may get stuck in limbo. At the Mexican border the US Mexican border had trying to figure out what to do with their lives so with the chances of asylum solo in the US why not take asylum with Mexico's offering it. Some of them will probably do that the challenge is while Mexico is an offering asylum there too. You know just about half might actually get a sigh on the have to go through a process and the Mexican infrastructure the Mexican bureaucracy. Is so overwhelmed by the number of migrants have been coming in in the last couple of years that that passes will be incredibly long and arduous as well. Current share we appreciate it so much of the council on foreign relations your analysis is always very important to us thank you happy and you.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"ABC News spoke to experts from the Council on Foreign Relations.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"58695022","title":"What we know about the latest migrant caravan traveling through Mexico","url":"/International/video/latest-migrant-caravan-traveling-mexico-58695022"}