Lebanon’s prime minister and Cabinet resign after protests erupt

People take to the streets of Lebanon days after the blast in Beirut, calling for accountability.
2:59 | 08/11/20

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Video Transcript
Transcript for Lebanon’s prime minister and Cabinet resign after protests erupt
One week since that catastrophic explosion obliterated neighborhoods in Beirut protesters have been. Taking to the streets of course ever since blaming government corruption and negligence for the fatal blast. Global leaders including the US have pledged economic support for Lebanon but they roots residents are demanding change. This Maggie ruling explains today they got it in dramatic fashion. The people of Lebanon tonight's late leader list in the midst of this national. Has to be. Prime minister announcing he and his entire cabinet are stepping down days after the blast in Beirut that killed at least 200 people and left thousands more injured. This weekend protesters took their wings to the streets demeaning government held accountable. But it confused and minds. A woman government building. Others in clashing with police. This endurance culpable. For many the blast in big group was the last straw. Lebanese have been protesting for rough government and an economy in nosedive. In less than a year Lebanon's currency has to valued at nearly 80%. Thrusting much of its population into poverty. The blast last week propelled a renewed call for immediate change and a plea for help. Our houses we've lost ma'am our lives we lost them. Everything is happening to us and 28 years old and what future do I have nothing. There is nothing. This situation so dire French president whom visited the former French only last week announcing that he was set up a global conference to raise money. McComb promising that money will not go into the hands of the wrong. The UK also sending support docking this navy ship near the site of the blast to temporarily housed 500 people. The small fraction compared to the hundreds of thousands of homes lost. And. This is surprised and just to get involved we'll people that live. Credit PGE. Had begged you meg gonna flattened out and have a playing good defense. In a country that's been monitored by war and corruption the Lebanese coming together in times of peril the young stepping. Volunteering to clean up debris from the blast caused by their own governments grant. For a recount of. And now that people demand for a new government has been hurt. Lebanon complete invasion that never Stetson. What he did people's desperate call for teens yeah. Maggie relief for ABC news line.

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{"duration":"2:59","description":"People take to the streets of Lebanon days after the blast in Beirut, calling for accountability.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"72296723","title":"Lebanon’s prime minister and Cabinet resign after protests erupt","url":"/International/video/lebanons-prime-minister-cabinet-resign-protests-erupt-72296723"}