A lifesaving organ donation bridges the divide in Israel

ABC News’ Matt Gutman reports on a kidney donation born out of tragedy in Israel that brings a glimmer of hope to the conflict-torn country.
5:19 | 05/29/21

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Video Transcript
Transcript for A lifesaving organ donation bridges the divide in Israel
Recent tensions between Israel and Hamas led to hundreds of deaths and unprecedented violence inside Israel itself. Often pitting Jewish neighbor against Palestinian neighbor in some instance lose. The anger threatened to rip civil society and that nation and it seems but as much Matt Gutman reports in also led to an unexpected gift born out of tragedy she and with a fragile cease fire in place in reveals a glimmer of hope for the future in the conflict ravaged region. It was the sound of shops that fill the room. Rhonda ways he's Jiten weeping. She is a Palestinian Israeli who just received your life saving gift. She sitting between FE you know shoe on the left and it's their hands clasped in Hurst tenderly stroking her arm that do the talking. This moment all the more remarkable. Just two weeks ago as Israeli jets tore through the sky Gaza. As Hamas rockets rained on Israeli cities another explosion took place. Consumers with mixed Jewish Muslim populations long simmering anger quietly Palestinian. Israeli citizenship. Over what he described as second class citizenship sure the nation. Black smoke from burning tires rose above cities like look and young Palestinians clashing with Israeli police hundreds were wounded dozens arrested. On the evening of may eleventh concert this practice. Escalating it was husband eagle he was Shula was driving home from the film get together. Police say a group of Palestinian Reuters began stoning his car. Please said he was hit with simple rocks in the head. About it Eagles brother took you to the spot where it all happened. Those burn marks the broken glass still there. His family still struggling with what happens next it's. We were only there for a minute before his brother FB couldn't take him. If he wanted to take us out here but he just told us he can't stand here anymore. Yigal they tell me managed to make it home but collapsed. Suffering massive head wounds he never regained consciousness. Not on the way to meet Rhonda Stegall Stanley tells me they decided that the right way to memorialize the man who loves people so much love Jews and Arabs. Would be. To donate his organs did matter who got them they said. Is longs have brought life. And in the van I ask hero if she's emotional because she's going to see Ron don't remember who. She says yes I just hope will be able to stay in contact in that another person will be able to live Ky because of Vigo. A few days earlier Rondo got this phone call. Ten years on a waiting list and thousands of hours on dialysis. Rhonda would finally get a kidney. You look at that. The surgery was performed by a Palestinian Muslim transplant specialist honey Christian Palestinian. Using the kit. Keeping the Jewish men. Eagles kick me. There are moments of quiet in the back of the van despite if these attempts at small talk. We drive the forty miles of the ancient hills to Jerusalem where Rhonda lives. In the stairwell. You're tells me she's nervous and can't knock. Session together to help. And there is some familiarity that transcends culture and language. They suit and silently speak the language of mutual compassion. The few moments later I asked Rhonda about her emotion. She struggles with the words but tells me that it's hadn't heard that their whole life was saved because other Palestinian security Yigal. If he says they came here because they wanted to close the circle. It was hard not to notice the weight hero was stroking Ron disarm. There's some evidence of being the as the visit winds down. FE asks Rhonda to come visit them. And it didn't you. Run it says they are like family now inexorably linked by that lifesaving gift. And C hug before parting on details heater and to take care of herself. And dearest says her. Pilgrim reported the super you take care of yourself. Now who are taking care to people. And they called each other moment of Greece. I can just hold on I messed up and ABC news East Jerusalem. An unbreakable bond thanks to Matt Gutman.

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{"duration":"5:19","description":"ABC News’ Matt Gutman reports on a kidney donation born out of tragedy in Israel that brings a glimmer of hope to the conflict-torn country.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"77973139","title":"A lifesaving organ donation bridges the divide in Israel","url":"/International/video/lifesaving-organ-donation-bridges-divide-israel-77973139"}