Missing Malaysian Jet Search Enters Second Week

Panel of experts answers your questions on the search for missing Malaysian flight.
3:00 | 03/21/14

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Transcript for Missing Malaysian Jet Search Enters Second Week
This is a special group. Dance company or -- -- ABC news digital special report date fourteen in the search for that Boeing triple seven that -- with 239 passengers and crew on -- The mystery of Malaysia airlines flight three series -- -- -- has everyone asking questions so we gather. A panel of experts to answer some of your questions out there join us -- ABC -- only in Washington DC. Lou Martinez is standing by the Pentagon and former NTSB investigator Tom powder is in Washington as well and aviation expert -- ABC news consultant John -- He's in Washington State and -- thanks for being with appreciates his I want to start with you what's the latest that -- today's search efforts. Walt and -- -- two weeks into this what we know what we see today -- that grief and frustration are clearly building. Two weeks after Malaysian -- 370 disappeared and one day after word about promising possible break in the case. Those pictures from an Australian satellite of what looked like debris. So far today. Nothing US and Australian search planes took to the air again. And ships remain in route to check on a remote part of the southern Indian Ocean about 15100. Miles from Perth Australia. It's about the most inaccessible spot. He would imagine on the size of the because a lot of hype and that the conditions are -- thing out. I've who finds something -- an enormous task. And those satellite pictures were taken five days ago whatever debris might have been there could've sunk or -- hundreds of miles by now. Parts of the ocean -- more than two miles deep or fourteen empire state building's piled into -- This is going to be a long hard and -- the focus is to use big area -- New and troubling questions this morning about why -- -- Malaysian officials so long to move the search into the southern Indian Ocean. A satellite company told Malaysian authorities they were searching in the wrong place more than a week ago it's just actually egregious. That he would run the investigation this way with each day the -- is compounding for the friends and family -- the 239. People on board. Special prayers were offered at this Malaysian mosque that's deeply that -- And those all important black box -- batteries. They've only got about two weeks of power left stand. ABC's isn't -- with the latest on the search -- -- -- that so wanna bring our appellate experts to answer some of the questions including the life of those matters that's going to be just a -- But first the first question going to Tom potter and Thomas coming from Maria. -- asking -- -- pilots even able to turn off a transponder. Why does that happen off switch. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But -- the oldest of transponders occasionally fail and when they fail -- -- put out bad album to -- Air traffic control needs -- your exact altitude. To keep other aircraft part. So they'd rather have you put out no data. And self report trouble -- -- have bad data. Being reported by the transponder that's what drove -- ice all right now what -- -- actual search itself because this question -- Louis this is directed or -- from Florida's Andrew Henning. Writing to now why are -- -- submarines involved in the search sob should have actual monitoring equipment to detect the ping slowly why is that why is there -- You know. Sort of self service level. I don't know if they're not -- -- -- normally you couldn't pick up the pains of specialized equipment for but the trouble is where to look. The paying devices will -- -- -- maybe 1015 miles that most humble pagers. You have to have a good -- look from -- talked about thousands of miles of ocean. And so we could Coleman. Lot of it with the -- and I find but well we need to do is find some wreckage -- her pony in on where this aircraft may have impacted the water -- let me throw that over -- What is the Pentagon events -- about back kind of an effort. While officially the Pentagon never talks about its submarine movement so that's been been very detailed information. Specifically about where they might be a way they have been involved as part of the search. Officially we have been told that they are not part of the search but for the reasons they just heard -- means there are some limitations to you. The range. Submarines in the -- that is aboard submarines. What we might be seeing now is the use of these -- phones. Which -- the intractable. Total bull. Microphones basically that can get down to great lengths and can pick up -- -- signal these were the kind of microphones there were used. The technology -- used to help find. The that the the Air France. Airliner that went down off the coast of Brazil all right. John -- I -- throw this question to you that as a two part question from and asking. This is what they asked its 2014 -- of the flight recorder batteries only last thirty days. And this is also -- follow -- then from Gina took Carr who wants to know how long after the original thirty days does that data remain viable in the black boxes months years or limited. John what's the answer those questions. Well the data -- is absolutely unlimited because yesterday goes into a computer chip -- -- very well in case -- -- there forever. And as far -- about here is -- so that the data are our exports to Europe -- -- concerned about real most fingers but a little -- account or sound. -- -- -- -- for thirty days ago let's about the Mathieu compact in there and away the -- -- Only the black -- -- are actually international -- they could do more but -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Middle -- and expectation -- -- -- moms -- -- I think that may be something. Change. As everybody discussion up until this -- up until this crash like -- about that Air France crash that happened. It's a couple of years ago off of South America that took accident period of time to find that place. I am fortunately -- is not a -- make it when you're talking about a lot of money Angel. Rhetoric Edmonton's billions of dollars they they take a look at the options Williams and shall all -- -- 3000 flights per day. Planet and that would they don't come to -- -- So Tom I want to go back to you here's -- question this coming from and a low as. Asking Willis searchers for flight 370 be able to pick up the -- to the black box if the plane is down. Two miles of Tom specifically asking the fact that the debts of the Indian Ocean are so varied and obviously. You know certainly what what would hamper a lot of the search. Well certainly we found in a black boxes from the pains. From 151000 feet 161000 -- waters so they can be done -- that won't be an issue. The problem is -- -- -- on where that might be that's the biggest problem. And it was until a couple days ago we finally got some good data from the NTSB. Looking at all these satellite. Feedback information about where to look and so we've taken. The search area that was about a quarter of the planet and -- -- down to half the size of Texas and that's been important breakthrough in the last few days. -- -- wanted to back few. This question are from Nicholas one wanted to know why the silence and information between countries. In -- hash -- crisis it's imperative. If we are trying to work together so Louie that's -- so has been raised a lot obviously with any kind of geopolitical situation that complicates an effort like this. Yeah it does and actually in very early on I -- to an official here who say you know what this is really big deal -- these countries are cooperating with each other. -- so well because up until recently that was not the case and already -- you know we've talked about in the past about China's trying to ensure and it has been trying to expand. It's in reach into some islands -- them off its shores that are may belong to the Philippines. Conflict with the Japanese. All of that and -- you seeing some of them -- -- those pressures -- while they're working together on this. But at the same time they continue to -- just today we're finding out that. The Chinese want to send some ships. To search the end and -- and basically India is saying we're not gonna gain transit -- decent. Because they feel that -- and -- Bart station they have there is very sensitive. And they don't want the -- the Chinese -- to be so close. So even though there is decent level of cooperation here there seems to be eight point to -- that can actually go and the main mouthpiece in the main driver of the search is still -- is -- not. Malaysia is believed in this investigation and the search effort. Now they've sub. -- in the they've kind of giving for the southern court or control two Australia. I'm because that's where obviously they're closer to him to that region and so they can coordinate the level of activity the search flights. On the overhead imagery all of that coordination take place out of Australia. But it is still Malaysia that is in control. And actively looking -- talking about coordinating search -- along that northern quarter. -- just today and arrangements being made with Kazakhstan to send aircraft that there are some -- kind of a kind of a base they seem to think that that is still a viable option. -- let me ask his salute because obviously we are dealing with satellite data or any kind of sort of clandestine gathering like that China and the US have had very tricky relationships as far as information as being -- between two countries. Has this kind of a search sort of raise the relationship sort of speak. -- -- -- -- about apple it is indicating is that there is a focus of energy and intelligence energy in this particular part of the world. Remember those satellite pictures that were released by the Chinese names said later that it was a mistake to release those -- those. Coming from their defense science office that was the one that set up -- -- initially in the false alarms that they had found something in the Gulf of Thailand. Now you see this imagery is coming down from waste out in the south -- Indian Ocean. Coming from a commercial satellite provider which apparently does business with the Australian government. Now we're talking about what kind of American intelligence satellites are. -- getting involved in this. And we've been told that it's every -- is being used. In the search -- by the part of the US government in terms of commercial and national security satellite imagery. In order to help with this effort but and there are limitations about how much officials can tell us. With regards to satellites it's a very sensitive topic when you try to -- about it. John -- -- an honest question from Mary in Drexel Hill Pennsylvania misses but -- asking. What is the possibility that you will find any survivors from the plane and John I mean that's that's a pretty broad question and I also want to connect event to another question this -- very similar -- -- She wants to now is there a possibility that the plane did reach an unknown island. That is -- what are the theories that has been put out there or is one of the possibilities. Well actually I got -- from the hurt again here we still don't have no clue where your plane he has other them electronic intelligence as stated. Satellite data and you -- few things like that should a couple of days ago which might or might not have any connection so we really don't know where your plane. Unfortunately -- -- -- hostage situation from the get go we will probably know that because somebody would be making demands. -- -- Chances of finding anybody alive diminish exponentially with time and -- regular financial -- -- -- -- I doubt seriously there is. Grounds were too much hope however -- -- somebody's still want to live on that airplane of the hijacker in the put it gently and the water is -- -- can be ditched her early justly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But I think that -- you don't little motivation even though we don't have a clue where earlier when you're on the motivation just unfortunately. March where -- silence at this point. John Tom jump on this way let's in the place and how did land. On a remote island in the Indian Ocean somewhere perhaps in Eurasia how much food and water -- passengers and the crew have -- on a typical flight of that length and -- that plane that size. Well. We're probably an opera about to retreat he's Atwater reports early you think you're wrong Lannan -- a water source that included you -- -- have much act on the airplane. I consequently there -- People hostage situation which of course -- why don't -- or speculation at this point that it would happen -- the third quarter need to act and the people what evidence corker for that's a lot of food or water -- 200 birdies all month people -- But I also think of the airplane was on land it has healed he is on board we have had a signal for one of those -- I think it's very likely this airplanes and CE OT's -- -- -- It's a very emergency locator transmitter that normally goes off of your -- -- on land -- impact. There are several -- on the aircraft so I think of the airplane had. -- the Lander landed on some remote island no one knows about it could have been activated and so I think at some point. Tom -- deliberately. Every review launches a -- -- heavy and it urged oh and talk about the hostages which were all -- what -- at a young that it shall all out now shall unsupported that I think -- really approach Spanish. Top quality about you about this question is what color from -- news and she asks why hasn't the air traffic control recording between the pilots and air traffic control that. Released. The -- -- notes of the Malaysians. Certainly in the US we would. Release that tape fairly quickly action the FAA -- they controlled release -- air traffic control to it was. But the Malaysians have not been very good -- -- Providing information or making sure the timeline is correct it's been very frustrating for variable. Or will what is the back story that -- on this and it why not just here with all commercial licenses information on out there. I I don't know if this were strictly an NTSB investigator -- investigation I can tell you but. How the Malaysians are running this and how they're working things is different than I've seen before. One has question I was treated and -- of cycle ahead. Well we don't end here assume one of the Angel where she and machine from the -- first here is all like our society in United States Canada. We have -- -- -- insularity Weller was reduced to point out distrust the EU countries that are raised over actually anything but they can't nail down from the very beginning and disorderly -- -- draw almost guarantee it criticism of the country and -- were not released she. The long -- Thailand for us immigration and oh yes we sought -- on the radar but we shouldn't think -- -- yeah I mean come on the whole world look at publisher. That is not so -- -- incompetence just insularity and original version and -- Barbara part of the problem. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- this last question is coming from Cory John. -- there is but a bit simplistic very straightforward question but I think it also speaks to the desperation and sort of the -- usual situations by this. Yeah I have one question where is the -- Finding guys I idolized -- is it seems very -- but the fact the matter is -- mean this really is a very unusual situation is there anything that even remotely resembles like this. The only way I don't think of -- came close was years ago over the south African sub 47 that -- for a while. In the Indian Ocean it was eventually found -- took several months. And recorders from brought up from 161000 feet. -- it's happened before. Here I think finally we have a better idea where to search. And hopefully the assets -- being deployed to look better over very thoroughly. John -- -- a week when we -- David Wright to fly aboard that PA decided that. Highly classified some -- aircraft. After it was his flight when they didn't find anything. He spoke with the pilot and he said -- -- disappointed he said no because what we're doing is we're being very methodical about this were checking our areas are signed areas. And we're not finding it right now but -- -- there's a good chance that we will. If we keep them going about this methodically and I think that's the attitude that you -- -- From everybody -- -- -- involved in this right now that. If they stick to a game plan and we've heard about how -- search area has been narrowed then there isn't -- still a chance that they could find this in good time. Process of elimination -- fourteen Tom powder John Nance who Martinez gentlemen thank you so much appreciate your time and your expertise in this. More of your questions answered tonight on world news with Diane Sawyer sitting in tonight David -- And of course you can keep up with the mystery of flight 37 in real time by downloading ABC news -- starring the story for exclusive updates on ago. And on debt that's -- New York with this ABC news digital special report.

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