Moscow Police Arrest Terror Suspects Ahead of 2014 Winter Olympics

Russian officials lead multiple raids against alleged radical Islamic group ahead of Sochi Games.
3:00 | 11/27/13

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Transcript for Moscow Police Arrest Terror Suspects Ahead of 2014 Winter Olympics
This is a special room. Hello I'm -- Hernandez in New York in -- bikinis digital special report the video. Is dramatic Moscow police breaking their way into an apartment and arresting fifteen members. Of a radical Islamist group they say also taken in the -- three homemade bomb detonators. Three homemade bombs. And other explosive making materials joining me now via Skype from Moscow's ABC news digital journalists. Here riding -- tell us about the arrests today is as well that video. Right well. The rest actually took place on Tuesday evening we only got word of the of the events today. Fifteen people detained in two different rates fourteen in the video that you're looking at -- and then one later. Police say that these are members of -- radical Islamist group. They won't tell us anything else about that we don't know their identities be don't know what they were up to. But in that video there and added that election -- in that video police show. Guns explosives and what they claim -- suicide belts. Apparently part of -- ever plan that they were up to begin Moscow Russian officials not telling us anything more about what they were actually planning. As you mentioned the video was -- there's some skepticism about it. I think everybody's being very careful with it it was a handout video from the government. But that's not the -- that is not true it does not suit there's not a terror threat and Russia. This is this is what we're to believe that this is it that the group that they're talking about this is a group that was banned from Russian 2010. Has been known to operate in this region and other parts of the world in the Middle East for example. And does pose a threat there are other groups in southern Russia that -- in massive threat to Russia. Going back decades have staged many attacks and claimed many lives throughout the country. Obviously the cache of weapons shown there it is pretty powerful and couldn't quite deadly. Yeah we're talking about three homemade bombs you saw in the that you there he's dealt with explosives around him in the appear it is needed to show some sort of X -- of the devices and -- shrapnel inside. So it clearly whoever built those devices was with was trying to to exact maximum damage. -- back on October 21 there was a suicide bus bombing caught on dashboard camera in. -- abroad this is apparently female suicide bomber tell us a little bit about this terrible attack. Right what should start by saying that there's been no connection so far made between that event and the arrests that took place this week. But in this case this was a woman who was from the region of -- -- this is place in the southern caucuses are very violent region of Russia it's actually where. One of the Boston Marathon bombing. Suspect is believed to have gone to try to get some training he apparently didn't get any of their but he did try to seek it out. But this is a woman who is from there she was apparently according to authorities on her way to Moscow. With a -- type -- on her for reasons that we don't know she got off and went on a city bus. And that's where her for explosives detonated her husband was later killed he would. He had confessed to building -- -- he was killed in a shoot out just a short while later. Now as we know that 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games -- fast approaching we've just got. A handful of months left ago. Are -- still -- -- as security concerns is their confidence about the safety. Participate -- and visitors of these games. There is absolutely concerned we -- now just under two just over two months away. The opening ceremony. You should keep in mind that Sochi is just a few hundred miles away from this very violent -- -- -- Chechnya it's not. And Italy just across the mountains in fact. But. Russian authorities are very where it's been very careful about it they -- putting in place what's that we're seeing some of the strictest security measures ever seen. In fact to the point where some people are worried whether they'll be a party and so -- because you'll need a ticket to get anywhere within the perimeter of the stage you'll need. All these permits in order to go anywhere -- -- Olympic. They will be setting up checkpoints all around the cities you can get it from local residents for Russians to get into the city of Sochi they're gonna need to to go through checkpoints and they're using drones there will be some surveillance stinks stinks -- actually have some -- concerned about privacy there. But that those measures will be in place the Russians -- they are in. Dedicated to making sure this is safe games and so far and us Olympic officials and American officials of Fox's recent where. Yet interesting I was reading that it even Russian citizens have to get through a number of steps. And particularly when it comes to identification and even these says if they if they want to attend the games. -- but like I said anybody who's gonna wanna go -- -- is going to have to have a ticket. Even Russian citizens are going to have some sort of permanent allowing them to get anywhere near those Olympic events. All right ABC's -- it -- it thank you so much for joining us from Moscow. On the latest an arrest made in Russia. For a potential terrorists and weapons and homemade bombs found on the site according to Russian police on tiger and his New York you've been watching ABC news digital special report.

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{"duration":"3:00","description":"Russian officials lead multiple raids against alleged radical Islamic group ahead of Sochi Games.","mediaType":"default","section":"ABCNews/International","id":"21033915","title":"Moscow Police Arrest Terror Suspects Ahead of 2014 Winter Olympics","url":"/International/video/moscow-police-arrest-terror-suspects-ahead-2014-winter-21033915"}